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Categories: Oral Sex, Anonymity, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: sub oral BJ blowjob
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I've been talking to a master online for a little while now, and up until the other day it's been pretty tame and exploratory. He's had me take pictures of myself and send them to him and tell him about fantasies and experiences that I had. This was my first time submitting to someone like this but I was into it. Well, things changed about a week ago as he gave me my first real assignment.

My master knows (because I told him) how much I love give oral sex. I love getting down on my knees in front of a guy and spending the next 20 minutes taking care of him. So, my master instructed me to find a guy that I've never been with before and service him with my mouth while letting him do whatever he wanted to be comfortable. Not only that, but I'm to get him to release himself on my chest and then not take a shower until the next morning so that I can spend the night thinking about what I just did.

Well, I was shocked at first, but I figured I would give this a try and see how it felt. I thought about it for a little while and then went out to a party that I knew about a few blocks from my apartment. Before I left, I put on a tight white shirt, a grey skirt, and black tights. I was there for a bit and had a few drinks until I got up the courage to approach a guy that I had met a few weeks ago, but never really talked to.

It was awkward and I don't want to get into the details here, but after he had a few drinks I suggested that we go back to my place and he was very open to that idea. We got there and made out for a little bit and went into the kitchen to get him a drink. When I got back, I turned on the TV and started to undo his pants. Hoping that my roommate didn't come home from her boyfriend's place that weekend, I took his pants off and got down on my knees.

He stared at me and took another sip of his drink when I took him into my mouth. I started to suck his dick. My head moved up and down in his lap and I tried not to look at him. The scent of his balls filled my nose and I thought to myself "this is crazy. I barely know this guy and here I am sucking his cock. He must think I'm a total slut," and that thought turned me on. Now I wanted him to think that so I tried to give him a more sensual blowjob. My hand massaged his balls, I licked his cock, I tried to look him in the eyes while his dick was in my mouth. I tried to say slutty sounding things to him like "You have no idea how much it turns me on to suck your cock" and "whenever I see a cock I just want it in my mouth." I did whatever I could to let him know that there was nowhere else I wanted to be than down on my knees giving him head.

I could tell he was getting closer, so I slipped off my top and my bra and jerked him off onto my breasts. He came a lot and there were streams of cum that started around my chest, slid down between my breasts, and went down my belly into my skirt. He said that he had never cum on an asian girl before but that he always watched asian porn and he figured that it would be sexy. That was kind of degrading, but I guess that was the point of this exercise to begin with anyway.

I told him to leave shortly after that, I said that I was afraid my roommate would come home but the truth was that I was very turned on. When he left, I laid down in my bed and touched myself through my panties until I was about to cum, then I slid my fingers inside myself and finished the job. His cum was drying on me as I lay on the bed, exhausted. I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. I checked my chest and his cum had dried on me and started to flake off. I can't believe that I spent a whole night with some guy's cum on me, and I never did get his name.

That morning, I took a shower and emailed my online master to tell him what happened. He wrote back later that day and said he was very proud of me and my next assignment was to write about it and post it online.

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