A voice in the Dark   added 8 years ago
  By: vivid  Age: 29  Country: Canada

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, Anonymity, Masturbation
Location: My House
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

The sexual power of the dream woke me up. The dream had already put my body on fire, wanting to be stroked from head to toe. Visuals of the dream started to flash. Sweaty bodies sliding over each other, a tongue teasing nipples, a thick cock in a hand. They turned me on even more.

The room was dark and warm. I flung the blanket from off of me. I felt I could breathe now. My pussy was already wet. I squeezed my legs together, yes I was wet. Taking my hands I grazed my skin, down my neck, over my breasts, my nipples so hard, down my flat stomach and over my legs. I began to slowly open my legs..


The voice out of the darkness startled me and I froze. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was naked. My hand grabbed my blanket to pull it over me.

“No, don’t do that.” His voice was so deep and seductive.

I didn’t move.

“I want to watch you. I want to watch you make yourself cum. I’ll tell you how to do it. I’ll direct your hands with my voice.”

I was terrified, but so excited. There was a man in my room wanting to watch me as I pleased myself. His voice had been barely above a whisper. It had seduced me. He was silent for what seemed like forever but I guess my silence was all he needed to proceed because then he spoke.

“Turn your body so you’re legs are facing me, you can tell where I am by the sound of my voice.”

I moved my body slowly, directing my legs to the far corner of the room. I can’t believe I’m doing this. But it was turning me on knowing that this strange man was going to tell me what to do.

“Good. Keep your legs together now. Your nipples are so hard. It seems they’re begging for attention. Take your fingers and stroke around each one.”

My hands are shaking. My mind is saying no, no, no. But my hands a mind all on their own. They wanted to touch me. Each hand started their slow torment around each nipple. My breasts were so soft, but I don’t care, my mind is on other things. One of my fingers danced to a nipple…

“I didn’t tell you to touch your nipple.”

My hand reluctantly pulled away.

“Flick it.”

I flick my nipple. It bounces back. I moan.

“The other.” His voice is irresistible.

I closed my eyes as again as my finger tortured my nipple. I bit down on my lower lip so I couldn’t cry out.

“Pinch them,” he demands.

My fingers graze the top of each nipple, and then proceed to tweak them. Hard. My breath gets caught somewhere between ecstasy and pleasure.

“Can you feel that in your pussy? Is your pussy pulsing waiting for your touch?”

A moan is the only answer I can give.

“I want you to now take a nipple in your mouth. Nibble on It with your teeth and tease it with your tongue.” His voice is pure sex.

I cup my left breast and push it to my lips. My tongue flicks the nipple, curling around it. I then fasten my mouth to it. My own hard nipple in my mouth. I start sucking on it as my other hand is still tweaking my other nipple. I gently bite down and start flicking the tip of it, then start sucking again. Repeating it over and over again.

“I want to see your wet cunt.” The word surprises me. I’ve never liked it, but the way he says it, turns me on. Yes my wet cunt. “Open your legs.”

They open quickly. I hear a deep groan in the darkness. I know he’s turned on. Knowing this, I open my legs wider. My nipple slips from my mouth and my hand reaches down.

“No.” I give a soft cry of disappointment. “I want to watch your pussy dribble as your twist your hard tits.”

My fingers are frantically pinching and torturing my nipples. My moans are getting deeper. My pussy is screaming for my fingers.

“Please,” I beg.

“Your begging now? Do you want to fuck your pussy with your own fingers?”

“Yes,” I moan.

“Rub your clit.”

My fingers race down to my clit. Omg, I’m soaking. My hips jerk up as my finger finally touches my clit. I rub it slowly.

“Put those two fingers in your pussy.”

I slip two fingers in.

“I want you to finger fuck yourself. Imagining it’s my cock slamming into your wet cunt.”

My fingers enter me and slide in and out. Faster they fuck me.

I breathing becomes labored and my groans begin to get to louder.

“OMG! Yes, Fuck me harder,” My voice crys out.My hips start grinding to the action of my fingers. My body starts to quiver and I climax hard and fast.

“Mmm,” he moans, “Suck your juices off your fingers.”

My tongue licks each finger and then I suck them into my mouth. I feel so damn fucking good but I don’t forget about the stranger in my room.

“Who are you?”

I move and turn on the lamp beside my bed. The light blinds me as it brightens room. I look around but he’s….gone.

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