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I have always fantasised about younger women and my GF's younger sisters were part of those...


The youngest was just grown up and at 18, she was a real looker... the second youngest was 22 and looks not tat bad either.


I'll start with one of the youngest first, and mebbe I'll add one more later on about the other sister.



The youngest was a heavy sleeper and was the hardest to wake each day and I used that knowledge to my advantage whenever I was over late. She would be out of it almost like a log.


I had caressed her body all over and wanted to proceed further but I had to plan on how to keep her out if I wanted to do more. So I got myself some cholorofoam and had her whiff it from a cloth when she was sleeping, that put her out totally. I even tried pinching her to see if she would awake. But she didn't even flinch.


Stripping her slowly, I lovingly caressed her body. Her white 34B bra came off exposing her creamy breasts and pinkish nipples. And her white panties were slipped off exposing her light furry pussy. Burying my face in her boobs, I slowly enjoyed her and fingered her slowly, getting her moist below in anticipation of what would happen next.


I then removed my clothes to stroke my dick up and down her wet slit. I almost thought I heard her whimper with anticipation. After a few more strokes against her clit, I slid my dick in slowly and waited for the barrier to stop me. Just one inch down and I felt it prevent me from entering any further.


I pulled back and slammed in hard. It felt so good inside her, sliding in and out and she didn' even wince. After a few more minutes, I could hold back anymore and squirted hard and deep inside her.


Wiping her down, I dressed her back and made my exit.

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