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Location: An office
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I walk into the conference room with Stephanie. Her black mini skirt makes her ass look so incredibly nice and firm. I can only imagine what it would look like if it were out. How soft it would be. I got turned on and half hard just thinking about it. Stephanie was an intern at my mother’s company. I was just placed on a project with her where we had to completely clean the conference room. We would be alone for pretty much the entire day. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to be so close to her alone; I would want to jump all over her. Anyways, there we were, in the conference room.



I shut the door after we entered and confessed to Stephanie how much I did not want to do this. “Well I’m sure we will be able to have some fun in doing this,” she says as slightly runs her tongue across her bottom lip as she turns towards the conference table. That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I move up to right behind her and slide my hand under the front of her blouse. My cock gets hard just at the touch of her stomach. I start to kiss along her neck as I slide one hand up to touch her soft, plump 34 C tits, and the other hand slowly slides under the front of her skirt to caress her freshly shaved pussy over her silky smooth panties. She lets out a moan as I bury my tongue into her neck.



I cannot believe that this is working. Stephanie is the absolute sexiest girl I have ever seen. She then turns around and starts to undo my pants as she starts sucking on my bottom lip. She moves my pants down and rubs along my stiff hard cock through my boxer briefs. I pull her blouse over her head and reveal an extremely sexy light blue push up bra that makes her incredible 34 C breasts look to be 34 D’s. She then slides down to my cock, pulls it out, and starts sucking on it. Her mouth feels so incredibly warm and nice. Her tongue moves all over my shaft as it moves in and out of her mouth. I reach back and unhook her bra so that her tits fall out.



Sliding my hand down to her breast, I squeeze and pinch one of her nipples. This makes her grab my ass with both hands and shove my cock all the way down her throat. As her lips meat my abdomen, she sticks her tongue out and begins to lick all over my balls. She then slides my cock out of her throat and begins to suck on my balls, moving one into her mouth and then working over to the other one. Her spit is all over my shaft and ball sack. She then gets up and gets on her hands and knees on top of the conference table. She moves so that her ass is facing me.



I grab her skirt and move it up, to reveal her absolutely perfect ass, with a pink thong disappearing into her crack. I grab it with both hands and squeeze, getting a nice feel for the ass that I have desired for so long. I slide her thong off and start to kiss all over her ass cheeks. I move my tongue down closer and closer to her dripping wet pussy. Finally I thrust my tongue into her wet slit and start to devour her pussy. She moans as I thrust my tongue in and out of her cunt. She looks back at me and says, ”Aren’t you forgetting a spot?”



With that I slide my tongue up to her asshole and slide it deep into that tiny pink hole. Stephanie lets out a louder moan as she moves her hand to her tits and then down to her pussy to start rubbing on her clit. Her asshole tastes amazingly good, and it makes my cock so incredibly hard. I move my tongue back down to her pussy and then lift up, only to replace my tongue with my rock hard cock. I slide it deep inside of her cunt, all the way till my balls slapped against her clit.


I then started to thrust in and out of her pussy so fast. The feeling was absolutely incredible. I start to rub her asshole with my finger and then slid it in and out, as my cock was still in her tight pussy. Then I replaced my finger with my cock, and slowly slide my cock inside of her tight ass. I push in and out of her asshole and slowly get deep enough so that my balls touch against her pussy lips. Her moans just get intensified. She absolutely loves my 7 inch cock sliding in and out of her tight pink asshole.


She pulls away from me, removing my cock from her ass, as she turns around, only to meet my stiff cock with her mouth. She starts to suck up and down on my shaft getting it completely slobbery and slick. Then she pushes me onto my back and climbs onto of me. Straddling me, she grabs my cock and slides it into her asshole. My cock goes so deep into her ass that my balls are pressed against her back side. She then starts to move her hips up and down quickly as my cock slides completely in and out of her ass. Her incredible tits bounce around as she starts to make louder and louder noises.


This is all I can take! I can feel my cock getting ready to explode. Stephanie can also feel my cock get harder inside of her ass so she starts to go even faster. All of the blood rushes to my cock and I explode deep in her tight ass. My cock squirts a good 5 or 6 times inside of her asshole. The feeling is indescribable. I am in a complete state of ecstasy. She slowly stops moving up and down and finally lifts up off of my cock, removing it from inside her.


My cum drips out of her asshole, across her pussy and all over my shaft and balls. She then slides off of me and starts to lick all the cum up off of my cock, sucking on it in the process. Then she moves down and cleans my balls completely free of my cum. The feeling is incredible. After that she gets up and lies next to me. She starts to whisper in my ear, only to tell me how much she liked it. Then she climbs back on top of me and starts to slide my cock back into her pussy, but that is for another time. ;-)




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