I want it all with my friend... and maybe with his girl too   added 8 years ago
  By: ExtaticE  Age: 33  Country: Aruba

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Categories: Identified partner, Group Sex / Threesome, Masturbation, Other women
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I have this friend, I meet him while i was with my boyfriend, so I couldn't never ever have something physical/sexual with him... and, damn! i feel so frustrated about it. He's still my friend, and when I see him, I just want he to pull up the skirt and fuck me.. wherever the hell we were.. at his favorite sushi place, at his car, in his office, at his aparment even I would agree to have a threesome with his girlfriend.. Yes, he has a girlfriend, a very sexy european girl.

Mmmm that doesn't sound that bad, does it? she is no that bad at all... I wonder what would happen if I tell my friend that... first I will invite him dinner, I'll talk to him... I fuck with him... And then I tell him, "what about if the next time your girl join us?, that way you won't be cheating on her" Maybe, he would say yes, and I wwould be pleeeeeesed and very wet until that day comes... waiting for the threesome..

That sounds so tempting... gosh, I hope to see my firend soon...

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