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My best friend has a hot sexy little sister! Enough said!

She has the braces, the pigtails and the cute little titties to match! More than enough to get a horny mans blood boiling!

I fantasise about her loads...different situations and multiple scenarios!

Another one if my favourites is this.....


Me and five of my friends are round at my place watching a football game. I hear a knock at the door and go to answer it and see her standing there smiling and looking unbelievably sexy. She asks if she can borrow one of my cds and I say sure come in!

I sit back down with my friends and tell her to go upstairs and help herself. All my mates give the usual kinda jokes you get in these situations and we carry on watching the football.

After a while she comes down and says thanks and that she will leave us to it...I ask her if she could get some beers from the fridge for us before she goes and says sure and goes to the kitchen.

'Anything else?', she asks when she comes back- I give a cheeky laugh and say 'Well I could think of something lol', to my amazement she says 'I know just what you guys need', and promptly kneels down in front of me and proceeds to wrap her cute little mouth round my cock, licking and slurping making it grow hard and big.

I start to get really turned on and so do my mates and she says 'Calm down guys you will all get your turn..just watch the game and we can have some fun later!', giving and sexy little wink.

She then gradually goes round each of us sucking and licking our cocks as we watch the game. Enjoying this and getting unbelievably frustrated the game finally finishes. We all take one look at each other and literally grab her and carry her upstairs to the bedroom....

She vigorously proceeds to pull down our trousers get on her knees and start caressing and sucking all our cocks! The six of us stand round her as this hot young little slut drools, moans and slurps on our hard dicks!!

We then lift her onto the bed and slip off her clothes looking in awe at her young flawless body and gorgeous little breasts swollen and pert clearly engorged with her wild insatiableness!

She lies down and we take it in turns to screw her really tight wet little pussy while others get wanked and sucked.

Feeling naughty I grab a bottle of baby oil and cover her in it. The sight of her hot little body glistening with the oil is almost too much and my mate who is screwing her has to stop, pull out and let someone else take over!!

She then perks up between all the moans and groans of pleasure 'Perfect! this means your dicks can easily slide up my ass!', amazed by her clear passion for hard raw sex we all look at each other- no one really sure whether to go for it! I step in, turn her around and slide my cock deep into her stunning little ass. She moans and backs into me her hips into me, swaying round my cock as if to feel it in every part of her. She is so tight that it actually hurts my cock but feels amazing!

I start to plough her ass hard and deep while she writhes in ecstasy- two cocks in her mouth and one in each hand. We all take turns bare backing her young ass stretching it until it starts to gape wide if beckoning to all the horny guys that it wants more hard cocks!!

I then pick her up and she wraps her sexy little legs round me and her slender arms round my neck and lowers her soaking pussy onto my cock. One of my friends comes behind and starts fucking her ass hole. Looking at her petit little frame and her tiny waist you would never think she could take two big cocks ramming into her but her holes greedily swallow them up and we all take turns double teaming her!

She looks at me in unbelievably sexual ecstasy and kisses me passionately, with pure lust in her eyes.

She keeps shouting 'Tell me I'm a slut! I'm a bad little girl and need to be punished!', we all take great pleasure in punishing her- stretching her holes so much that every time we swap each of us is treated to a gapping ass or pussy- inviting us in.

She eventually kneels on the bed...wide gaping red little ass in the air and says 'I want all of you to cum in my little pussy...fill me up!’ It doesn’t take long and all my friends explode hot cum into her now swollen little cunt.

She is the right angle to ensure not a drop comes out....tells me to lie down and quickly turns round and sits her soaking cum filled cunt on my hard dick. I am the last one left to come and I feel the cum loads of my five friends drip out of her pussy all down my wet hard cock. It’s too much and I eventually explode into her...she jumps off and starts to lick and eat six loads of cum from my legs and dick, slurping and moaning pleasurably!

We all get changed and she leaves with a shy little kiss for each of us and we are left amazed and blown away!! Oh and also wondering how the hell we are going to keep straight faces the next time we see her brother!!

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