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After casing that house on the edge of the suburbs, I was pleased to note that it was largely inhabited by young nubile females. And it would be a good testing site for my new concoction.

I made more than enough for the special trial which I planned would be on the friday night where both the parents would be out entertaining for the most part of the night. I know that there was at least 4 sisters living in the house and they didn't go out on friday nights when their parents are out. So I patiently waited in my car for them to go to sleep. (which I discovered was about 11:30) I gave them another extra half an hour for good measure.

The house was easy to climb and as it was pretty new, it didn't have any creaky boards or planks to make any sound. Reaching the balcony, I peered into the window and saw 2 sleeping forms in the room. Checking out the other room, I was greeted by 2 more sleeping forms in there. Perfect, time to get my new stuff out for trials.

My drugs were designed to be released in the air so I had to either have a gas mask on or to use my antidote on myself first. I didn't want to be enumbered by the mask, so I chose to use the antidote. Opening the windows on both sides slightly, I tossed in the small ampules of chemicals and waited 5 mins for them to work. After the prescribed time, I opened the doors and crept into room 1. I could always recall the youngest one being in here while I was out there watching.

Standing over the bed, I had to check on their state of consciousness first before I did anything further. I grabbed one of her foot and tickled, no reaction... Slapping her with increasing force also had no effect. Looks like I did it. Now to try the other sister, looks like she's out too... Better check out room 2 as well before I proceed.

They seem slightly older, and also in a deep sleep. Now it's time for me to have some fun. Back to room 1.

I locked the door and left the lights on. I wanted to see how they looked like as I strip them naked. The youngest which had an angelic face with long hair was dressed in a simple one piece pj's which was light pink in colour and I pulled it up right over her head to reveal her small braless boobs and a matching pink underwear. Her small A cup tits are just nice in grab and squeeze. Slipping my hands down, I removed her pink underwear to expose her light

furry bush. Cupping it in my hands, I gave it a light squeeze and was delighted to feel such tender pussy. I'll leave her naked first and take a look at the second youngest.

She had a devilishly beautiful features and should be one of the hottest in school. Her body also looks pretty hot even covered up by her satin slip. I enjoyed feeling the texture of satin on skin and caressed her slowly before I pulled the slip off. She seems to be the naughtier one, her B cup boobs were firm and stood up high. But why I mentioned she was naughty wasn't about that, she wasn't wearing any underwear! Her bare shaven pussy was airing already even before I took off the slip. And an inspection by me showed that she was pretty good at removing all traces, might have been waxed...

Now to consider which to enjoy first.

After a short consideration, I still decided on the youngest first. I still like my meat young and tender. Taking one more check all around and making sure that I won't be disturbed, I proceeded to strip and climb onto the bed of the youngest.

Lying in a spooning position just behind her, I was able to touch her all over and know her body better. Her hair also gave off a light floral scent and I positively enjoyed it. Next I lifted her higher and put her near the headboards, this gave me better access to her young pussy. Sniffing deeply, I filled myself with the scent of young pussy, a light piquent scent. Time to taste it and enjoy it better. Licking it lightly, the light furry bush tingled against my nose. Spreading her nether lips, I was able to dig deeper into her pussy which was getting wetter by the minute. Peering up inside her, I Was able to see her hymen intact. Woah, I'm in good luck.

My dick was at attention already and I used it to stroke up and down her wet pussy. Getting the crown sufficiently lubed up, I pressed it in and felt it slip in right up against her hymen.

Pulling up slightly I gave myself some room to plunge in deep. And with a forceful stroke I pierced her hymen right thru. And since she's out of it, I didn't have to hold back at all, I continued stroking in and out of her tight vagina which was gripping me tightly. (probably a sub-conscious thing) I took only a few minutes before I was ready to cum inside her. And I did, squirting deeply inside her straight up against her cervix. I took her pink panties and cleaned my blood covered dick before keeping the pair of panties in a small ziplog back, prize number 1.

Time for number 2 and she's naked and waiting for me as well.

The hot one, and seemingly vixen sister. I spread her wide open and explored her body from head to toe. She had 6 ear piercings in each ear and a lil nose stud on the right nostril. Probably wasn't daring enough to get any nipple rings yet, both her pink nipples were clean and unadorned with any decorations. Her belly on the other hand was done up with a bright stainless steel ring with a small ornament. (looks like a small astrological sign, a minature scorpion) And her bare pussy was also unpierced or decorated, just the way I like it with younger girls. Something stood out though, the clitoral hood was pretty large and I soon found out why.

She had a HUGE clitoris, the biggest I've ever seen in any girl or woman for that matter. It was at least 8mm across. Wonder if it'll get any bigger when I stimulate it?? Well, I'll learn that soon... Let's check inside her as well, another nice surprice. Another virgin... Her hymen was also intact. Time for me to bust another cherry.

Let me start off by licking her huge clitoris, and yes, it seems to be engorging itself with more blood like what my penis is doing at the same time. And her pussy was leaking lubricants right out of her vagina almost immediately.

