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Every summer, my parents would take me up to the cabin they owned by a
lake in the woods for a few weeks. Many times, my Aunt and her daughter,
my cousin, would join us. I never really like my cousin. She was into the
girly things like dolls and princesses and such. She thought that the bugs
and lizards I would find on our hikes through the woods was gross and
would scream when I tried to show them to her.

Obviously, I wasn't looking forward to seeing her again after all these
years when my Mom told me that my cousin and my Aunt were already at the
cabin waiting for us. Great, here I am almost out of high school and I'll
have to put up with a giggling freshman girl.

As we drove up to the cabin, I could see my Aunt lounging by the shores of
the lake. She was wearing a blue polka dotted bikini. I don't mind saying
it, but she has some gorgeous tits. My Dad has made comments that they
weren't real, but my Mom would hit him every time he said it. I could see
some splashing in the lake, but I couldn't make out what it was, probably
my cousin swimming.

As we got out of the car, my Aunt got up and came running over to hug my
Mom. Every step she took sent those tits of hers bouncing up and down. I
heard my Dad mutter "Wow".

As my Mom and Aunt caught up, we all headed down to the lake. My Aunt
called out, "Lily! Lily! Come out of the water to say hi to your family!"

I could make out a shape swimming back to shore. As it got closer I could
tell that it was my cousin. A couple of feet from the shore she stood up
to walk. My God. She has grown.

She reached up to pull her wet brunette hair out of her face. The movement
caused her to stick her chest out in front of her. She was wearing a green
bikini that looked like it might be a little to small for her, like it was
her suit from the previous year. It may have just been the wetness of her
just coming out of the water causing the suit to cling to her body that
caused the illusion, though.

Her body, wow. Her breasts were well under
development. They weren't big just yet, but they were definitely there.
The water must have been a little cold because her nipples were poking at
the material. My eyes wandered down over her well-tanned body. Her tight,
fit stomach and cute little bellybutton. Down to her crotch. The wet suit
caused her to have a camel toe. She looked down as she came out of the
water and pulled at the front of her bikini bottom to get rid of the
camel toe.

She ran up and hugged my Mom and Dad, kissing them on the cheek. She
turned and looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

"Wow! You've grown up!", she exclaimed.

"Yeah. You too."

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I could feel her
breasts pressing against my chest and the beating of her heart. I put my
arms around her and felt her wet skin against my hand. I would've moved my
hand lower to take a feel of her tight little butt, but my Aunt was
standing right behind her.

"Let's go in. We have to get ready for tonight.", said my Aunt."

I asked "What's tonight?"

"Oh, we forgot to tell you! Your Dad, Aunt and I are heading to a friends
house up the mountain. They're having a party and we haven't seen them in
years.", answered my Mom.

"Do you two mind staying here for a while tonight while we're gone?",
asked Dad.

My cousin jumped in, "No! That's okay. It'll give Zack and I a chance to
catch up!"

"Well, you go get in the shower and wash that lake water off of you.",
said my Aunt to Lily.


"How much longer are you going to be? I have to get in there!"< I yelled
as I pounded on the bathroom door. She's been in there for over an hour. I
heard the water turn off about 30 minutes ago.

"Just a few more minutes! I'm drying my hair!"

She walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. It wasn't wrapped too
tightly around her and it was open a little on the side, giving me a view
of her leg all the way up to her butt. She had a slight tan line around her

"There, but hurry up. I need to pick all of my stuff up off the floor."

I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I sat down to
get to business. I noticed some of her clothes were on the floor. They
must be the ones she was wearing before she went swimming earlier. I
kicked at them with my foot, exposing what was below the shirt sitting on
top of the pile. It was her panties. Pale blue panties with a picture of a
pie on the butt. Perverted thoughts raced through my head. I wonder what
they smell like?

I gingerly picked them up and flipped them over. "Sweetie
Pie", it said across the front. I held it up to my nose and took a whiff.
My cock instantly started to get hard. Damn, it turned me on more than I
thought it would. Holding the panties to my nose, I started to rub my cock
with my other hand. Then, Wrapped the panties around my hand and started
to rub the crotch area of them against my cock. The soft cotton against my
shaft felt good.

*BANG,BANG* "Now I'm asking. How much longer are you going to be?"

It was Lily. Damn, not enough time to finish. I yelled back, "Almost done,
bad nachos earlier!"


