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Categories: Force/Rape
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

The night grows old and the party comes to its end. Those who are left in the house are either asleep or passed out, with the exception of a select few males who roam the house, seeking a passed out girl to have their way with. They quietly pick them up and take them to empty rooms, slipping pills into their victims mouths to keep them sedated during their violations.

I see a group of them move towards you, my best friend since as far as I can remember, and start to pick you up. The victim of too much alcohol, you do not respond. Quickly I move over to them. "This one's mine", I say. They shrug and walk away; there are plenty of other targets. One of them presses a pill into my hands as he walks off.

"Have fun"

I pick you up and carry you into an empty room, locking the door behind me. Gently I lay you onto the bed and prepare to fall asleep on the ground, knowing that you are safe. Something stops me, though.

How strange it is that this is the first time I have felt what I feel now while looking at you. Looking at you, watching you sleep, something stirs within me. I eye your beautiful shoulder length brown hair, the way it accents your cute face. I watch as your firm round tits rise and fall, straining beneath your top. Below your impossibly flat tummy I eye lustily the way your incredibly tight jean shorts mold the curve of your hips. I begin to sweat as I eye your exposed creamy white legs.

Strange, that in over 18 years I have never lusted after you. We have been friends, and good friends. But never anything more. Now I feel incredible desire for you. I have a chance to satiate my lust and not jeopardize our friendship. My conscious screams at me to forget it, to just go to sleep; it quickly is beaten down by my desire.

I crawl on to the bed with you, and slip the pill from my sweating hands past your luscious lips, down your throat. No sooner have I accomplished this that my hands are on your tits, feeling the incredible firmness and squeezing tight. I rip your shirt open, exposing a sexy white bra which I hurriedly unclip. My mouth is on your breasts quickly, suckling you as my cock strains at my pants. The pressure is becoming too much for me now, so I move down your body and pull your shorts off. I bury my head into your cotton white panties, relishing the warmth that I find there.

I rub your clit through the soft material until your panties are soaked. I pull them off and position myself between your silky legs, my pants and shorts removed. Your soaking wet pussy opens like a flower for my cock, which I slid slowly inside of you. I can't believe the tightness. Your cunt responds to my rod, squeezing it even as you sleep on. I pound away at your wet hole, bending over and kissing you on your lips while I massage your tits. It isn't long before I cum, pulling out quickly and dumping my seed onto your face.

Yet I find my lust is not satisfied, so I roll you over and squeeze your tight ass. I move my face to your small hole, licking its rim and sliding my fingers inside your forbidden entrance. My cock is ready to go again, and with your asshole slippery with my spit and your pussy juices, I slid it slowly in. It is the most amazing thing I have ever felt. I pound your hole without mercy and slap your ass, riding you for all you are worth. Finally, I explode inside of you, emptying my lust deep inside of you.

I awake, and wonder why I have had such a strange dream about the girl who is laying in my bed.

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