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Location: My desk at work
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I work at a small call center with about a dozen other people. The phone lines are open on weekends but no one really calls, except for the odd sales call and such, so there's only a skeleton crew around, and along with myself one of the other people who works weekends is this girl I had known from college. I didn't know her real well; she's the same age as I am but is already married with children, so I really only know her as a coworker.

What I DO know about her that is interesting is her attitude. She's very take-charge; and while that can be annoying at work (she tends to act like she's in charge a lot of times when she has no idea what is really going on) I admit it turns me on at times. Sometimes when it's just her and I working on the weekend she'll come in "sloppy" (yeah right) looking with everything from tank tops to loose t-hirts and shorts...and if it's slow and no one's calling sometimes I'll go over to her desk to pretend to talk to her when I'm really trying to sneak a peek down her shirt. She's about 5'3", in pretty good shape--not too thin but definitely taking care of herself, with medium-sized C-cup breasts. Has long dark brown hair and big brown eyes; she reminds me a bit ofyounger, baby-faced Teri Hatcher.

Now I'm usually pretty cool headed when it comes to keeping myself under control but in this last week...she had come in late and barely looked like she had dressed at all (I guess she figures it's okay since it's just the two of us there?) wearing what looked like she may have gone to sleep in; a white flanel button up shirt and red shorts that were a little too tight. I didn't think much of it at first but when I went over to talk to her while she was surfing the internet I could see that she had no bra on! There was traces of dark brown areola visible along with the cleavage that I normally enjoyed and I guess I was feeling particularly pent-up because my cock was straining against my pants before I even really fully recognized what had happened.

I tried to go back to my desk and work normally but it proved to be a "hard" task. From where I can sit, I can see over my cubicle to her desk and I just couldn't stop staring at her this time. She had her legs up on the desk like she normally did, but because I could see all that skin this time...I was in quite a state. The killing blow is when she was apparently talking to her husband, with one leg up on her desk and one heg up against her chest as she spun back and forth; her legs spread wide open, in that flimsy shirt? My mind started to wander....


I was anxious about trying to get up and go to the bathroomt to "take care of business" because if I got up she would probably be able to see the bolt-upright erection tenting my pants, but if I didn't do something soon there'd be enough precum pooling at the tip that I'd be to tip-toe around her all day to avoid her noticing. Plus I was horny as hell, so I cautiously slipped my cock out of my pants so that she wouldn't notice. I don't know if I had intended on just letting it hang out in the open until it had cooled off (Ha!) or try to take care of business as quietly as possible, but a customer called at that point so I had to half-focus on helping them...but a few minutes into my call I peeked over the top of my cubicle divider and noticed that she was gone. I got a little worried but continued with the call and while the customer was looking for their credit card, I felt my office chair spin around on it's own and saw her, hands on the look on her face easily recognizable as the universal of "I got you now, motherfucker"

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She said, as she gestured to my half-hardened cock. I put the phone on mute and was about to speak but before I even could, my cock was responded to having been found out as it started to perk up again. She raised an eyebrow but didn't seem as mad as I would have though. "Well I guess maybe I should have gotten dressed this morning after all...then again maybe you like this more?"

"I, ah, well," I stammered as she seemed to examine my increasingly tense cock. "I'm sorry, but well--"

"Whatever," she said, turning her head slightly but with her gaze still anchored on my dick. "I guess it's kind of flattering." Just then the customer I was on the line with spoke up and I sheepishly turned back to my desk to type in her credit card information. I got to about the third series of numbers when my coworker's head appeared over my shoulder with a twisted smile. "Are you talking to a customer?" she asked, fully knowing that I was, but I nodded anyway. "Good" she said as she reached down my chest and begun to wrap her cool fingers around my throbbing cock. It was all I could do not to gasp on the phone while trying to take down a Mastercard number. She had already begun a slow pumping motion when I asked the customer to hold.

"O-okay, now what are YOU doing!?" I asked, squirming under her grasp.

"Shut up," she said curtly, tightening her grip on my cock and she stopped pumping it. "Finish the call and I'll answer your question." She then turned my chair slightly towards her and leaned down to wrap her lips around the tip of my cock. I gasped in surprise but before I could finsh exhaling I felt the pressure of her gentle up and down motions. Not really caring about the implications, I sat and let her suck on my member for roughly a minute or two when she pulled away from my cock abruptly and grasped it tightly with her hand. "Do you want me to stop?"

"What? No!" I said, head still spinning.

"Then finish your customer service call, asshole," she said, reaching over to my mouse with her left hand and unmuting the phone. After a few short strokes of her hand, which was now sticky with precum, she lowered her head back into my lap and devoured my cock greedily again. The woman on the phone was asking all sorts of question about her account and the cost of shipping, while I had my sexy female coworker giving me the most incredible blowjob I'd ever recieved.

After a few minutes, struggling through the customer's questions while trying to maintain normal sounding breathing, I told the customer goodbye and then hung up. "Jesus Christ!" I shouted, finally free to express the pleasure that had been building up.

"Very good," she said and she suddenly sucked my cock deeper and more expertly than before. She added a twisting head motion that was about all I could stand. And, almost knowing what would happen next, she pulled her head from my lap and jerked my cock off roughtly until a stream of cum arched over my leg and onto my desk. "Now it's my turn."

I managed a "Huh" in my dazed state as I watched her stand up. There was a considerable damp patch gathered at the crotch of her red shorts, which she then proceeded to peel herself out of with sexy little ass-shaking motions that I could already feel my cock responding too again. She sat on my desk and put one leg over my shoulder and dangled the other over the side.

"What are you waiting for, eat my pussy," she said, annoyed at my lack of action. But by this point I had gotten into the spirit of things; I slid along her leg and began to indulge her, gently rubbing the short, tripped mound of hair at the top of her pussy with my free hand. As I went to work with my mouth, I could feel her body responding. I slid off of my office chair and onto my knees to bury myself deeper, sliding my hand that was now slick from having been rubbing the edges of her pussy up to her chest, underneath her shirt which was now only hanging by a few buttons. As I grasped at her breasts, gently pinching her nipples between my fingers my cock rose to full attention again and I began aggressively groping her tits while I worked at a near fever-pitch at her pussy.

She began to moan more earnestly before telling me to stop. I didn't really care at that point and was going to continue but she pushed me off her pussy and stared me directly into the eye as she announced that it was time to fuck. She turned around, with one leg on the ground and another lifted up onto my desk, her ass and pussy exposed to me from behind. I slid my arms under hers and grasped at her full tits with my cock rubbing against her. I teased her briefly, using the chance to ask "Why me?"

"Because I got married before ever getting to fuck a big black cock, that's why. Now shut up and fuck me." Satisfied with her answer, I slid myself into her as slowly as I could manage, trying to drag it out, causing her to moan "Oh Goddd". I pulled her towards me as I thrust in and out of her, feeling emboldened by her steady moans in time with my motions, resting my chin on her shoulder as I heard her grunt and and pant with enjoyment. It was sweet music to my ears and I was able to relax enough so that I could fully enjoy the realization of just what I was doing to the pushy little chick who liked to tease me so much. It wasn't long before she gasped that she was going to cum, and I took the opportunity to make a few last hard long thrusts into her dripping pussy. She started to shout and just as she did I reached up with my free hand and push her mouth into my mine, muffling her moans with my toungue as I felt my own load spurting into her pussy as it tightened around me. After a short period of kissing in-between ragged breaths, she put her hand on my chest and pushed me back into my chair. She then leaned back while still resting on my desk.

"Do you work next weekend?" she asked. I suddenly felt a lot more enthusiastic about my job!

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