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  By: Nathalie  Age: 30  Country: France

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Categories: Steady Partner, Identified partner, The Audience / Voyeur, Anonymity, Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Location: A main street
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

That night, my master had kept teasing me, getting me aroused without ever really getting into it or letting me come down. I had an idea he meant to have me in lust for something, but did not try and imagine why. He glanced at his watch from time to time, and it was getting very late, I think a little before four in the morning, when he left me where I was, kneeling with vibrating egg in my vagina, to put his shoes on. It was a friday night, I knew we did not have to get up in the morning, so nothing was stopping me from enjoying the teasing. He brought some shoes for me. High-heeled bootlets, ankle-high, in black leather. He ordered me to stand, and I did, careful not to let the egg slip out. He made me step into the shoes, then fastened them around my ankles. That done, he asked :

« Are you mine ?

« Yes of course, I replied.

« Mine to toy and play with, mine to abuse and dominate, however I want to ?

« Y… yes, Master. I am your pet, your toy. Your slave.

« Good. Put this on.

He handed me a blindfold, like those they give on planes: a shape to cover the eyes, and some stretch fabric on the back ton keep it in place. I slid it on my eyes, and felt the leash fastened to my collar. He made me spread my legs, and I did. He pulled the egg out of me, and turned it off. Then I felt pressure on my anus, briefly, before a rosebud entered it. I smiled when I felt something brush against my thighs. I twas the one with horsehair sticking out, making like I have a tail.



When my master tugged on the leash, I followed. He made me do a few turnabouts, and when finally he had me walking, I could not quite tell where he was taking me. I figured I would soon know. Our appartment is spacious, but not enough so that we could get lost in it. In front of me, I heard him open a door. Still, he tugged on my leash, and I followed. A few steps later, he said « Wait. » and let go of my leash.

Then, I heard him lock the door. The front door of our appartment. I stiffened madly, and realized where I was. Outside our front door. Naked, blindfolded, on a leash. I whimpered.

« Hush now, pet. It is too late for anyone to be about in the building. So don’t make a noise, ok? »

I nodded, eyes pressed shut behind the blindfold. I felt if I kept my eyes closed, nobody could see me. Which was probably why mymaster had blindfolded me in the first place, I figured.

We steepd into the elevator. I felt it go down, then stop. A few steps out, I realized we were not in the parking garage as I expected, but in the hallway. I stiffened again, but kept walking, drawn by the lead. My master stopped and turned to me.

« Nathalie ?

« Yes master ?

I could only muster a raw whisper, my throat was so tight.

« Get on your hands and knees.

I did. He opened our building’s front door. The lukewarm air of the summer night washed on my skin. He walked again, and I felt a half-step. He had taken me into the street. I was made out like a dog, and out in the street ! My heart was beating like madness in my belly, I could hardly beathe, I felt like the whole world was watching me. My master walked on, and I followed, weak and trembling, ashamed and so, so scared. I felt my whole body blushing, and could not stop whining softly. We stopped. I felt a hand brush my buttocks, and startled. Then I thought it must be my master. Indeed, his voice came up, a little behinf my ear.

« Who’s y beautiful bitch, uh ? Who’s my obedient bitch ? Good girl. »



His hand smacked my butt once, then the leashed tugged again, and we walked on.



I don’t know how long we went. How far. From time to time, he stopped and patted me, pinched my breast or put his fingers in my mouth. After a few stops, he told me to get up. I did, and he started walking again. And then, all of a sudden, I felt the leash fall back on my breast. He had let it go !

I could not hear him, did not know where I was or where he was. Was I exposed ? Was there a problem ? Was someone watching us ? I lifted my arm to raise the blindfold, but someone held my wrist.

« Don’t. »

I breathed out. My master’s voice. He let go of my wrist. I heard him move, make e few gestures, but he did not touch me or talk to me. Until he pinched both my breasts at the same time and said :



« Kneel down. I will throatfuck you now.

The pain made me wet at once. The idea of being so dominated I was committing a crime, walking aournd naked and clearly made as a slave if anyone saw me, made me wet again. All of a sudden, I could feel my master’s arousal, and it became my arousal. The fear was not gone, just… at the back, all the way, and all I wanted was to be a good pet.

