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Having known Sara for a number of years, I had no idea she had such a fantasy.  We have been good friends since high school, coming in and out of touch over the years.  Even though I have always thought she was smokin hot we never got together for sex.  Yeah, we talked about it a lot, and shared our experiences but it never quite seemed to work out.  The closest we cam was one weekend in our early 20s we lying out sunbathing,  Sara took off her top and I could tell she had no tanlines on her boobs.  I asked her about it and she said she loved to tan topless or nude whenever she could.  Since we were at a pretty secluded place on a lakeshore, I said why not go ahead and get nude.  She looked around and said "well if you do, I will".  I didn't expect that but it took only a second for me to go for it.  So, I stood up and took off my swim trunks, with a semi hard cock.  She kind of laughed and said don’t worry about it, it will go down once you get comfortable being nude, it happens all guys at first.  Then she took off her bottoms.  I already knew she has a great body, but I’d never really seen her completely nude.  Man oh man, what a beautiful sight.  She is a natural blonde, all over, and her pubic hair is not thick so I could easily see her pussy lips.  And, no she didn’t appear the least bit aroused.


So anyway, we laid back down, fairly close to gether but not touching.  She reminded me to put sun screen on my cock and area not normally exposed to the sun.  I agreed and started rubbing it on my belly and thn my cock, well, of course, I get hard.  What can I say.  I am only a little embarrassed at this point and she is nonchalant about it.  As we lay there I ask her about being nude with others and she said she had been plenty of times, with groups, other girls, and boyfriends, but never with just another guy like we were right then.  I ask what it was like with her boyfriend, she had recently broken up, and she said it was good but it usually ened up with sex.  Which, she said, was not a bad thing at all, since she loved having sex out in the open.  I had never done that, and said it sounded fantastic.  Well, w ith the conversation I am starting to get hard again.  And she says, well Steve, I can see it appeals to you but I’d hate to ruin this great friendship because we got turned on.  I sort of agreed but my hormones were telling me differently.  She asked me about a girl she had met that I dated in college, which had been over for a couple of years.  She was fantastic and I still mssed her. So, I started telling Sara about how great she was with sex and how she enjoyed doing it any place unusual, but for some reason we had never done it outside.  We did do it in the lobby of the collge auditorium once, which had all glass wall and was lit up at night and we did it on a couch, I guess we were lucky not to get caught.  I told her about the time she jerked me off in the student union building during the middle of the afternoon with people walking by, saying hi, and waving to us.  She did it under my jacket and I came so hard it was amazing, and of course had cum all over my jacket, pants and shirt.  She thought it was hilarious and was good about helping me hide it until we got back to my car.  Another time we in the library and she gave me a blow job in the stacks whole I pretended to be looking for something.  Sara was loving the stories and she said how cool it was and couldn’t top some of those things.  By this time she had sat up a little, turned toward me, leaning on one elbow.  The bottom leg was straight but the other was bent straight up, and I was gazing appreciatively at her pussy.  She looked at me and my hard cock and an reached down and gently rubbed her hand over her pussy.  I said, Sara, you know I am dying fuck you right now, but I won’t do anything you don’t want to.  She replied that she was really turned on too but just couldn’t.  By now I had reached down and was massaging my cock.  And by tacit agreement we both began to masturbate whle watching each other.  It was incredibly erotic and probably even more exciting than if we had gone ahead and fucked.


As she massaged her pussy, she gradually began to let her middle finger separate the lips and open them, both allowing me to see and for her to touch her clit.  I was stroking my cock and playing the head in a way that makes me skin feel electric.  We then looked eye to eye and smiled and just gased deeply into each other.  I said something about how gorgeous she looked aroused and that her pussy was amazing.  She returned the compliment and we began to both masturbate with abandon, we would alternately look into each others eyes and then down at each others cock or pussy.  I began to moan and she said can you hold on so we can cum together.  I slowed down and waited until I saw her eyes closing then she looked at me and said let’d do it now.  With that we both went into overdrive and simultaneously came.  It seemd to go on forever, and we both admitted it was fantastic sex, and neighter of us felt any kind of guilt and in fact both felt like it probably made us feel closer.  Anyway, the day was about over so we got dressed, stopped for something to eat and went home.