About an hour later, everyone was getting ready to leave.

"We'll be back around midnight. We'll call you two regularly.", said my

"Don't go out after nightfall, I heard there are bears out here.", said my
Dad with a creepy tone to his voice.

"Mark! Don't scare them!", scolded my Aunt.

Lily and I sat down on the sofa and started to catch up. We talked about
the things we did when we were little and how she hated the things I found
in the woods. She apologized for being so girly, and told me that she had
become a bit of a tomboy in the past few years. She asked if I had a
girlfriend and I said no. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said
not yet.

The conversation died down after awhile so I suggest watching TV. I put
on a movie that we both hadn't seen yet. At one point during the movie,
there was a sex scene that got pretty hot. I glanced at Lily out of the
corner of my eye. Her nipples were poking at her shirt and she was
breathing kind of heavy. She was getting aroused by the movie.

Just then, a loud thunderclap sounded and made us both jump. It was
raining pretty hard. The rain didn't let up for several hours. My parents
called up and told me that the road to their friends house had washed out
and there was no way for them to get back. They were going to spend the
night at their friends house. They let me know that the power had gone out
by them and that the same may happen by us, so they told me where the
flashlights were.

I relayed all of this to Lily.

"I hope the power doesn't go out. I hate the dark.", she said.

*BOOM* Darkness.

"Figures.", she sighs.

"well, we might as well just go to bed. There’s nothing to do, so we should
just call it a night.", I suggest. Lily agreed.

I went to my room and she went to hers. I got into my pajamas and got into
bed. It was still raining and thundering outside.

The smell of Lily's panties returned to my head and I started thinking
back to how she looked as she got out of the water and how aroused she was
getting at the movie. I started fantasizing of her. Imagining what her
breasts looked like, whether she had any pubic hair yet and what it looked
like. Wondering how she looked when she orgasmed. Wondering how those
boobs of hers would feel cupped in my hands. I was fully erect and began
rubbing myself through my pajamas.

There was a loud thunderclap. Louder then ever that night, and I heard
Lily let out a short yelp from her room. She must have gotten scared by
it. I walked to my door and called out to her, asking if she was alright.

"Y... Yeah. I'm fine. It just scared me. I'm fine. I'm good." She sounded
scared and she had a tone to her voice like she had been crying.

"well, if you need anything, let me know.", I called back to her.

"Okay. Will do." I heard her sniffle.

I climbed back into bed and started imagining her nude body in front of me
again. About 15 minutes passed and there was another thunderclap, louder
than before. I heard Lily yelp again.

A few seconds later I heard footsteps walking down the hall and a knock at
my door. Lily asked if it was alright for her to come in, so I called back

She stood in my doorway and asked with a stammering voice, "Uh, I was
wondering. I uh... I'm kind of scared of the thunder and the dark and the
rain and all, and uh... I was wondering, if it was okay, that maybe I,
uh...If I could... If it was okay with you, if I could, like sleep by you
tonight, if it's okay, it's kinda weird. I shouldn't have asked, I'm
sorry, It'd be too weird for you, I'm sorry."

She turned to leave, but I stopped her. "No! It's okay. I understand. It's
not weird. You can sleep here."



"Okay! Thanks!"

The moonlight was filtering in through my open blinds. As she walked up to
the bed, I could make out what she was wearing. Her medium-length hair was
hanging loose around her shoulders. She was wearing a white tank-top with
blue or black stripes around the arms and neck and a design in the middle
of her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra. She had on white boy shorts-style
bottoms. They were too loose to be her underwear, but they were still
tight enough to hug her curves.

As she climbed into bed, her leg brushed against my still-erect penis
pushing against my pajama bottoms. She paused for a split second, but then
continued to lie down next to me.

"Thanks. Those last few thunderclaps really scared me."

"That's okay, I'll protect you."

She rolled over and rested her head on my shoulder and laid her arm
across my chest.

"Thanks. I know you will take care of me."

I lied there staring at the ceiling until I heard her breathing slow down
to a steady rate. Her mouth dropped open slightly and she began breathing
through her mouth. Her heart beat was steady and smooth against me. She
was asleep.

My arm was lying on the bed. I lifted it up and slowly put it down on her
side. I listened to see if her breathing changed. Nothing. I was good. I
slowly lowered my arm down to her butt and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Still no change.

I ran my finger along her bottoms between he butt cheeks.

Still no change.

