3 way with my buddy and an older woman (male bi-sex)   added 8 years ago
  By: tigerstripes  Age: 40  Country: United Kingdom

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I hope one day to live out this fantasy. My buddy and I both pull a hot older brunette. We take her home and lead her up to the bedroom where we slowly undress her, touching her all over. After we undress ourselves, we fondle her big swinging tits and then suck on her nipples, our hands moving downwards - me playing with her clit as my buddy slips his fingers inside her as her pussy gets nice and wet. Laying her bay on the bed I stand as she takes my cock in her mouth sucking me good as my buddy lays between her legs and tongues her sopping wet pussy.

After a short while we swap over, I kneel between her legs as I watch my mates big hard cock slipping into her hot mouth as I slowly push my cock into her tight slit. She moans as my cock slides easily in and out, occasionally withdrawing to rub my cock head over her swollen clit. I sit back as my buddy positions himself between her legs and slides his hard cock into her pussy, building up speed as he goes. He slows down and turns and asks me to 'help him out'.


As he slowly pounds her hot pussy I reach for the lube and spread a little over my throbbing hard cock. Moving forward, I push down on his back so his arse is jutting out more as he fucks our playmate. Holding his hips I slide my cock over his arse crack then slowly slip inside his tight hole, the ring gripping my cock like a vice. He groans hard as I pull out then push back in harder, the tip of my cock hitting his prostate causing him to whimper and shake with pleasure.

I steady to a good pounding rhythm behind him, licking the salty sweat from the top of his spine, and biting his neck watching our beautiful lady friend squeeze and pull at her nipples as my buddy’s cock slams into her. Soon it's all too much for him and I feel his arse pulse and contract around my cock as he cums, shooting his thick spunk deep into her pussy.


I pull out of him as he calms down, pushing our lady’s legs far apart as we both lay our heads on each thigh. Pulling her pretty pussy lips apart we both get down to licking his thick sperm from her, some of which is already dribbling out as we occasionally insert a finger or two into her. Her moans get louder as our tongues flick over her clit, my buddy’s sperm over our lips as we start to swap his cum between us, deep kissing before getting back to work on our lady's wet slit.


This gets too much for me so I get up and place myself between her legs again and slip my cock deep into her pussy, thrusting only a few times before shooting my huge load into her.


Again my buddy and I get down between her thighs and proceed to licking our now combined cum out of her. We concentrate our efforts on her clit, her orgasm coming hard and fast as our fingers continue to fuck her. To round off we finish sucking and licking our cum from her pussy as we jerk each other off to completion.

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