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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
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I kneel naked at the front door waiting for Lady Eleanor to arrive. I have been her slave for the last six months and I devote my life to her. Her pleasure is the only thing that matters to me. I knew the first time I met her that she was a Goddess that deserved to be worshiped and her wishes would be my life I have learned many of my duties to her satisfaction, but sometimes I make mistakes on purpose so I can be punished. I am never allowed to wear clothes and have not left her house since she took me as her slave.

She walks through the door and I crawl, following her to the sofa to perform my duties. “Slave, before we begin your punishment you may begin your afternoon duties. First you are to lie on your back with your head between my legs. Then I want you to remove my shoes and clean the bottom of my feet with your tong. Be sure to use your tong between my toes for I have been shopping and the heat has caused my feet to sweat“. I licked her feet and sucked her toes till she relaxed enough for me to move up her legs. Mistress never wore stockings because they would hide her beautiful legs. After removing her short leather skirt and her black thong, I could smell the essence that has ruled my life. I can never get enough of the wonderful aroma my mistress’s pussy gives off.

Knowing what pleases her; I bring my tong between her pussy’s moist lips and slowly work it up and down. This brings out the juices that fill my hunger. When she is close to coming, I am told to use my tong on her clit to bring her to orgasm. This is what I am made for and what brings her pleasure. After I have brought her to multiple orgasms, she instructs me to prepare her bath and then wait for her in the basement for my punishment.

The thought of my punishment gets me excited and if it weren’t for my cock cage I would certainly have a hard on. Mistress had not let me cum for over nine weeks because I seem to make mistakes that displease her. But that is the easiest part of my punishment.

Lady Eleanor entered the basement with a look on her face that I had never seen before. “Lie down on the examination table and don’t speak. Talking is what got you in this trouble to begin with”. She strapped my wrist and ankles and then my chest and head. The latter two she had never done before. The strap to my head was so tight; I thought it might tear through the skin. “If you try moving your head, I will nail your ears to the table.” I was not to speak and couldn’t nod my head, so I blinked my eyes to let her know I understood. “You know you are being punished for breaking my rule, of speaking another Mistress’s name without permission.” Again I blinked my eyes confirming I understood what I had done wrong. “Now your punishment must be to prevent you from making this mistake again. If you make any noise during your punishment, I have a second punishment that you defiantly will not like.”


After leaving me for an hour to wonder what my punishment would be, she returned wearing surgical gloves, carrying what turned out to be dental instruments. Placing a spreader behind my gums on both sides of my mouth, made it imposable for me to close my mouth even a little. “Now the fun begins. I never told you that my first job after university was working as a dental assistant. My boss took the time to show me many procedures since I was thinking of becoming a dentist. I even performed minor work on some of the patients. What I am about to do will defiantly hurt, since I will not be giving you an antithetic. Remember, make any noise and your punishment will be more sever than you can imagine. “

“I will start by removing your front teeth but leaving the four back ones, top and bottom. Do not try to move or speak for this will make things worse.” Mistress picked up an odd shape pair of pliers and started to work. When she finished the bottom teeth and started on the top, I passed out. After mistress placed smelling sauce under my nose, I was revived enough to scream my lungs out. The pain was unbearable. The whole time I am screaming, she is telling me that this will make it easier for me to service her with no teeth to interfere with my tong. If I wasn’t good she threatened to turn me into a cock- sucker as well. When she finished, she took a pin like tool and ran it over my gums, saying this would cauterize the area and speed healing as well as stop the bleeding. She then left me to my pain.

The next morning mistress returned telling me that since I had not obeyed her and screamed when she had said not to make any noise, I would now suffer my second punishment. I thought to myself it can’t possibly get any worse. I was wrong. “It looks like there is only one way to keep you from screaming and saying another mistress’s name. To accomplish this I will now sew your lips together.” Taking a suture needle and thread, she started to sew. If it were possible to scream, I would have but I was too frightened to make any noise. She was very precise and made small stitches, leaving a small opening in the middle large enough for a straw to be inserted. This must have been for her to feed me until she was satisfied I would not break any more rules.

“All of this work has made me extremely wet and excited, so now I will take you up stairs to see if you can make me cum without using your tong.” I was placed on the floor and mistress stood over me removing her panties and placing her pussy on my lips. She then rotated back and forth rubbing against my sewn lips and nose until she came. It was so good that she continued till she had four more orgasms. Her juices would seep through the small hole in my lips, so I did get the pleasure of tasting her sweetness. When she finally was spent, she told me to rest and gather my strength, for company was coming that afternoon. I did as she said not wanting any more punishment this day!



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