The long tease   added 8 years ago
  By: LondonSmut  Age: 37  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Identified partner, Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

You've just arrived round at mine. We've sat and had a drink, talked provocotavly for a while. The air is electric with the tension, we both know that we're going to fuck yet we're chatting as it we were sitting in a bar getting to know each other.

I've got a wicked grin on my face; I'm looking at you almost as if I'm stripping your clothes off with my eyes. You're alternating from feeling sexy and confident to occasionaly shy, not knowing what I've got planned for you.

I call you through to the bed room and ask you to strip down to your underwear for me. You strip for me, rubbing against me, feeling my hardness through my clothes. You're standing before me wearing your best underwaer, feeling so sexy and desirble, you know that I'm fighting myself not to ravage you straight away. You get down on your knees in front of me and rub your face against my crotch, you can feel my hardness. You up zip me and stroke my hard penis on your cheek.

You take me in your mouth and I breath in loudly, you can feel me swelling even larger in your mouth as you work my cock in and out of your mouth. You sped up, slow down, teasing me, you can feel that my orgasms close.
Then you feel my hands in your hair, not sure whether they will grasp your head and mark the beginning of me thrusting into your throat until my cock convulses signeling the first of many jets of hot cum about to squirt into your mouth. But I don't start thrusting and my hands lift your head from my cock, I kiss you and stand you up in the center of the room.

I start to stroke you, up and down your body, making your skin tingle and you shiver. I run my hands up into your hair and start to kiss your lips, gentley at first, then more and more passionatly, you're moving from foot to foot as you get more and more turned on. Without noticing where they came from, you feel lether cuffs being tightened around your wrists and before you know it, your arms are pulled up and apart as ropes lead to the corners of the room, folding you, arms stretched above your head. I'm laughing at you and smiling my cheeky grin and the next thing you see is a blindfold being tied over your eyes.

From that point on, you can only guess at what's happeneing to you from the sensations but you feel me slipping your underwear off you until you're standing naked infront of me you can feel me running my hands along your body, feeling, surveying you, lightly working their way around your breasts and down your front, down your inner thighs, oh so near your sex but still not quite touching you there. I'm running my hands up the back of your legs, stroking the backs of your knees and working their way up and around your buttocks, up your back and then they slip round to your front and pinch your nipples, it surprises you and you feel a shock wave run right down your body as if connected directly to your clit.

You hear me laughing and the next thing you feel is my fingers pressing into your pussy, you moan involuntarilly and you hear me laughing in response, my fingers aren't gentle inside you but you're wanting them further up you - you're wanting to be full, and you're wriggling on them, the juice running out of you, but then they're gone. You feel me attaching something to your ankles and then you realise that you can't close your legs, I've tied them apart.

Then I start to gently spank your pussy, it's shocking at first then you get used to the rythem and you're monaing in time with it, moving your hips to get my fingers hitting exactly where you want, then I start to spank harder, and you're not quite sure if it's too hard, it's feeling amazing but you're scared too and the energy inside you is building up so quickly that you want to scream, if you could close your legs you would, just to stop this sweet torment, it's threatening to overtake you, you can feel your juices running down you legs.

I'm whispering in your ear, telling you things that I might do to you, getting you more and more turned on. You're shaking becuase you're so horny, you want to scream and shout. If you weren't tied up you'd be raping me that second. But you are tied up, and then you feel something vibrating just at the opening of your pussy, you try and wriggle yourself down on it but you can't quite get it in you.

You're shouting at me now, begging me, moaning, pulling at your restraints and then just when you feel like you can't take any more I slide it all the way into you,. It feels so good to have something inside you, your trying to thrust yourself up and down on it but it's just inside you buzzing away, not quite enough to get you off but enough to unable to think about anything else.

I tell you that I'm going to leave you like that until I think you've learnt your lesson. You shout at me and then you feel me gagging you. You're shouting and moaning, unable to make more than a moan. The torment continues for what seems like an unbarable time you feel as if a light breeze was to hit your clit that you'd cum, you almst feel scared about just how strong your orgasm might be.

Then you feel me behind you, feel my breath on your shoulder. You moan out, begging me to let you cum. But then you feel my hands on you and you fall compeltly silent, motionless with shock, as I part your buttocks. You're red with shame and excitement, not knwoing whether to be turned on or scared. Then you feel my finger very gently stroking you just around your little hole, and it's electric, you're panting now into the gag, unable to remember ever having felt as horny as this. My finger's ticking you there, making you moan and squeel, then my other finger touches your clit and as I start to touch you there my finger gently enters you, just as you feel the waves of your orgasm hit, you're glad that you're tied up of you'd fall over, scream after scream you make into the gag and the next thing you know I've untied you and I'm holding you in my arms and stroking your hair.

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