Not long after I moved out of the area for a job.  I met a girl, fell in love and got married in another part of the country, Sra was invited but couldn’t make the wedding.  At first ahd a great marriage, but with my work keeping away, I began to drink too much, and then even when I was home I would drink a lot.  Eventually, my wife started to run around on me, at one point we thought it was cool and she would tell me her exploits but eventually she got tired of everything and just left.  I was crushed for a couple of years and when I had a chance to move back near my home I did, also my parents were getting older and I wanted to help them out.


One Saturday, at a shopping center, who do I run across but Sara!  If possible she looked even better than she did 10 years ago.  She was wearing nice tight jeans and a great looking soft sweater.  We hugged and when she pressed against me I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, well she was still the free sprit of old.


Anyway, we chatted for a good 15 minutes but she ahd to go to her parents house for dinner so we decided to meet on the next Wednesday at bar/restaurant to catch up on our lives.  If I tell every detail, this would go on for 100s fo pages, suffice it to say, that we started hanging out and eventually started sleeping together and here we are 5 years later, still together and seemingly happier than ever.  I know I am, and she tells me she is and if there’s one thing about Sara she tells the truth, painful as it may be sometimes.


As our relationship deepened and we developed ultimate trust in each other we began to share some of our fantasies.  Of course, mine were a 3some with 2 girls and group sex with friends, and so on.  However, I had harbored fantasy that I had never shared with anyone.  One night lying in bed after wonderful and creative sex (another of Sara’s great qualities, she is very creative, I mean very).  I began to tell her about how I’d like to lick a girl’s clit while she was being fucked by another guy.  I had pictured this many times masturbating and had orchestrated every detail I my head.  I was telling her about it, and she said would I really, really like to do that.  I thought for awhile and said, I think so.  She said she would be willing to go along because of course it sounded fantastic to her to be fucked and have her clit licked at the same time.  Let’s think about it I said and see if it seems like a good idea in the light of day.  I couldn’t get the picture of Sara being fucked by another guy, with melying under her and licking her clit, and every time I did, I got so turned on and hard.  So, while fucking one night I said to her I was serious about my fantasy, through passion glazed eyes, she said god let’s do it. Afterwards we talked aobut the logistics and all and started thinking about who would be willing and a good candidate.  Well there was a guy that was a local high school teacher that moonlighted as a bartender at one of our favorit places that I liked a lot and Sara thought was nice and cute.  So we decided that we would figure out how to broach the subject to him.  Eventually one Saturday night we went there late after a party and went near closing time.  Neither of us was drunk but we had had a few drinks and had some bottled courage in our veins.  So we sat at the bar and started talking to this guy, Gus.  We said we werw going for coffee afterward and would he like to join us.  He said sure and agreed where to meet.   When we got there and started talking Sara and I looked at each other and, as agreed, I started to broach the topic.  I just came out and said that Sara and I was wondering if he would be interested in doing something a little kinky with us.  He looked at us both and at Sara longer, duh!, and said well, maybe.  It was rally late then so I gave him our number and said give us a call tomorrow morning and we could arrange to meet or he could come over to Sara’s place.  He agreed.


Next about noon, he called me on my cell and said he’d like to meet up with us.  I said great, and gave him directions to Sara’s.


Sara and I both got cleaned up, and changed.  She put on a a nice top that was nearly see through and shorts and of course no bra! 


Gus arrived and came in, we offered him a beer, and we sat down to talk.  It was a little awkward at first but Sara, bless her, broke the ice and kind of laughed and said well, let’s just put this on the table and see if it sounds ok, and no hard feelings if you don’t like the idea. 


So, I went ahead and described my fantasy!  Gus, looked at Sara and you could tell he was calculating that just about anything would be worth fucking her.  At least that’s the way it appeared to me.


