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Categories: Force/Rape
Tags: blood scars pain force
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Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

The scars are still fresh, lividly red against the skin of my recently changed body. He hasn't seen these new features, these new things. I worry, I shiver, I stroke my fingers down my scars and wince at the softness.


Walking in, he grips my wrists and thrusts my hands against the wall. I hear my skin smack plaster but I'm more focused on the strain he's caused my scars. Whimpering, I try not to breathe too deeply, for if I do I'm sure my skin will split. I have no heart to tell him that beneath this shirt...


He rips it off, ignores the scars as he drops his head and sinks his teeth into the stitches around my nipples. I scream, he grunts, he tugs. I gasp, and he bites deeper until they begin to pop. The sutures sneak between his teeth.


I dig my nails into his scalp, draw blood. He tears off my pants, the sound of the fabric tearing panics me and without meaning to, I kick off the ruined pair. His erection rages hard against my thigh as his teeth sink deeper into my breast. Rough fingers find me slick and desiring, such pain is too delicious for my body to ignore.


Tears streak my face as blood begins to slide down my torso into my pubic hair. He mixes the juices along my labia, then slipping between to moisten my clitoris with this flowing blood... He knows I'm ready, nearly passing out from the pain...


I wrap my legs around him, he thrusts his erection deep into me. I scream in agony-ridden pleasure, my body teetering back and forth, but either way I fall, it's ecstasy.


Sharply jerking his head back, he rips my nipple from my breast, blood pouring down to our union as he fucks me, slapping my skin to white plaster splattered with crimson.

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