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It was New Year's Day morning and I was home sulking, thinking about the recent break-up with my boyfriend when the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but answered it anyway, it was Tyrone. I met Tyrone two nights prior when my neighbor stopped by with him for a drink. He was an ex-basketball player, 6'6", and black. Tyrone knew of my recent break-up and said he was on his way over to take me to brunch and he wasn't taking no for an answer, I had an hour to get ready.

Tyrone showed up one hour later on the dot. He looked better than I remembered and I was amazed at how tall he was. We went to the local harbor for a champagne brunch and before long, conversation flowed as well as the champagne. What seemed like only a short time turned into 3 hours as the waitress told us they were getting ready to close up. Tyrone suggested we get some more champagne and go back to my house and watch some football. I didn't care too much for football, but I didn't plan on watching too much of it anyway.

We got to my house and neither one of us was feeling any pain. Tyrone pulled out some pot and asked me if I wanted to smoke some. What the heck I said and began puffing on the pipe. It wasn't long and I was higher than a kite. Everything Tyrone said and did made me laugh, especially when he started tickling me. I got to the point where I was begging him to stop when his hand slipped and he began squeezing my breasts. Tyrone leaned down and slowly started kissing me all the while squeezing and massaging my breasts. Tyrone rolled on his side and took my hand and placed it on his growing member. He smiled when he caught a glimpse of my surprise at how large it was and it wasn't even completely hard yet. Before long, I was anxiously undoing his pants so I could get a better look at it. When I got his pants undone, I couldn't believe the hard throbbing member in my hands, it had to be the largest cock I had ever seen!

I don't even remember Tyrone taking my clothes off, all I remember is his towering body over my 5'2" frame and his 9 inch black cock dangling between my legs. I was as wet as I have ever been, but that didn't stop me from being nervous....was it going to fit? Tyrone slowly guided the tip of his black cock in the opening of my pussy, sliding it back and forth to get it all lubed up. I felt a fullness unlike anything I have experienced before as the head of his cock disappeared inside me. Slowly he began sliding his cock in me and it wasn't long before I started bucking up towards him to try to take it all in.

Tyrone said, "talk to me, tell me how much you like my big black cock in you!" While I honored his requests, I made it clear that I wanted to be on top. After positioning me on top of him, Tyrone placed his hands on my ass and began matching my rythym. My tempo picked up and Tyrone leaned forward to suck on my nipples, "harder" I said as I was nearing my climax. Sweat was forming a sheen over my entire body as I rode Tyrone's big black cock, trying to get all of him inside me. I could feel the beginning of my orgasm in my toes as it slowly crept up my spine. I almost lost consciousness as my pussy gripped onto Tyrones' beautiful big black cock, rocking me into orgasm.


Tyrone wasn't far behind, as I calmed down, he flipped me over in one swift move, all the time staying inside me, and he began pumping me with all his might. Low groans came from his mouth as he screamed he loved my pussy. Tyrone was just driving his cock inside me and while it was painful, it was also erotic and I knew he was going to shoot his load at any minute. "I want to see you cum, I want to see your cum shooting out of your big black cock, spray it all over me," I screamed. This was all Tyrone needed when he pulled his cock out of me with a slurp and feverishly began pumping all 9 inches of it when I got my reward. Cum came flying out of his cock landing in my hair and above my head all over the couch. His long lean body was all tensed up as he squeezed his butt cheeks together to shoot even more cum out. We both fell asleep pretty quickly and when we woke......stay tuned!

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