He said, “Are you kidding, Sara is one of the hottest women I know, I’d love fuck her and the kinky angle isn’t all that bad anyway!”


So, we all sat there for a moment and I decided to break the ice and said “Sara, why not let Gus see what he’s in for just to get the ball rolling, so to speak.”  We all laughed at how lame I sounded but ti worked and Sara stood up and took her top off, her boobs are fantastic, nice size withut being too big, perfect shape, nipples pink and aroused.  I looked at her and stood up to kiss her, “She said, no way big boy, not until you start getting ready too.”  Figuring that out, I took my pants and shirt off and was wearing only a thong.  I’m in decent shape, not perfect by any means, and in my eyes nowhere near as good as Sara looks.  Gus looked at and Sara and just said, “you guys are awesome”  With that he stood up and took his clothes off.  He has a good body, similar to mine probably better, and nice sized cock.  And of course, by then we were both hard!  We both looked at Sara expectanly and she complied by taking her shorts off, and no surprise, no panties.  Wow is all I can say!  I hugged her and kissed her, she kissed me back deeply and gazed into my eyes and whispered, “are you sure”  I just nodded my head yes.


She reached over to Gus, and pulled him to her and while still with and arm around me, kissed him deeply.  He reached around rubbed her ass and I reache dup and fondles her boobs.  I said let’s go into the bedroom.  We went in, and Sara laid down in the middle of the bed,  and looked at us and said, “this s going to be so fun” l ike a kid at a movie or someht.


We all piled on the bed and Gus started kissing her nipples and stroking her pussy.  While I kissed her and she stroked my cock.  She turned to Gus and kissed still stroking my cock and then she reached down with her other hand stroked his at the same time.  She laid back and Gus and both put our hands on her pussy at the same time, we looked at each other and smiled.  He started moving his fingers through her lips and I started lightly twirling her clit.  “Oh my God” is all we heard from her!  I started kissing her boobs again and sliding down her tummy toward her pussy.  Gus was by then fingering her pussy and I went ahead and started licking her clit.  She started moaning and thrusting her hips at us, so we both continued but with even more intensity, I could see Gus finger fucking her, while I licked her clit. It was amazing I almost came over that.  Sara came with loud moans and thrashing and saying “oh my god, oh fuck, oh god, fuckkkkkkkkkk”  We gradually slowed down to let her come back to earth and I went up and kissed Sara and she licked my face as she likes to do, then Gus put his fingers to her mouth and she licked them clean.


Gus, then moved up next to her with cock right next to her face, she turned eagerly and took him in her mouth started to work her magic with her tongue and lips and teeth and mouth!  He was going beserk, just like I do. I watched in astonishment at how erotic it was to watch someone that I cared deeply for, maybe loved, sucking another guy’s cock.  Sara then turned to me and said Steve, don’t feel neglected come up here and while still holding Gus’s cock in her hand started sucking me, then she switched and sucked him.  We were both about to explode then she did something totally unexpected, she took both of our cocks, touched the 2 head together and started licking them at the same time and looking up at us.  At about that time I said I couldn’t take it anymore and was going to cum, Gus said he was too, she didn’t say anything just kept tongueing our cocks and taking both heads in her mouth as muchas we could.  Gus came with a huge moan and when I felt his cum on the ehad of my cock and on Sara’s face, that put me over the edge and I uttered a guttural growl and came with amzing force shooting cum on Gus’s cock and up on Sara’s nose and face.  She just kept at it with cum on face and chin, sort of smiling and clearly loving every bit of it.


