Group Fucked and Sodomised   added 8 years ago
  By: bigshow25  Age: 33  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex, Other men, Anal Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: bukkake orgy gangbang Anal rape
Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I am a 25 year old heterosexual guy...but sometimes I like to fantasise about what it would be like to be gangbanged hard by a group of guys...


I would be in a club or on a night out with a girl I just met. All of a sudden the doors would close and my girl would turn, look at me and say 'You have no idea what’s about to hit you!'

She would walk up to the DJ booth pick up the microphone and say 'here's another one guys have fun!!’

I would look around to see all the guys in the club walking towards me with grins on their faces The bar man would pull out a gun and simply say 'You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time get on your knees and start sucking some dick!'.

All the guys in the place (probably 100 or so) would start to take off their clothes and walk towards me...looking forward to the pleasure to come.

Fearing for my life I would kneel down and take the first cock into my mouth- sucking slowly, feeling it grow in my mouth. He wouldn't be gentle...none of them would be. They are here to abuse and fuck the sorry guy who gets brought here...which unluckily is me!

They would all be stood round me taking turns to grab my head and ram their hard cocks deep down my by one I would get them hard and my face would be covered in saliva from the hard face pounding I would receive. One cock, two cocks, sometimes three cocks being jammed into my mouth from all angles stretching my mouth as wide as it would go.

I would then be beckoned to turn round and bend over....

Preparing myself for what was about to happen I would comply and bend over...

The first guy would slide his hard wet cock into my ass....I knew the first one would hurt and figured once I get this out of the way it will be easier.

It feels wrong and shameful but I start enjoying the feeling of having my ass fucked long and hard. The men move closer...all I can see are naked bodies all around me, thrusting their dicks into my mouth and slapping me on my face.

One by one they would fuck my ass....grouped round me...touching me and fucking me so hard that my ass would start to stretch open and allow their cocks in.

My face would be so wet from all my slurping that I would feel it run down my face and chin...allowing each dick to slide in out or across my face effortlessly.

After a while of ramming my ass one of them would lie down and order me to sit on his prick and bury it deep into my ass...grudgingly I would would be the biggest longest guy there and it would fill my ass completely...stinging a little as it neared the bottom of the shaft.

Thinking it couldn't get any worse I would feel another guy come up behind me...put his hands on my shoulders.....push me down and force his cock up my ass as well.

Screaming with pain and pleasure it would fire home...right up to the shaft and the two guys sodomising me would moan approvingly as they started to ride my ass hard and deep!

Taking turns double teaming my ass they could take breaks as they needed to and all of the 100 men could fuck me with full force and conviction.

The girls I was with would then come up then smiling to herself saying 'Two dicks up your are such a slut!!’ Undressing she would then grab my head and force it onto her soaking my pussy ordering me to lick it.

She would rub my face up and down her cunt coating my already soaking face with pussy juice.

After a while I hardly feel any discomfort and the cocks...big, small curved easily slide in and out of my ass sending me into a frenzy of degradation and pleasure.

As each one gets ready to cum...he would remove his cock from my ass (allowing one of his buddies in) and proceed to splash hot, sticky cum all over my face. Each time the girl who led me into this situation would lick the cum from my face and spit it down my throat. Hot and salty I would swallow 100 loads of cum and my ass would be fucked so much it would gape by inches.

After they had all finished I would be left on the floor, covered in cum and sweat -to recover and make my way home....if I could walk!!

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