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She walks by and smiles as she turns into the next doorway. It leads to the lunch room and I wonder if she knows that she doesnt have to walk all the way around the cubicles to get there. There is another door only a few feet from where she sit's. She's new so maybe she doesnt know. Do I really want to tell her?

Today she wore a burgandy sundress with  a long zipper up the back. It fit her perfectly enough that I wondered if she had it made. The thin material swishes with every little move of her body and god did she swish. Every move was so erotic. How did she make everything look so naughty?

SHe walks back out with a coke in her hand and smiles at me again but didn't keep walking. She turned through the maze of open desk's and stopped in from of me. "Would you mind opening this for me?" She hands me her drink and I see her nails are very long and painted a soft fleshy peach color.

I take the can and open it carefully so not to make it fizz over and hand it back. " You know theres another door to the lunch room right next to you dont you?"

SHe smiled at me and leaned over to whisper in my ear "yes, but then I wouldnt see you get hard for me." Her hand casualy strokes down my back as she stands and her nails drag along the fabric cutting into me.

***a few weeks later while working late I see the lights go off around me and turn on the desk lamp when a voice calls out from the dark. "Hey, I'm still in here. Turn those back on." I  realize she doesnt know the lights are set to a timer and quietly make my way to her area when I see her shadow moding along the wall searching for a switch.

I move up behind her and laugh. She jumps and turns quickly but doesnt see me. "If you ask nicely I will show you where the switch is."

"Where are you?"
Her voice is curious and low. She turns and feels her way around the desk and steps into the walkway. I move forward and slid my hands over her shoulders and down her back. She's so warm and then she leans into me. "Please."

Her skirt is easy to lift and I recah around and slid my fingers into her very small panties. oh god she's sp wet and she moans for me, pressing her ass hard against my dick. The soft cotton shirt rides up with ease as I cup her and pinch her nipples.

and then....... hehehe..........that's just for you T.S. but hold that thought.

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