I began caressing her thigh and slowly moved my hand up her body to her
boobs. I gave them a gentle squeeze.

Still no change. She was definitely asleep.

I slipped my right hand over and ran it down her crotch. She wasn't
wearing any panties and I could feel her pussy lips beneath her shorts.
With my left hand still on her boobs, I reached down and circled my finger
around her nipple. I gave it a little pinch.

Still, she slept.

I brought my hand down and reached up her shirt. I ran my hand up her
side, feeling the tiny hairs along body and rested my hand on her breast.
I gave it another squeeze, I put my finger up to her nipple and ran my
finger across it. I poked it in and felt it pop back out at me. It was
starting to get harder.

Still breathing normally.

I slipped my right hand down the front of her shorts. I could feel the
hair around her pussy. It was very light and soft. I ran my finger across
her pussy lips. I stuck my finger in a little bit and could feel the
moistness of it.

My cock was throbbing. I pulled my hand out of her shorts and took her
hand. I slowly moved it down my chest to my shorts. I let her hand rest on
top of my stomach while I pulled my shorts down enough to expose my cock.
I took up her hand again and ran her fingers along my shaft. I brought
them down and cupped her hand around my balls and made her squeeze them. I
brought her hand back up and ran her fingers over the head, I scooped the
precum that had formed on the tip off with her finger and wiped it on my
balls. I wrapped her hand around my cock and began moving it up and down.

She still wasn't reacting. Good.

I gently rolled her off of me so she was lying on her back and I sat up.
I slipped her shirt up, exposing her little breasts. Her nipples were
small and dark. With her on her back, her breasts were almost nonexistent,
just small lumps on an otherwise flat chest. I pulled down her shorts to
show off her pussy. Heh, she had gotten creative with her razor and shaved
her pubic hair into the shape of a star. Nice, that takes some talent. I
sat kneeling on my bed looking down at her naked body illuminated by the
moonlight, my cock fully at attention. I spread her legs open a bit and
reached my hand down between them and ran my fingers along her pussy.

Still sound asleep. I gently opened her pussy lips with my left hand and
licked the fingers of my right hand, lubricating them. I reached down and
played around her pussy. I slipped in my finger. It went in so smoothly. I
slipped in a second finger.

Her eyes fluttered ever so slightly. I sat motionless with fingers inside
her, too afraid to move. She rolled her head over to face to wall and
laid there. I must have sat there for 15 minutes with my two fingers up
her pussy, waiting to see what she would do.

Once I was confident that she was sound asleep, I began moving my fingers
in and out of her slowly and gently. My cock was twitching and jumping
involuntarily between my legs. Did I dare do it? Did I dare try to put it
in her?

She was so beautiful. So smooth, so soft, so tight. I had to. I had to do
it. I maneuvered myself over her and spread her legs wider. I leaned
forward over her body and guided my cock up to her. Right as the tip of my
cock touched her pussy, she moved.

She brought one arm down along side her and rolled her head over to face
the other side again. She let out a big sigh and smacked her lips. She
brought one leg up and it touched my butt. I sat there straddled over her,
leaning forward on one arm with my cock in my other hand just inches from
her pussy. I can't do this. I need to wait. My arm was getting sore,
precum dripped from my cock down to her pubic region in one long string. I
ever so slowly moved off of her and stood up next to my bed.

Man, I am so hard. I guess I could just jerk off onto her stomach or in
her hand or something. Maybe I could try taking some pictures of her and
jerking off to them later?

She moved again. This time she rolled over onto her stomach. Her panties
were still down and that cute little butt of hers poked up into the air. I
can't roll her all the way back over again, she'll certainly wake up. I
had an idea. I waited a few more minutes to make sure she was asleep. Her
breathing normalized and she snored ever so softly.

I crawled back into be
and positioned my self over the top of her butt. I lowered myself down and
slid my cock between her legs, just below her butt. I won't be able to get
inside of her, but this is the next best thing. I slowly started moving my
cock up and down between her legs. Her warm skin touching my cock felt so
good. I kept it up, moving very slowly. It felt so good. She still made no
signs of waking. I kept going, moving just a little bit faster, but still
kinda slow.

"If I roll over, will you put it inside of me?"

She was awake! For how long!? I sat up straight and could see her looking
at me.

"Please? It feels so good."

"How long have you been awake?"

"Since you pulled my shorts down. I didn't say anything, because I thought
it would scare you away. But it felt so good with you touching me, I
wanted you to keep going."

