Best Friends Little Sister   added 8 years ago
  By: bigshow25  Age: 33  Country: United Kingdom

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My best friend has a hot sexy little sister! Enough said!

She has the braces, the pigtails and the cute little titties to match! More than enough to get a horny mans blood boiling!

I fantasise about her loads...different situations and multiple scenarios!

One if my favourites is this.....


She lives just down the street from me and pops in occasionally to borrow a DVD or CD.

One day when she comes in I tell her to help herself and to excuse me for a second.

I go to the toilet and as I am sitting there she walks in smiling with this bashful little smirk she does so well!

I am a bit taken aback and ask her what she is doing and she replies coyly that she wants to know if it would be ok if she licked my ass clean after I am finished...

A bit confused (but intrigued) I reply to her that I don’t mind if she really wants to!

I stand up and bend over slightly and she drops to her knees like a thunder bolt, rests her cute little hands on my hips and enthusiastically buries her face into my ass- licking, tonguing and giggling happily. It feels warm and soft and I can feel her braces brushing against me as she does it.

After about 5minutes she jumps up and says 'All clean', and clearly a little embarrassed runs out the door back home.

Laughing and feeling a little guilty I carry on with the rest of my day only to get a text from her later saying that was her biggest fantasy and thanking me for letting her do it. She also says that now she has tried it she absolutely loves it and has decided that any time I need to go to the toilet to text her and she will come over!!

I again laugh to myself and decide to ignore it... however...

The next day she comes across bouncing and giggly asking if I have been to the toilet today...I reply no and she says 'Great!' let’s go to the bathroom....

We go upstairs and she says 'No not here!', and points to her mouth. I tell her that I can't do that but she pleads to me that it would turn her on unbelievably.

She takes off my pants and lies down underneath me and says in her cute little voice 'Please get it right in my mouth!', feeling awkward (and completely turned on) I decide screw it...when am I going to get a chance to do something this crazy again and proceed to place my ass over her mouth and shit into it!

She moans and swallows the whole thing licking my ass clean!

"From now on I want to be your sexy little slut toilet! Anytime you need to go text me and I will be round".


Out of badness I decide to take her up on the offer and anytime I am feeling deviant I call my best friends little sister round to piss and shit into her cute little mouth!!

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