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More to add on from the last story. The last I left off, I had just fucked Noelle in the last room after she got pissed drunk in this chalet party. And I was back in the party looking for fresh meat to enjoy.

The twins Tammy and Trisha started to sway towards the toilet supporting each other along the way. Mebbe I should see if I can help them out. Walking close behind them, I could make out that Tammy was wearing a micro mini spandex dress in white and the g-string was pretty obvious from the rear view. Trisha on the other hand was wearing a mini denim skirt with a dark blue tube top and a mini denim jacket.

Both sashayed into the toilet on the second floor. Probably wanted some privacy... I followed them quietly and observed from the rear. They stumbled into the toilet and shut the door, but the door did not shut totally. Lucky for me, I went up close and looked thru the gap. Tammy had jumped onto the toilet seat and had lifted up her spandex skirt and tugged the white g string down already and she looked as if she was already easing her full bladder. The splash on the toilet bowl also indicated that she was in the midst of it. I looked around for Trisha, but she was not in view, probably blocked by the door.

Tammy stood up and started dabbing herself with a few pieces of tissue and moved aside out of view. Trisha came into view and already had her skirt around her waist and her black lacy panties down. I whipped out my phone camera and activated the video mode. Time to do some home vids... She sat down and pee'd for almost half a minute, and then she stood up and cleaned herself off like her twin sister. But she did not bother to pull up the panties, hmmmm.

Looking around, I found a mirror on the side which provided me with a much clearer view of what was going on inside. Tammy was on her knees and appeared to be licking Trisha's pussy. I carried on filming the action and boy was this gonna be hot. After a while, they switched and Tammy climbed onto the sink and spread her legs wide for Trisha to do the same to her. I filmed a little more and thought it was time I got into the action as well.

I opened the door slowly and walked in, and although Tammy saw me, she did not show any surprise. I went right behind Trisha and stared hard at her exposed pussy which was in the air as she bent over to lick Tammy's wet cunt.

Trisha had very nice pink pussy lips and they were glistening with the moisture of her own lubricant. Time to dive in. I pulled my pants down and exposed my hard dick, Tammy saw it and gave me a wink. Aiming carefully at Trisha's wet hole, I pushed it in hard without warning. Trisha cried out with surprise but was smothered by Tammy holding her face right against her pussy. The tightness around pussy was so strong that I almost couldn't hold out for the first minute. Pounding her squeezing cunthole, she stopped struggling after a while and was starting to enjoy herself and
started to fuck back at me as well.

Looking down at my dick sliding in and out of her pussy I realised why she had struggled so much at first. My cock was covered with blood, should be her hymenal blood. After-all, she was the prim and proper one of the twins.

Pulling her away from Tammy, I made her hold on to the toilet bowl and fucked her deeper by getting her angle downwards for a better fuck. As I bumped her against her g-spot, she was groaning away in pleasure and building up slowly for her first fuck orgasm. I motioned for Tammy to come over and she walked over with a naughty smile.

Pushing her head down towards our connected sexual organs, she quickly got the idea and started to lick the both of us as I slid in and out of that tight vagina.

Trisha started to trash about harder and I pounded her faster and deeper as she went over the edge and had her first orgasm thru sex. Her pulsing pussy gripped me tightly and tried to milk me. I couldn't hold out much either and squirted deep inside her. Pulling out slowly, Tammy grabbed hold of my member and proceeded to clean it up with her mouth and tongue. The wet juices mixed with blood and my cum was all over Tammy's mouth and she swallowed everything with a smile.

As she cleaned me off, I grew hard again and I sat down on the toilet seat trying to catch some breath. Tammy had pulled off her spandex dress and g string already and was naked in front of me, I grabbed hold of her C cup boobs and pulled her towards me. Sucking on her brown nipples and large aerole, she started moaning deeply. Seems like those with bigger breasts are more sensitive there after-all. She got settled right over me and used her right hand to guide my hard cock inside her. It slipped in easily and she started to pump herself up and down slowly. Trisha had just recovered from her orgasm and walked towards the 2 of us. Her panties was already off and I made her strip off her skirt and her tube top. Her B cup breasts were a nice handful and very soft in my hands. I let Tammy ride me for a few more minutes, then I got her off and made her sit on the toilet seat.

I bent down and proceeded to pound her for a while. The angle wasn't easy for me and Trisha could take part as well so I changed yet again. I got Tammy to hold her toilet like what I did to Trisha previously, and Trisha got the idea very fast and sat down right in front of the toilet to get a better view of the action. Doggy style was what got me going with a steady tempo screwing Tammy. Trisha proceeded to repay the favours from Tammy and licked Tammy's clitoris with a good lick on my member every once in a while too.

Her slick cunt must have been practising her kegel muscles regularly. She was able to hold me tightly each time I pushed deep inside her and letting go slightly was about to drive me over the edge fast. Time for me to get her to cum fast. I angled a lil more to the side and pumped in quickly with short strokes and she was surprised at this new trick, it threw her off her kegel muscle routine and Trisha sucked her clit at the same time. (at my instructions) Tammy was thrown off sync and she quickly rose to the occasion and climaxed with all these manipulations of her sexual organ. I was really surprised to learn that she was a squirter and had covered Trisha with her ejaculations. I pulled out and had Trisha suck me off. She swallowed all the cum without hesitation and threw me a big smile.

Washing off, I dressed up and walked off after saying my goodbyes. (I think they will remember me for quite some time)

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