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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Tyranny came through the door after a hard day of work. Knowing her husband was not home yet, she thought to herself, “I can take a shower and put on something sexy to surprise him when he gets home. It has been a while since we had a night of fun.”

She walked slowly into her bedroom, after placing her briefcase on the couch, and peeled off her clothing piece by piece. Beautifully naked, she walked to the bath to turn on the shower. When she walked back to the bedroom to get her silk robe, a masked man was standing at the foot of her bed holding a knife. She turned to run back into the bathroom, but he quickly grabbed her by the waist.

“If you scream I will slit your throat.” The stranger raised the knife into Tyranny’s view. “I have been watching you for weeks, and now, Princess, I will take what I want from you.” He shoved Tyranny to her knees. “Unzip my pants, bitch.” She refused. He raised the knife under her chin. “NOW!” He demanded in a harsh whisper.

With tears beginning to cloud her vision, Tyranny reached up and shakily unzipped the stranger’s pants. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Who was this man, and what had she done to him to deserve this?

“Now, take it out and suck it.” She hesitated for a moment and the knife was pressed harder on her silky skin. “Do you want me to cut you, bitch? I have seen you pleasuring your husband and now it is my turn. I want to feel those full lips wrapped around this hard cock. I have seen him treat you like a princess. Tonight, I am going to treat you like the whore you really are. Suck my cock and you better do it right or I will cut you.”

Tyranny felt the tears rolling down her blushed cheeks as she slowly took the man’s engorged member into her warm, wet mouth. She ran her tongue around the tip just as she had always done with her husband. She started out gently licking and sucking as she forced the large, semi-erect cock into her throat. The moans, coming from the stranger’s throat, were forcing Tyranny’s body to react in unexpected ways. Her sweet little pussy was becoming wet. Her juices dripped down her legs as she sucked greedily on the stranger. Why was her body betraying her? It was sinful for her to be enjoying this intrusion. But she was.

The stranger’s moans became louder and more intense as he neared his release. Tyranny’s eyes widened as the stranger released his hot cum in her mouth. She could feel it running down her throat and she puckered her lips to spit it out. “Swallow it all or I will punish you.” She could feel the knife at her throat as she swallowed his cum, gagging at the thought of swallowing anyone but her husband. “Now, turn around and close your eyes.” The stranger raised the knife in threat to prevent any hesitation from Tyranny. He then wrapped a blindfold around her face which caused her to gasp in fear. “DO NOT MOVE!” The stranger’s voice was cold and harsh. The tears streaming from Tyranny’s eyes had no effect on him. “Stand up, bitch!” He forced her to her feet, and then shoved her onto the bed.

Laying her on her back, he tied both hands and both feet to the bedposts, despite her resistance. The fear rose into Tyranny’s throat. She couldn’t see what was happening to her, nor could she hear the stranger moving in the darkness. She lay there in silence for what seemed like hours before she heard his belt on his pants hit the floor. She bit her lip as she felt the weight shifting on the bed. The stranger crawled slowly between Tyranny’s tied legs and stared at the beautiful wetness before him. Her pussy lips were now swollen and glistening in the faint moonlight. He licked his lips at the thought of tasting her before leaning down and allowing his tongue to delve deep into her. Tyranny began to squirm and protest, but upon feeling the knife graze her smooth inner thigh, her protests ceased.

As the stranger continued the oral assault Tyranny’s body began to betray her once more, and the embarrassment and violation turned into sheer pleasure. The stranger was pleasuring her in ways only her husband had been able to pleasure her. Her body was now out of her control. Moans escaped her lips as he licked her clit vigorously, causing her body to quiver beneath his touch. He shoved three fingers deep into her waiting wetness, finding her g-spot almost instantly. His fingers moved in and out at a quickened pace as he felt her muscles tighten and her body began to convulse. She had reached her climax. He pulled his soaked fingers out of her and shoved them in her mouth. “Clean them.” Tyranny hesitantly obeyed. She sucked and licked herself off the stranger’s fingers, never imagining herself to taste so good. The stranger smiled as he pulled his fingers from her lips. “Good little whore,” he praised. “Now comes pleasure you have never felt.”

