Want to have a discreet affair with a nice looking lady in mobile AL   added 8 years ago
  By: rainz  Age: 22  Country: United States

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46 year old Male 5 foot 11 inches blond hair blue eyes 200.00LBS a little on the thick side but not fat
will trade pics

Lets for fill our fantasies together, am in search for a sexy looking lady or babe or wife or lady that's not looking for any strings attached other then to have a discreet affair for nothing other then to share a few wonderful sexual experiences together and that special moment that will bring wonderful memories for several months after, a experience that will sooth all the stress and tention that we ain't getting from within our own relationship at home, i need to for fill my fantasy so to be able to go on in the relationship that i am in with my wife that don't hardly ever have sex with me, if your relationship is like mine, and not having hardly any sex and every thing has just come to a halt and causing a sexual appetite that's not being control.

she is all ways to tired all of the time because of going to collage,work,running around paying bills and shopping, cleaning house, then we stay so stressed out with each other that we don't want to have sex with each other anyway, i don't want to get out of my relationship because every thing else is fine in the relationship,just the sex ain't.so i decided to have a discreet relationship every now and then with some one, and if you ain't in a relationship or dint have a relationship at all, then maybe you would like to have a discreet relationship to full fill my fantasy or maybe full fill your fantasy or the both of our fantasies, I'm just wanting to refresh my life and experience some thing strange and different, having sex with some one you don't even no or make love to some one you dint no. wow ya now that rocks the fear of having sex with some one you dint even no and the excitement of the fear is so intense. the feeling you get when you have some thing new or strange to spice up the excitement in your life.

the art of the rhythm wile making love to some one you dint no makes it sizzling hot, having a serious sexual encounter with some one you don't no can be so exciting that it can lead to having some very explosive multiple orgasm's together. either this is or ain't for you because its some thing you have to confine within your self being, from there on out and be able to live with, for as long as your in your relationship with out telling your spouse, or if your in in a relationship at all. OK would you like to have that encounter with me and put my fantasy to rest for me, it's a sure fire way to fire up your body's fear to ready for one very hot and explosive thrill

so what do you think go ahead contact me and lets get to no each other so that we could get to explore each others deepest desire, and if you ant in a relationship and just would like to have an affair or just wanting to try some thing strange or different then dint hesitate to contact me so we can get to no each other enough to get to together. please you must be completely disease free as i am. and must be between the ages of 20 to 45 years of age, i like to take the time to have lots of foreplay to get hot and aroused. i like to get the lady I'm with to cum very hard as i also like to cum very hard. the feeling of Ecstasy is a beautiful feeling when experiencing extreme multiple orgasm's together at the same time, the art of cumming hard is achieved by lots of foreplay and good timing together.

having fantasies of having sex with a female that i dint no and is a stranger is a fantasy that has all ways made me cum so very hard when ever I'm masturbating, well OK so how about sending a email, so we could get to no each other a little bit, meeting a female for the first time and to feel and touch her all over her body really blows me away,it thrills and excites me to death making love with a complete stranger for the first time is the ultimate hi of any and all Hi's, licking kissing tasting each other and smelling each others cent on each other. this is the most fantastic way to cure the blues of being down in out in a long term relationship.

that long term relationship that just ain't getting it, like you want it, or only having sex about every 6 months or so is all most enough to kill me. OK so lets full fill mine and your fantasies and we both will have a wonderful time to remember. i love getting off very hard i love oral sex / doggy style/ 69/ for long period's of time before i have intercourse. main thing that gets me off hard is taking the time to get my women off very hard then to gently go down on her, starting off by french kissing and sliding my tongue down her throat then sliding my tongue all along the back bottom side of the ears and neck and crossing up and down the throat and up and down the neck then down to her soft Breast licking all around her nipples and gently sucking them to be erect and then up and down the belly wile licking and working my to her thighs and down the legs and back up to the thighs

then licking her ass and on up and gently around the Virgina lips up to her clit then gently inserting my fingers in to her soaking wet Virgina reaching to steadily fingering her G spot wile sucking harder on her clit and thrusting my fingers in and out in a pumping rhythm wile trying to stay on the G spot she has several orgasms soaking my fingers and hand in her juices i then go down to taste and very lightly lick all her sensitive areas again, then i slide on up on her licking my way back up to her neck and throat i then easel slide my rod deep within inside of her hot soaked pulsing Virgina wile her Virgina is pulsing on my throbbing shaft as we move in rhythm together pumping her harder and faster as we are in a perfect sink and after continues pumping i feel my rod swelling deep withenside, and her Virgina pulsing and tightening at the same time of our perfect rhythm the feeling gets very intense

she is drenched in her juices and coating my rod to get it ready to orgasm deep inside her as she gets closer closer to her orgasm i can feel that she is fixing to explode at any moment and as she starts to mone i feel my self letting go in such a feeling that feels so good that i could barley describe it. and we both explode rite at the same time having multiple orgasms together cumming all up inside her with my hot cream mixing with her hot juices after we both collapse on to each other and all wet and sweaty holding each other tight feeling our hearts pounding like a jack hammer smelling each others sent all over each other and filling the room with each others cent.

what i just described above is what i would like to do to you if you decide to contact me to live out this fantasy with me!!!

OK just want to syber cam with me, lets watch each other on our cams and masturbate together don't be shy
life is short so enjoy it wile it can be enjoyed give me a yell lets have fun!!!!!!!!!

wanting to explore my deepest fantasies as said above with some one who's not afraid to explore them with me
of the same fantasies and interest as me
cum let me fuck you on cam rite now

i want to fuck some one that's not afraid to have a good time

drop me a line telling me what your fantasy is and see if we can share our fantasies together


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