Wife with 4 men in hotel   added 8 years ago
  By: Londoncpl  Age: 42  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, Other men, Masturbation
Tags: bukkake cumfest orgy Group Hotel
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

I want to choose 4 guys for some fun with my wife in a hotel room.


She's in the room already having slipped into something sexy. On the bed, fresh from a bath and waiting. I come in with the four guys and tell them to use you for their pleasure, but ensuring that she is satisfied at the same time. Cocks everywhere being placed into her hands and mouth, tongues flicking in and out of her pussy, followed by fingers. Each man taking a turn in her mouth. She tells them to fuck her and she takes the first cock, a few minutes and the next guy is in her, pumping away at her now dripping wet pussy.

I'm walking around filming with our handycam and getting all the good angles. The guys are about to burst and I tell her to kneel on the floor. All foour guys stand in front of her, ready to deliver the goods. Her head flits from side to side as she sucks while they wank. The first one cums hard - all over her tits, she rubs it in groaning while the next guy dumps his load on her face. Another cock is thrust in her mouth and explodes inside - she dribbles hot cum all down her chest. The last guy pushes her back and opens her legs, ramming his cock all the way home first time she cums and he fucks her hard forcing her along the floor, she flinches as the friction burns but doesn't complain, she just endures it - loving the sensation of being fuck with cum all over her - he pulls his cock out and aims it all over her pussy, it rolls between her open legs and tickles as it goes down past her ass. He gets up, dresses and leaves - the others have already gone.


I come back in and kiss her on the mouth - I tell her what a dirty little slut she looks and she grabs my cock, kissing me with cum on her lips, I taste the guys cum and get harder, she pulls in me to her and we squirm around, mixing the cum and sweat as we make passionate love, writhing around together for ages. I cum inside her wide open pussy and we play with it as it drips out, we lay back exhausted and sleep...

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