"Then why did you roll over?"

"I was hoping you would get back into bed next to me. If you did, I was
going to roll over back on top of you."


"Yeah. Now, please? Get back into bed? I want you to put it in me."

I climbed into bed as she sat up and pulled her shirt all the way off. I
pulled my shorts off, as did she. I laid down on my back and she climbed
on top of me.

"Do you like my star?"

"Yeah, it's very cute."

"That's what took me so long in the shower earlier today. I was working on

"Really? I'm sorry I was rushing you."

"No problem. I was doing it for you actually."


"Yeah. I wanted to make a move on you when our parents were away. I was
about to do something during the movie, but that's when they called. I
wasn't expecting them to be gone all night. The power going out kind of
busted my plans to make a move during the movie, then you suggested going
to sleep early. The thunder was a good excuse to get into your bed, don't
you think?"

"You planned that?"

"Yeah. I was hoping that you would start something as soon as I got in
next to you. I felt your boner. But I fell asleep too soon. It must have
been all of that swimming I did today."

"You look incredibly hot in a bikini."

"Heehee, thanks. It was a little small for me and pulled on my boobs. I
was actually swimming without it for awhile. I didn't let my Mom know,
because she would freak."


"I don't know. She has some weird hang-ups about sex. Which is weird,
considering her boobs are fake."

"They really are fake!?"

"Oh, yeah! She let me see them once and her nipples are pointing in
different directions."


"Now shut up and fuck me. I've been dreaming of it for the past few

I pulled her down close to me. Her little breasts pressed up against me.
We started kissing at first. Exploring each others mouths with our
tongues. Our hands were all over each other, going up and down the lengths
of our bodies. She finally pulled back, sat up a little above me, grabbed
my cock and gently guided it into her pussy. She moaned a little when she
did it.

"You're so tight.", I told her.

"I should be. The only thing that's been in there until now is my fingers
and yours."

"You're a virgin?"

"I was."

Somehow this news made me harder. Here I am, illuminated only by
moonlight, fucking my hot little cousin.

She was so wet. Her pussy juices ran down my balls and pooled on my
sheets. She moaned with each thrust, her cheeks were red. Her nipples were
pointed straight out and her breasts were firm. Her hair bobbed around
her shoulders with each movement.

"Something’s happening. I think I'm going to cum!", she shouted.

Her whole body quivered and shook. Her arms went limp and she collapsed
down towards me. Her pussy tightened around my cock and throbbed.

"It's exactly like I dreamed it would be!", she yelped out.

The orgasm ended and she collapsed down on top of me. I flipped her over
and continued fucking her, working my way to orgasm. She was rubbing her
clit and squeezing her tits.

"Here it is! I'm gonna cum!", I shouted out.

I went to pull out but she grabbed me.

"No! Cum inside me! I want to feel it in me!"

I was in no position to argue with her. I came. I could feel it squirting
out into her and running around my cock as I continued to thrust. When I
finished, I pulled out. A Long string of cum connected the tip of my cock
to her pussy. She reached down and scooped the cum that was dripping out
of her pussy up and dripped it into her mouth. She held it in there for a
while and then swallowed it. She sat up and began sucking my cock, licking
the combined fluids of my cum and her juices off of me.

I laid down next to her and she rolled over and hugged me tight.

"I came inside you. What if you get pregnant?"

"I can't. As part of a hormone treatment I'm on, the doctors gave me birth
control pills."

"It was really good."

"Yeah. Maybe we should get dressed?"

"Nah. I like holding you naked against me."

We slept holding each other all night. I woke up in the morning to the
phone ringing. My Mom was calling to let me know that it still was going
to be another couple of hours before they can get down the road. I woke
Lily up and told her.

"We should really get cleaned up. I'm still sticky from last night.", she

"Yeah. Interested in a skinny dip in the lake?"

We swam together naked in the lake playing Marco Polo and just having fun
for a while. We came inside and showered together to get the lake water

"I hope our parents have to go into town at some point that's an hours
drive there and back.", Lily said.

"Yeah, or we could just get 'lost in the woods' together sometime."

"Remember that cave we found a few years back? That would do nicely."

"Yeah, or that old shack on the other side of the lake.", I said.

"I don't think we'll have any problems continuing this later. I only wish
we didn't have to leave in a few weeks."

"True. But there's always next summer."

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