My sexy Christmas night...   added 8 years ago
  By: Ma_  Age: 33  Country: Brazil

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That year was Full moon Christmas night and I couldn’t resist realizing one of my oldest fantasies. I always wanted to buy one of that sexy Santa’s costumes. My dream was to get inside a beautiful man apartment by surprise bringing a present that he could use with me in a long sex night. I wanted to give deep pleasure to a selected man.

But that year I had a boyfriend and we were living together, what made my Santa’s fantasy to go farther to make a surprise to the selected one.
I insisted with my boyfriend that we would spend Christmas night by ourselves that year, what he thought would be a romantic meal served with our favorite bottle of wine, no more than that.

When got to midnight I told him: - Lets go, I need to give you my present. Pretty fast my boyfriend was already in the game and started to walk with me without questions. All the way to the Central Park we talked about Christmas trees and Santa’s presents.

We got to the empty park and opened another bottle of wine in front of the big and well decorated tree. I went to the restroom and Santa´s came after that dressing a sexy and tide costume. - What about me tiding you at the tree to give you my present?

My boyfriend was tided and I gave him my present: a special gel that tasted like Christmas meal. This gel was all over his body and I was sucking all of that, little by little, Santa’s was giving him the deepest pleasure and best Christmas present ever…Tided to that tree, I focked my boyfriend in all the ways that I can tell that he wont ever forget Santa´s visit.

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