How it all started   added 8 years ago
  By: xdress  Age: 44  Country: United States

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This particular night my wife was feeling like she wanted a different kind of fuck. She told me she had something she wanted to try and for me to go into the bedroom and put on what was on the bed. She proceeded into the bathroom to put on her costum.

When i got in the room, there was a beautiful sequin dress, thigh high stockings, 4" heels in my size, and the sexiest pick lace thong and bra set. I quickly got dressed and hard. This was the very firsrt time i was in a dress, usually i just wore panties or a man thong. When I came out of the room, she was in a 3 piece suit and looking like she was about to rape me.

She sat on the couch, rubbing me through the dress and kissing and nibbling on my neck. Treating me like the girl she wanted. I soon realized how far she was going to take it when she unzipped her pants and told me there was a surprise just for me. When I reached in, she was wearing a 7" strap on that made my ass quiver and my cock throb. I've never thought of getting fucked in the ass until that very moment.

Now I had something new to try, i rubbed her cock all over my ass and slowly (and painfully) lowered myself down. After the initial shock passed, I moved up and down slowly. Then came the surprise, her cock vibraqted too! my god it felt good. I honestly don't think the sex lasted more than 10 minutes before we both came.
That was my first anal orgasm, but definatly not my last!!!!

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