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My missus A works for a small production company and on most of her jobs she has to sub contract for all the staging, lighting etc. This puts her in charge of a load of men on very job she does, of course most of them all try and suck up to her, she loves it but the majority of the time just waves it off.

One day she told me about a tech guy called Paul who was always flirting with her, he’s a black guy about 6 foot tall and good looking, A is 5 foot 7 long dark hair and dark eyes, size 18 but being tall she carries it well, and 36 DD tits. Anyway she would tell me about when she’d walk past him he would brush up against her arse or deliberately stare at her tits, and when they finished jobs, the goodbye kiss would linger just that bit too long. He is married to another white girl and my girlfriend just thought he was being a tease.

She would tell me all the things that had happened and to tell you the truth it would get me really hard and excited and over the course of a couple of months the fantasy of him was brought into our sex play, and we were fantasising about her fucking and sucking him while I watched, and we always would have the best orgasms and she would get really dirty.

A couple of months ago she had to go to a Benefit dinner in a Hotel in London with her firm, of course she told me Paul would be there but nothing else was said about it, on the night just before her taxi was due to arrive she asked me to borrow my digi camera to take some snapshots of the evening. Anyway off she went and I think I plonked myself in front of the TV and watched a film.

I must have dozed off and the next thing I know A is waking me up and saying come to bed, she was fairly merry, and smiling away to her self, we got into bed and instantly she started touching me up and kissing me, result I thought, and then she asked if I wanted to look at the pictures she’d taken, I would rather her carried on stroking my now hard cock, but she insisted, so I browsed through it and saw the usual snaps of any party, of her and her boss at the dinner table her dancing etc etc, then there was one of her with a black cock in her hand and her tongue on the tip…

My cock twitched at this and she said “I thought you’d like that” scrolling through the were only another two of her sucking this big black cock... well I put it down and get her to tell me the whole story.. And it went like this…

“She was dancing around after dinner and Paul had grabbed her for a few dances and she had noticed that when he pulled her close she could feel the outline of his cock pressed against her thigh and this get her wet… this went on for a while and he was also whispering suggestive things in her ear, anyway he then suggested they find a quiet spot for a chat. The found a service corridor with a lockable door at either end and he then grabbed her and kissed her hard and she responded, he was grabbing and pinching her tits and this was making her really excited, he slipped his hand up her dress pushed her knickers to one side and pushed two fingers into her sopping fanny. As well as being very horny she was concerned that they’d be missed by everyone else, so she quickly dropped to her knees and unzipped him and pulled his cock out, about 8 inches and quite thick she said, and then started sucking like a demon.

After about only a couple of minutes he was groaning like mad, she suddenly thought about me, stopped sucking and said to him if he wanted her to carry on he’d have to do her a favour. He agreed of course and she pulled out the camera and asked him to take some pics of her sucking him, he took the camera and she resumed sucking his hard cock, he only managed to get three pics off before saying he was going to cum and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth, she couldn’t swallow it all and had it dripping down her chin..

They had to return to the party soon so nothing else happened, but yesterday she went to Manchester with him on a job and will be away for three days and nights in the same hotel as him….

To be continued….

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