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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
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Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

{Just a tribute to the Taboo films and other cheesy flicks}


"Boy, you are sick." said the cop as he paced in front of the young man with a half smirk on his face.


"Boy?" he snorted. "You seem to forget why i am in here."


"Touche`, Junior. But can you tell me how the hell you got here? What the hell made you do this?"


"I will, but only once." and this is the story he told:


Look, I was 14 when dad died. Mom was stuck at two jobs, raising me and trying not to crack. And well, sometimes, people get inspiration from the damnedest places and thier hearts are so weak that even despicable things make sense. My senior year in high school, I was 18, never had a girlfriend, never had a real date, and what female friends i had, they'd rather let a cousin fuck 'em at the family gathering than kiss me. Mom wanted to do something nice for my graduation, so she saved uo some money to send me to the coast for a week, maybe have a summer fling, or find myself- who knows- but she knew what i knew. I was terrible with girls or women.


About a month before graduation, while i was in school, she took my bed out of the house and had goodwill pick it up or something. When i got home, she told me things were going to change. I was going to change.


I tried to sleep on the couch, angry with her about my bed, but she wouldn't have it. I slept in her bed, and before the night was over, she fucked me. Look at her, Detective! She's 42 and better looking than lots of the girls i go to class with. But she didn't just get me laid, she spent time with me. Every night, we did something together. Foreplay, sensual massage, 'lingus, the works. and one night in bed, as i climbed on top and she wrapped slender legs around me, she looked into my eyes and asked me if she cut me off tomorrow, how long could i last without her, without sex. And that drove me wild, making me pump her hard and seemingly forever.


How bad did i want it now? And sure enough, she cut me off the next day. She wanted to see how i would react. Three days passed before she knew just how much she had done for me. I had a thing where i helped our neighbors with lawn work or other odd jobs and so when Mom asked me to help Mrs. Ortega repair some things around the house, i went.


I was like a junkie on a jones. her tan breasts in a bikini top, khaki shorts that fit snugly around thick ass and thigh, i couldn't stand it. after cleaning gutters, replacing a few shingles and rearranging her den, we were outside drinking tea. I blurted out to her i just had to fuck her.


and that's how mom caught me- us. doggie on her metal lawn chair. I think mom was proud.



But it got worse. Soon, i was on the prowl like an alley cat. And my attitude, my demeanor, my self esteem had changed. If I could nail Mrs. Ortega without help, what was stopping me from having anyone i wanted? And that is what happened. I began fucking every divorced housewife, unhappy spouse and on one occasion i was able to get me some babysitter at a neighbor's house. I walked over thinking i could have a quickie with the Mrs., found a 17 year old instead, and went wild on her.



I even became a sex snob; i refused to even look at the high school girls- the older ladies are better anyway.


So, after pretty much covering my subdivision, i went across town to another one and started my conquest there. and now I am here because I finally got caught by a husband.



But i don't give a damn. I got plenty of ass waiting for me at home, er back in my neighborhood and i think i am ready to tackle the world.



The young man finished and the cop had to ask, "so what's the secret? you don't look hung, you don't even look good. What's the deal?"



He laughed, and replied, "the love of a good mom."






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