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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
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34th Street was not what I had imagined it would be. Overflowing trash cans and broken liqueur bottles littered the street. The message on my answer machine told me to enter #12 warehouse and be on time. If I was late the automatic locks would prevent me from entering. I never thought that once I entered it would automatically lock me in. I was met by a tall redheaded lady that wore a mask over her eyes but that did nothing to hide her beauty. She wore a low cut red corset that showed off her magnificent figure. She instructed me to not talk and placed a black hood over my head, plunging me into total darkness. Placing cuffs on my wrist she led me into another room.

I was then told to back up and I felt a table against my butt. After removing the cuffs I was instructed to undress and lay on the table. With the hood tied to my head I had little choice but to obey. Once on the table I was strapped down,wrist,hips,and ankles. I could not move if I tried.

This was the point that the hood was removed and I got another surprise. Standing before me now were a set of the most beautiful identical twins I had ever laid eyes on. Just as I was about to make the mistake of telling them this, they placed a gag in my mouth tying it way to tight making it extremely painful.

They introduced themselves as Lady Eleanor and Mistress Kat. Before starting with my torture, they would give me a brief description of what they had planned. There would also be some surprises. Reaching to a cart to her right, Lady Eleanor, held up a box of needles which I guessed ranged from 3 to 6 inches in length. Sweat was breaking out on my forehead because ever since I received my first shot as a child, I had been afraid of needles. Not to be out done, Lady Kat lifted a box, and showed me what I was certain contained tubing that was surely a medical catheter. Next I was shown a variety of small to large whips and canes. I knew I was in trouble.

The first thing they did was to massage my cock until it was hard and standing at attention. It felt so good until I remembered what was going inside it. Lady Kat putting surgical gloves on her hands, removed the catheter from its box. After putting gel on the end she started feeding the 16 inches of tubing into my cock. The burning sensation was almost unbearable. Once my bladder started draining, she attached a bag to the end. Lady Eleanor then withdrew a long needle from the box and ran it through the end of my cock, holding the tubing in place. Since I couldn’t scream, I had tears running down my face. She then pulled on the tubing to make sure it wouldn’t come out. Then Mistress Kat slapped it a few times to watch my expression with a smile on her face.

Taking turns they inserted more needles into my dick. The worst was when they each plunged needles into my balls. This time I must have passed out because I was shaking my head with ammonia tube being waved under my nose when I realized where I was. If it weren’t for the catheter, I would have pissed all over myself. Next, taking the shorter needles, they ran them through my skin starting with my nipples and ending just below my navel. I lost count after 25 had been inserted.

Figuring this was not enough pain; they took short whips and slapped them first against the needles on my chest, then turned to my cock and balls. Now I was sobbing like a baby from the pain. Small drops of blood were coming from the needles inserted in my ball sack. They seemed to be having a contest to see who could draw the most blood without pulling out to needles.

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Lady Eleanor reached over to the cart withdrawing a bamboo cane for Mistress Kat and herself. They started with the bottom of my feet working there way to the top of my thighs. The blisters at first were a bright red, but soon turned to a horrible purple. I knew it would be a few days before I could wear shoes again.

After laughing and challenging each other as to who could draw first blood from the canes, they spoke to me for the first time asking if I had enough pain for one session. I shook my head yes, thinking I may never come back.

They took no pity on me when they removed the needles, twisting and yanking them out ever so slowly. To top things off they pulled out the catheter ever so slowly causing a burning sensation like I had never felt. I was sure that when I took my first piss there would be as much blood as piss coming out of my cock.

When they finished, they handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed. I did this even though I was so weak I could barley stand. Putting the shoes on was impossible so I left wearing only my socks. After putting the hood back on my head, I was lead to the entrance and released. Hobbling back to my car, I thought to myself, this was a miracle on 34th street because I came out alive.


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