Me, Desperate for Housewives   added 8 years ago
  By: mojitomoe  Age: 35  Country: United States

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I live in the city, but occasionally I go out to the suburbs as my gym has a branch out there that has amenities not found in the city branches. Among these amenities, I found, were suburban housewives that LOVED to see a good-looking, fit guy from the city. I take great care of myself, dress well, am clean-cut, and have been working out for a long time, so I have a very muscular, slender physique.



Occasionally when I'm working out, one of these housewife-types will kind of linger around me, always seeming to decide to use the machine just opposite me so they can check me out/be checked out by me. They then like to approach me after a while and ask me some inane question about a workout I'm doing, then mention how I make it look easy because I'm so fit. I smile and compliment them, but in my mind I'm picturing the frustration that suffer at home, with their eager suburban business-man husbands spending all their time working, commuting, and potentially fucking their secretaries.



I've taken to fantasizing about these women, and how hot it would be to send the right signals and end up fucking one of them, tight workout clothes peeling off to reveal already-sweaty skin, possibly in the very same mini-van purchased by the husband who neglects her peaking sexuality.



I know that I can give these women the time they've been thinking about as they masturbate in their bathtubs, locked away in the lonely existence that can only come in the suburbs. I'm sure there are several of these lovely women out there.



Does any of this sound familiar? I'd love to hear what you think!

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