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Categories: Steady Partner, Oral Sex, Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: Storm oral finger rain thunder Love
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

His hand is warm as he holds mine. We stare deep into each other's eyes. They are like the depths of the ocean, seeming to have no end. A slight breeze fingers between us, dancing with us. The sun shines through the leaves of the tree tops, making small lit patches of grass as he raises my hand up close to kiss it gently. We lay down on the lush grass, Our legs intertwined, cuddled closely. I sigh lovingly as I runs my fingers along his inner thigh.

His fingers glide gently through my hair, as mine slide along his body, while the songs of the wind kiss our ear drums. Time seems to be of no meaning as we bask in the beauty of love and nature.

Running his fingers along the back of my neck, I have no doubt of his love for me, nor mine for him. Moving my hand from his thighs, I sit up and kiss his lips softly, and make a seat out of his lap. Placing his hand on my back, he slides a hand up my shirt, slowly rubbing, allowing me to feel every little detail his hand has. As we glide and rub, he moves his hands along the curves of my body. Our hands meet, as I motion him to remove my shirt. He pulls off my shirt, exposing my soft round breasts. My rose-tinted nipples capture his attention which is broken when a shirt flashes before his eyes. As he realizes I had taken his from him I toss them both a side.

The sun's gaze becomes shielded as the clouds grow, becoming a deep shade of gray. The wind blows a cool breeze once more, erecting goose bumps along our skin. My nipples harden, while my body tenses from the chill. His lips travel from my lips to my cheek, down to my neck, and find themselves gently resting between the rolling hills of my chest. I arch my back so that his lips may find whatever they most desire. A hand slides down to my hips, playing with the lacy edge on my panties, while his other is placed on my backside. With his thumb he makes circular motions on the thin fabric that stands between him and my smooth pussy, while kisses greet my nipples at every turn.

The sky grows dark, as he begins to massage pussy slowly, while pressing his finger-tips into the upper groove of my ass. Hearing the thunder move closer, I close my eyes, tensing slightly, as many emotions stream through my mind and body. His finger slightly moves under my thin panties, stroking my smooth wet pussy. I'm startled briefly as his finger meets the wetness along my clit but he draws me back, rubbing gently along my warm pussy. Thunder rolls through the heavens as I bite my lower lip, moaning softly. A wet spot becomes visible on my panties as he begins to realize exactly how wet I am, sliding a finger inside my pussy slowly.

His finger slides in and out as I moans with pleasure. My finger-tips dig deep into his knees and my breath quickens, as his fingers fuck me faster and faster. He is swirling and twirling his fingers around inside of me. Then slowly and carefully he slips his fingers out. As our eyes meet, he raises his hand and I clean all of my juices from his fingers.

Lifting me from his lap, he carefully lays me back in the lush grasses, kissing me while guiding me to the ground. His kisses become harder as they run down my body, across my breasts, down to my stomach and as he passes my navel he pulls my panties down from my hips and tosses them into the gentle breeze. He spreads my legs, finding a soaking pussy, ready, eager for him to taste. Sliding his tongue in my tight wet pussy, I moan with all the breath I have. My cries of love fill his heart, arousing him, making him want to pleasure me all the more.

Thunder once again crackles high above, making him move quicker, hearing both the thunder and my erotic crys. Rain drops fall from the sky, splattering on us and the rest of the earth. Rain trickles down the sides of my body as my legs begin to shake and quiver. My voice can be heard over the thunder, the rain and all of creation around us as his tongue thrusts deep within me. I cry out, exclaiming my love for him over and over.

Finally he relents, feeling my body go limp in his arms. He moves from between my legs and wraps his arms around me as he kisses my cheek with the mixture of the cold rain and my hot cum on his face. And whispers softly in my ear, "I love you."

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