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Categories: Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: secrets voyeur Ice death snow
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Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I awake, scared, confused, as I am cold and wet

Alone, writhing in a blanket of snow that was laid out by hands not my own.

Damning my home, I manage to wonder as my frozen fingers lift before my face,

wondering after the ways that my naked body came to rest in this cove.

You are watching me, laying here in this white that chills,

a secret place I am not privy to as per your request.

The thought of your eyes roaming my frozen, enlivened skin,

makes me wet, and my heat begins to melt so that water mixes with the juices nestling between my thighs.

You watch as my legs bend and spread, the snow falling into my hair and short curls, my warmth so hot that steam rises with each snowflake that comes to rest on my secret.

My secret, just for you.

Taking course of my body with leaden fingers that barely move for the cold, feeling my nipples like icicles in my skin pushing out to meet the sky,

Your eyes drink in my inevitable heat. The desire you brew inside my womb betrays the cold of the night, and I swear I can hear the creak of your pants as your erection presses them taught against your hips.

My fingers, they feel like death, I know they must be warmed but my mouth is frozen shut. I lay them into the steam between my thighs, and the wind brings your gasp to my senses.

Entering between my molten lips, I cry out because the cold hurts, the ice of my nails brimming tears that freeze upon my lashes.

Inevitably my body tries to move, and my stiffened muscles scream in agony within my head, my fingers melting still cannot bend and in this moment I know if I do not move, my life will end in this very spot, frozen in time with a look of pained pleasure upon my face.

What better way to be remembered... In pleasure, pain, and immortalized in your hiding gaze, with icy kisses trailing between my thighs, and my desire frozen to the ground.

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