First Date - part 2   added 8 years ago
  By: jess  Age: 40  Country: United States

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Joelly gently stroked her spent cock while I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and she seemed satisfied with the way that I had sucked her off.

I leaned in and kissed her thighs, making my way to her balls, exploring and licking around her sensitive crotch until I finally made my way back to her tool.

"You want more, huh?" she asked as I slipped her soft meat in my mouth.

I didn't answer and let my actions speak for me. She ran her hands through my hair gently as I suckled at her dick. She quivered as I tongued the sensitive head of her prick and sucked it deep into my mouth, trying to coax some life back into it. She held my head as I worked. Slowly sliding her tool in and out of my wet mouth, practicing my new skill on her. After just a little time, she began to come back to life, moaning softly as her dick began to grow. Soon it filled my mouth again and I licked and sucked at it making it slick. I put it deep in my mouth and slowly let my tongue explore it's length. Now I was beginning to enjoy myself and the feeling of her hard cock in my mouth. I reached down and stroked myself through my pants while I bobbed my head up and down on her engorged member. She continued moaning and encouraging me.

"That's a good little bitch. That's right suck that cock baby. Come up here," she commanded as she pulled me up and kissed me deeply.

While we were face to face, she undid my pants and pulled them down. I stood before her, my erection pointing straight out and she smiled as she took it in her hand.

"You do like it," she offered, judging by the size of my hard on. She put her mouth to my tool and swallowed me whole in one smooth motion. I groaned at the pleasure tearing through my body as she slipped my prick in and out of her sweet lips.

I could barely stand as the pleasure of her ministrations rolled over me. She grabbed my ass and pulled me to her, forcing my dick deeper into her own mouth. She sucked hard as one of her fingers found my virgin pucker and began to massage it. I had always liked a finger in my ass while getting blown but this was somehow better. She sucked me better than anyone ever had and before long she had worked one of her fingers deep in my ass. I moaned as she began to work a second finger inside me. I was in ecstasy. She grabbed my hips and spun me around so that my back was to her. I felt the warm slickness of her tongue begin to press at my virgin hole as she leaned me forward. One of her hands reached to stroke my dick as she continued tonguing my ass. It was heavenly.

She stood up and had me lean over the couch so that I could support myself while she continued the fondle my cock while she slipped now three fingers inside. I felt so full but so good. I pressed back against her hand as she began to pry open my ass.

"That's it baby," she offered encouragement, "just relax for me. I'll make you feel so good."

I couldn't offer anything but a groan of pleasure as I felt her slim fingers get replaced by something much thicker. I couldn't even protest as she grabbed my hips and began to slip her pit slickened cock into my tight virgin ass. The head of her cock pressed forcefully against my pucker as I instinctively tightened up. Joelly continued to push forward. I could feel the pressure of her fat cock head pressing deeper into my backside until the head popped past the ring of my anus. She held herself there while I tried to come to grips with the mixture of pleasure and pain. Slowly she pushed again, sliding the shaft of her big dick deep into my ass.

I reached back and grabbed hold of my cheeks and pulled them open for her. She seemed pleased and told me that I was a good little cock bitch. She held my hips and began to slide in and out, increasing her speed. I could feel her balls press up against mine as she bottomed out in my ass, driving her cock deep into me. It felt amazing. I loved being used by this sexy woman and her huge cock. I could barely believe it when out of my mouth came the words "fuck me." She responded and slapped my ass as she quickened her pace. I could hear her grunting as she pounded me from behind, her thick cock stretching me with every thrust. I could barely make coherent sentences let alone words as I continued to beg for her cock in my ass. What had come over me? I was being a cock slut for this girl and loving it. She slammed into me for what seemed like forever. I was loving every second of getting pounded by Joelly. I wished it would never stop.

Suddenly she pulled out of my ass and I felt a sudden emptiness. I turned to her to see why she stopped just as she stroked herself to orgasm, spraying sticky jizz across my face. I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth but most of it landed in gobs across my chin and cheeks. I lunged forward to take her tool in my mouth and gather the last of her sweet seed, sucking her hard. She shuddered as I swallowed what I could of her load for the second time that night.

I was beginning to like my role as Joelly's cum whore and hoped that there would be more chances to prove it to her.

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