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Categories: Oral Sex
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I'll tell you a secret. I find the idea of Transexuals (not transvestites) a real turn on. Hot feminine curves, pert tits with nice hard nipples, a beautiful face with full pouting lips, long legs, killer ass and a nice hard, well hung cock.

My fantasy, like most, involves a chance meeting with a gorgeous stranger. Perhaps on a train, or at a quiet bar. The usual thing, a chat leads to an invite back to their place.

A few drinks, a little flirting, then things get hot. A hot, hard kiss with tongues probing. Hands carressing, searching. then she guides my hand between her legs and I can feel something that shouldn't be there. It gets harder as I rub it. I know its strange but I can'thelp myself. I spread her legs more and free her hardening cock. Her hands loosen my belt and pull out mine, rubbing the pre cum over the head of my throbing dick. We pull each other closer, our cocks rubbing together. I lick her hard nipples as she squeezes my arse.

She holds my face and sticks her tongue deep into my mouth. Our hips are grinding wildly. She pulls my face away, and with a wicked grin, pushes me to my knees, and puts her hard cock in my face. I can't help myself. I take the end of her throbbing muscle into my mouth an taste the salty cum dripping from its tip. She starts to grind her hips and I take more of her into my mouth, slowly working up a rhythm. I hold her cock in one hand as I suck on the few inches I can get in my mouth without gagging. My other hand plays with her tightly clenched hole, slipping a finger inside. She moans with delight and her cock releases another delicious drop of cum.

She pulls me up and licks my mouth. We move to the bedroom and she rips theclothes from my eager body. I'm forced onto e bed then she backs away and slowly, tantalizingly, starts to remove her clothing. Het top first, revealing two hard pink nipples escaping the bra that holds her sweet breasts. She turns around and bends over, pulling up her skirt. Her arse is round and perfect. She pulls her skimpy g-string away from between her cheeks and plays with her tight little hole. Her balls and hard cock can't be detained any loer she rips off her lower garments and turns around to pose in front of me. A sight which blows my mind. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen standing before me with a finger in her mouth and her other hand on her long, thick, erect cock. I chave to have her, I have to let her have me. She moves slowly towards me, her hips swaying hypnotically. Tonight I taste what others are too scared to dream of.

End of Part 1

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