Sex by the swimming pool at night   added 8 years ago
  By: NoelNoel18  Age: 35  Country: Brazil

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Categories: Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: pool swimming Night sex
Location: A swimming pool or hot tub
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic
I left a note on his table to come by the swimin' pool tonight..
That night, when he arrived at the swimming pool, I walked up to him slowly taking off my bikini...I was 30cm away from him. He looked at me from head to toe..reaching his hands to my breasts...before he could lay is hands on me, I jump into the pool...

He watched me swim with my naked body for a while then I walked up slowly on the steps...towards him, he hold me close to him until my pussy touched his long thick penis..He could feel my wetness under...he then pulled my head closer to him and we had a passionate deep kiss..he then cupped my breast with both his hands and squeezing tenderly and lick both nipples until it got hard..he rubbed it..he continued down to my buttocks...then carried me up...I cling on to him on his neck so that I won't fall...his hard rock penis raised and he began adjusting it into my pussy...Hmm....I could feel his 11" penis in my hot lovehole...We began rocking each other like there's no tommorow...

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