Damn, she was born to fuck. I took out a white hankerchief and put it right under her and aimed my cock right against her hole. Then with a simple push, I entered her right up to my balls. Taking my time, I enjoyed myself with her and fucked her slowly until the inevitable came. (my cum right up inside her) I held on to her tightly as I felt my cock spasmed with the last few squirts right against her womb. Pulling out slowly, I wiped off the hymenal blood on the hanky and kept that too as a trophy.

A quick time check showed that I still had plenty of time left. Better start on room 2 before we decide on any seconds. Entering the second room once more, I verified their consciousness as with what I did previously. Once I was satisfied that they were still unconscious, I started off on the third girl.

She was a yound woman and had features which were just simple and yet she wasn't a plain jane. Her body was shapely in a nice hourglass shape, that much was evident in her 2 piece long striped sleepwear. Unbuttoning her top, her white creamy flesh spilled into plain view. She also didn't wear any bra to sleep, her C cup bosom was heaving up and down as she breathed slowly. Proceeding further downwards, I pulled down her pants and saw that she was wearing a white bikini cut panties. Checking closely, I noticed a white string dangling out of the panties. Could it be...

Tugging the panties aside, I exposed her fat pussy lips and saw the string leading up into her vagina. Looks like she's having her period eh... Let's check the last girl then.

Last one left and she was slightly tomboyish. She had a short crop and almost male features. But her body wasn't that tomboyish after-all... She had C cup boobs too, and a curvaceous bod clad in a silk teddy set. She knew how to dress well. Removing all her clothes was simple and enjoyable too, with a soft rustle of the silk fabric each time I handled it. She was curvy and rather hot number just like the second youngest, just that she chose to get a hairdo like one of those tomboys. Mebbe she was fending off some unwanted attention at work. Her pussy was nicely trimmed and there was only a single patch of hair left in the shape of a small heart. Sure looks kinky to me, I spread her pussy wider and inspected her closely. Looks like her hymen is no longer intact, there was a tear or 2 along the upper left side, but it also might have meant that she wasn't as experienced as one might have believed.

A quick test fuck would give me the answers. Putting a small pillow under her back, I spread her legs open ready to receive me. Getting up in front of her cunt right on my knees, I used my prick to rub a lil more against her pussy lips as well as her clitoris. This will help her lub up even if she was in a deep sleep. I stuck my index finger inside her and wiggled it around, confirming that she was indeed geting herself wet. (I avoided doing so for the other 2 as I didn't want any accidental breakage of the hymen by my fingers)

And since she's ready, it's time for me to test drive this pussy. Plunging in, I did feel the tightness around my dick, almost like a recentlly deflowered virgin. I like it slide all the way in until I reached the hilt and I managed to bump up against her cervix. Looks like we were mighty compatible after-all. If she was awake, each time
I bump up against her cervix when I fuck in, she was gonna be in a lot of pleasure and sensations. (wonder if she feels anything in her sleep??) And with a nicer angle of entry I was able to slid in easier and smoother too. I fucked her hot body slowly and took my time pumping her... But her tightness and bumping her cervix continously was driving me nuts and I just shot all my hot jizz right against her cervix. That was enjoyable...

Now I'm stuck with a dilemma, do I go for seconds or do I try out the 'bleeding one'?? And if I choose to go for seconds, who to choose?

What the heck, you only live once. I'm game for anything... Moving back to her, I removed her white panties and viewed her naked body from head to toe. Now with her naked, she does look a lil more desirable than when she was all covered up by her choice of sleepwear. Back to her lil problem, one tug of the string and the tampon comes out of her pussy. A quick check and it seems like it's nearing the end of her period, there's only a bit of blood on the top of the tampon area. Wrapping it up in tissue, I tossed it aside to be cleaned up later.

I just stuck my dick in without even taking the time to arouse her this time around... And my dick didn't have much resistance anyway. She was slick with the menstrual blood already. Fucking her steadily, I realised that she amongst the 4 sisters have the smoothest cunt, probably well-used... She does not excite me like the other 2 younger ones, but her big boobs were a nice distraction. Cumming inside her, the semen mixes with her blood and flows out slowly. I quickly withdrew and cleaned myself and used lots of tissues to stem the flow before it messed up the bed any further. A quick dig around her bed found me some more tampons and I inserted a new one inside her and pulled her panties back over her. I don't think I'll touch this one again for tonight.

I went back to room 1 and decided on the youngest again for another go. With one load already inside her, I decided to use the pillow trick on her too. Propping her butt on the pillow, her pussy faced upwards at a better angle to reveive me. And fingering her a lil more around her labia and clitoris would also get her more aroused even in her sleep to get her better lubricated. In just a few minutes, she was all ready for me. I climbed above her and aimed my cock right over her recently deflowered pussy, and slipped it right in. Her warm canal gripped me tightly again
and as I fucked her slowly, it felt as if she was sucking my dick in each time I tried to pull up and out. Makes me wonder if she's feeling anything in her sleep, mebbe an erotic dream.

Time to clean up and clear out...

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