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Categories: Other men, Steady Partner
Tags: Fantasy Video Night
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

I'd like a filthy evening making a home video wearing masks. We'll start by writing down the names of each others sex partners who we've fantasied over before and talk about them while pleasuring the other one.


She'll kneel on the floor and suck my cock while I read down the list. When I say a name, she has to tell me dirty things she did with them. We work our way down the list, all the time her sucking me and playing with my balls and ass, the tension growing. I cum in her mouth and she swirls it around her mouth, spitting it out over her breasts and rubbing it in. She lays back on the floor and opens her legs commanding me to lick her pussy good while she gets the list. Reading the names of the sluts I've played with and telling her things she'd forgotten about them and getting wetter as I lick deep.


She works down the list getting more and more excited as she hears things about my dirty conquests that drive her wild. She starts to cum and breaths deep - I slide inside her, intensifying her orgasm as she moans like fuck while I tell her I'm thinking about a girl she loved me fucking - I cum hard inside and she slides her fingers inside to feel the come as it drips out. She comes and sits on my face, forcing me to taste my own cum as she rubs her hot pussy all round my face...


We eat chocolate...And sleep.

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