As we came down and began to get soft, we both laid next to her and talked about it and how cool it was.  Neither Gus nor I had ever touched another guy’s cock before but it didn’t seem like it was wrong or inappropriate or anything.  Sara went and got fresh beers with the cum still on her face dripping down on her boobs, I mean there was never a porno movie that could have topped how amazing she looked and how naturally she carried herself.  She came back with 3 beers and said if you guys want these you have to clean me up.  I started to get some tissues but she said, “ Uh, Steve, that won’t do, you and Gus have to lick your cum off my face.  You put it there and you have to take itoff”  I didn’tmind but wasn’t sure about Gus, “All he said was, I am really thirsty for a cold beer and leaned over and started licking cum off her.  Sara said “Gus save some for Steve and smiled at me”  With that I went to her other cheek and started licking cumm off her, at one point Gus and my tongue both touched her nose at the same time with cum on them.  Sara said, “Why not go ahead and kiss and swap your cum right here” actually we all 3 started kissing tongues sharing cum and swallowing.  Man it was nothing like I had every experienced.  It was totally erotic and seemed perfectly normal in that setting.


WE drank our beers and started stroking Sara’s body again both of us palying with her boobs and then she slid down and started sucking me and licking my balls and turned me over and licked my ass like she knows I love, I was moaning in pleasure.  I said Gus have you ever had your ass licked?  He said, well no actually, and Sara went to him had him lay down and started licking him and of course he moaned.  By now he and I are both hard again.  Which for me was a little unusual.  Anyway, Sara turned Gus over and kneeled astride him and took his cock slowly into her pussy.  As she did so she motioned for me to kneel next to her so she could suck me.  I dno’t think she had ever had a MFM 3some before but she knew instinctively exactly what to do.  She then got off Gus, mounted me and had Gus kneel so she could suck him and lick her pussy juice off him.  Here I was now getting fucked by maybe the best pussy in the world and watching a blow job up close and person, mind blowing.


Then Sara had me lie down, and she straddled me in a 69 position and started sucking my cock, and I of course stared licking her pussy up and down and licking her clit tenderly.  She took my cock out of her mouth and said to Gus, “Gus, now fuck me”


He went around behind her and took his cock toput in herpussy.  He hesitated a little because my mouth was right there.  I moved away a bit and he still hesitated, so I took his cock in my hand and guided into Sara’s dripping wet pussy.  He started to slowly fuck her and I could see his cock inches from my face sliding in and out of her, his balls right above my head,  I raised my head and gingerly touched her clit with my tongue.  She moaned like I had never hear her before and said, Steve please, please don’t stop.  And Gus, please, please don’t stop, Steve and Gus please,pleeeeeeeeeese, don’t stop!”


With that she couldn’t concentrate on my cock and just dropped her head and looked down and watched me licking her clit while Gus fucked her.  It was unbelievable.  I gained confidence and started licking her more aggressively and sometimes my tongue touched Gus’s cock!  When that happened he would moan and say something about how he had no idea it could be so good.  I felt like I was in perfect harmony and enjoying something I had only dreamed aobut for years.  So, I began to intentionally lick back and forth on her clit and his shaft as he kept pumping her.  She bgan to shake and moan and writhe and began to cum and at one point I was almost worried she would pass out it was so intense.  About that time Gus quickened his fucking and I moved my tongue back and forth faster and he had an earth shattering orgasm moaning shouting, shaking, and I thought he was about to pass out.  They both got s sensitive I had to stop licking and I just laid there and looked at hs softening cock slowly moving in and out and eventually it came out.  It had some cum and/or pussy juice still on it and a little bit dribbled on my face.  I licked it off my lip and realized it was both Sara And Gus!  My fantasy had been fulfilled and I realized that having my tongue on another guy’s cock didn’t turn me into a flaming queer or anything.


We all finally rested, I still hand’t cum another time and Sara said Pleas fuck me with Gus’s cum still I me!  Of course, I loved the idea and fucked her with Gus lying next to us and playing with her nipples andlooking at me/


So that was the beginning of Sara and my entre into me gaining acceptance and confidence in being bi with a lot of encouragement from her.  I never engaged in sex with guys just for myself it was always with her involved.  It became one of our most treasured experiences together.  Now, I openly seek out guys and suck them to get them hard but Sara insists on making them cum in her mouth, and sometimes we kiss each other to share their cum.  Once, I met 2 brothers who came with us and I sucked them both to get them hard and Sara finished them off, in fact she kept the first guy’s cum in her mouth while she blew the second guy.  


She is an amazing woman and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone!

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