Just Once   added 8 years ago
  By: EmperorTuna  Age: 27  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Other men
Tags: Anal blowjob bicurious gay
Location: No specific location
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I don't know about identifying myself as gay or bisexual, I'm not really sure. I can't see myself being in a relationship with another guy.

But I do think about other guys sometimes. I don't know why. Sometimes when watching porn I find the guy's dick much more sexually appealing than anything the girl has to offer.

Then it gets me thinking. Maybe... maybe just once I want to experience something with a guy. Just once to have someone's cock in my hands, to play with his balls and give him the pleasure I'm so familiar with. I wouldn't care if it was five inches long or nine, so long as it's his and hard I'd want to wrap my hands and mouth around it. I wanna explore the head of his cock with my tounge and taste as much of his precum as possible, sucking hard to get more and more.

I want to tease the underside of his cock with my tounge as much as possible, get as much of his dick in my mouth as possible and fuck him with my mouth... I've often masturbated to this fantasy and I get so turned on by imagining his cock streaming cum into my mouth, the idea of sucking him as he pumped cum into my mouth gets me hard so quickly, still giving him all the pleasure I can with my mouth, tounge and hands as he empties his load down my throat. I want to taste and swallow it all.

But I can't stop thinking there, once I think about giving another guy a blowjob I can't help but think of a hard, stiff cock fucking my ass instead, whether I'm bent over, on my back or on my side, fucking me hard or softly I don't care. I just want the feeling of another guy's cock pointed at my ass and sliding in however he wants. I couldn't care less if it was in a dark alley or a hotel bedroom, I just want to feel him fuck me however he wants. I want him to do me exactly how he wants until he can't take it anymore and empties his nut deep inside me. It's exactly what I want.

Just once.

Maybe twice.

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