She again begin to squirm as she felt the stranger rise into a kneeling position, and his still hard cock, brush against her already throbbing mound. He lifted her so that the back of her thighs rested firmly against his thighs. Again she protested. He pressed the tip of the knife into her right ass cheek and her protests ceased. Slowly, teasingly he placed the tip of his erect cock into her wetness, and gently moved in and out of her tight pussy until her breaths became heavy and she began to moan lightly. Then, he pulled out for a second before slamming his hard cock deep into her wetness. She gasped from the unexpectedness of his force. He continued to slam into her, harder and faster…using her movements and the arch of her back to help him thrust as deeply as possible, until she was screaming beneath him. He could feel her silken flesh tense as she began to release her hot liquids all over his cock, in return causing his own release. As he filled her with his seed, he leaned down and gently kissed her breasts.

Tyranny was relieved when the stranger released her from the chains cutting into her smooth skin, only to be struck with fear as he ordered her to turn around and get on her hands and stomach. This was a position she had never even let her husband put her it, but she obeyed for hear of her life. The stranger again bound her hands and feet to the bed.

He positioned himself behind Tyranny and slammed his hard cock into her still aching pussy several times before beginning to use his fingers to loosen her forbidden hole. She screamed as he roughly forced three fingers in her ass over and over again and his huge cock ravaged her wetness. As the pain subsided, she felt a rush of heat run through her body. How could she possibly be enjoying this? Her husband had never even attempted such things. Her back arched and her body began to move with his as the pleasure inside her built up to heavenly heights.

Just as she was beginning her release, he quickly pulled his fingers from her ass and replaced them with his soaked cock, slamming it into her tight ass. Tyranny bit down hard on her bottom lip as tears formed again in her eyes. After a few moments of pain, the pleasure returned and she found herself unknowingly grinding her ass to meet his forceful thrusts. Soon their moans were synchronized as they both reached their climax. The stranger collapsed on top of her ass, placing small, caressing kisses along her spine, before pulling his cock from her ass.

Tears of guilt flowed down Tyranny’s cheeks as she realized what had just taken place. She had just been forcibly pleasured by a man other than her husband and she had thoroughly enjoyed it. How could she face him now? How could she make love to him knowing she had committed this sin?

The stranger released her from her restraints, and untied the blindfold. When she opened her eyes, Tyranny was confused to see her husband standing before her naked. She was confused, yet relieved to know that the man who had violated her had been her husband.

“Why did you do that to me? I thought you were some stalker or something. I was afraid I was going to be killed when he was finished with me.” Tyranny asked her husband with disbelief in her eyes.

“Well, My Love, I have a confession to make. When I came home the Wednesday night and you had fallen asleep while writing in your journal, I picked it up and read it. I was upset at first because you had not shared these secret fantasies with me, but then I realized I could use it to my advantage…to test my limits with you. I can only assume from your multiple orgasms and the screams that could have been heard by the neighbors, that you enjoyed every moment of this encounter. Am I wrong, Tyranny?” Her husband questioned.

“No, My Love, you are right. I did enjoy it. Not only the thought of a stranger taking me against my will, but also the feel of your hard cock in my ass. You have never attempted that before. Why?” Tyranny replied.

“I was not sure you would approve, My Love, and I did not want to take the risk of offending you in any way.”

“I am sorry to have kept these fantasies from you, My Husband. I have learned a very pleasant lesson from this as well. From now on, we can share our fantasies. And since you were so willing to perform the fantasy on page 67 of my journal, how do you feel about page 95?” Tyranny smiled mischievously as the fantasy on page 95 danced through her head…

…to be continued.

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