I nearly dropped to my knees and opened my mouth, waiting for my master’s cock to take me. I heard him unzip and felt his cock on my tongue. With a tender « Good bitch. », he rammed it into my throat. He uses it so often, I hardly ever gag at all, now. He put his hands on my head, grapsing my skull and covering my ears, and slid in and out, sometimes waiting a tad longer to make sure I have my breath. One of his hands let go of my head and started carressing my cheek, my shoulder, going down… coming back up, stroking my neck and my throat… then it closed on my breast. Roughly, hard, it squeezed a little painfully. He did not slow his thrusts, and my throat kept takin him like a glove. I rode the pain, enjoyed it as always… the felt his hand let go of my breast, and squeeze the other one. Then he squeezed both, harder, and I moaned around his cock.



When he let go of my breasts, and I could think beyond the pleasuring pain, I felt his hand on my head. That hand had never moved ! How could… His other hand came back on my head as well, and then… someone put his hand on my pussy.

There was someone else ! Who was it ? An apointment given by my master to someone ? Or just someone who had chanced upon us and invited himself in ? My master must have seen him before he touched me, so I figured it was what he wanted. After the initial shock, I lost myself in the deepthroating and the fingers slowly working towards my pussyhole. The fingers entered me, I groaned, and my master forbade me coming. I focused all I could on keeping the orgasm at bay, despite the fingers, the cock in my mouth, the slight breeze on my skin…



The man fingering me spoke in my ear.

« You whore, he said. Naked in the street, ass filled with a toy and led on a leash. I saw you walking on all four, like a bitch. Yes, a bitch. I could fuck you all night long and still not cheat on my wife. It would be like fuckin a stray dog I found on a street. You whore. »

I could tell he was working himself up talking like that, and startled when he mentionned fucking me. Then relaxed. I did not want to fuck another man, only my master. But if he decided to let me be taken by someone for his amusement, then I would not be cheating. It was all part of the sex we had, as master and submissive. I knew he would be fucking me through the other, in a way, and I was okay with it. Yet all my master said was :

« Well, not really like a stray. She has a collar, see. And her name is Nathalie. »

I startled again. Hearing my name spoken made it all real and personal. I, Nathalie, was being groped naked in the street by a stranger.

But my master moaned a little, then louder, and I was lost again. I felt his cum gush in my mouth, then in my throat as he rammed his cock in one last time. He came long, so long I started to be out of breath, but still I felt the cum squirting against my throat. Leading me like this had aroused him a lot, apparently. I groaned too, happy to have satisfied my master. The hand retreated from my pussy.



My master pulled his cock from my mouth and zipped up, but ordered me not to move, and straighten up. I did. The other man moved around me, and spoke again.

« Nathalie, dirty bitch, looks like you like cum. Is that why you walk about naked ? To show you want to get fucked and have cum ? I’ll give you some, then. »

And I felt him come almost immediately on my face and breast. I felt hot cum spray over me, a couple of times, then his cock against my cheek, pressed hard, like he was wiping it.

« There, happy, bitch ? Now you have more cum. Ha ! Maybe you have a tissue in your pocket to wipe your face. »

And he laughed. I know he meant to humiliate me, but all the while I had felt my lead, tight, held by my master as if he was holding my hand. Yes, I was naked in the street, with a steel toy up my ass and a tail sticking from my anus, a dog collar and a lead at my neck, and a blindfold. Yes, I was a bitch, and if I needed cum on my face to please my master… Then I would wait for it as he pleased.



My master told me to get up. My face had several thick spurts of cum on it, and a few more on my breast. He told me I had been throatfucked and fingerfucked naked in the street, and that I had looked perfectly slutty. He told me he knew I had liked it, because my thighs were gleaming from my own wetness. He kept talking to me in a low voice, describing the things I had not seen, a couple we had passed on the way over who had been too shocked to even gasp. Two cars who had pased by in the street, unaware of me because I was on all four. He said I was a good little bitch, and that I had only one thing left to do. I replied :

« Whatever you want, master. Play with me. »

And he took of the blindfold, told me to open my eyes. The light from the streetlights was to strong at first, then I saw the street, the night, and looked down on my naked body. My breast had cum on them, I could see it, and it was… so incongruous, so impossible, to be like that in a street, that I was not even afraid. I was horny, wanted release, and felt strangely strong. Like in a dream, not really there.



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