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When I was 18 I found out I had a half sister. My parents never mentioned it lol and I ended up meeting her when she turned up at our house one day....

I'm 25 now and we get on ok she lives quite far away and I only see her maybe once a year.

The last time I saw her we were at a party and were totally off our faces on coke and drink and we had an inebriated heart to heart when we came back to her place.

I had never thought of her as sexy until that moment she is 38 and has a gorgeous physique with long blonde hair and she was looking amazing that night...all tanned wearing a very revealing white dress.

Ever since that night I have dreamt about what I would love to do with her the next time I see her!


We would go out to a party and get really drunk- so drunk that we would end up dancing really close and provocatively. She would run her hands all over my body teasing me and turning me on. When we finally arrived home me her and her husband we would be sitting chatting, all the while she would be running her hands up and down the inside of her husband’s legs.

They would very slowly get more and more adventurous until she would eventually unzip her husband’s jeans and start sucking his hard erect cock.

We would all be drunk and I would just laugh and say 'ok I'll leave you two to it!', and head upstairs to bed.

As I would be getting ready for bed the bedroom door would slowly open and she would walk in dressed in dark, black sexy lingerie. She would proceed to walk over not saying a word with a cheeky seductive smile on her face and start kissing me passionately.

She would pull my boxer shorts down, get on her knees and start suckling and licking my cock. The door would go again and her husband would walk in....joking- 'You just couldn't resist the thought of another dick! even your own brothers!!'.

The three of us would end up in bed, her being serviced at both ends by her husband and me. She would then bring out a tube of KY jelly smear it over her husband’s cock and her tight asshole and proceed to slide his hard cock deep into her ass.

With a loud moan she would scream 'come get behind me and slide your cock up there as well!’

Slightly amazed at what was happening I would tentatively go behind her- all the while her ass was getting ploughed with her husband’s dick. I would lube my penis and force it into her already full asshole.

She would scream and moan as we both ploughed her ass harder and faster stretching her ass so wide that after a while our two dicks would just slide in and out easily going really deep.

Suddenly I would hear her husband moan and feel his dick explode inside her and his warm cum on my cock as it was forced out with my continuing long deep strokes into her wet cum drenched ass.

She would then pull away, turn round and start licking and sucking my dick- covered in her ass juices and her husband sticky warm cum.

I wouldn't be able to hold back any longer and would explode into her mouth and over her face all the while she would be licking her lips and smiling greedily.


This would continue for the whole weekend numerous times with double anal and double vaginal sex being the climax of our hot steamy sessions!

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