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  By: Londoncpl  Age: 42  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Other men, Steady Partner, Masturbation
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

My wife wants us to make a home movie to start her own little collection to watch alone when I am working away. I love the idea of her watching things we've done while strumming her sweet little button.


We'll start with her sitting on the kitchen worktop and me on my knees. Doing whatever she asks. She tells me she wants me licking her pussy while she zooms in and gets a real graphic account of our fun. She holds my head and pulls me in, then rubs her clit while bucking her hips up to me, pushing herself on to me and groaning in delight as I devour her cunt like a starving animal. She announces that she's going to cum and I tell her to cum on my face, she obliged moving about and squirming with sheer pleasure. I keep licking until she's so ticklish that she has to push my head away. We have a smoke and go upstairs. I lay on the bed and undress. The camera is set up facing the bed.


She undresses and leans over me and then kisses my thighs moving up to my cock. Flicking her tongue around the head of my knob - I'm loving it of course. She opens my legs and oils my balls up, driving me wild. Her fingers move round to my ass and she teases me, flicking fingers in and out and sucking me deep at the same time. She reaches over and grabs the vibrator, turning it on and moving it around the base of my cock and around my balls. I feel it opening me up and then pressure as she pushes it deeper inside, slowly, while deep throating me.

I groan in pleasure as the intensity increases. I about to blow, any second but the pleasure is still increasing - I try and prolong my orgasm but I can't take it any more. She begins telling me about an ex-lover and saying she wishes this was him that she was doing it to. I buck like a horse as I blow like a volcano - She sucks me dry while humiliating me about this ex of hers, rubbing my nose in it and telling my things she done with him that I never knew about. She keeps sucking me deep until I can take no more. I lay back completely satisfied and we hug for a while before eating some chocolate and drifting off to a happy place...

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