The Auction   added 8 years ago
  By: subigrl  Age: 28  Country: United States

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Categories: Other women, The Fetishists
Tags: mistress slave toes feet
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

this is one of my fantasy's. I used to play out different ones online with other people doing lots of role playing and i loved it but not so much any more because its so hard to find someone. So thats why i am writing out this fantasy.


I am waiting breathing heavy and a have visible shake and my mostly exposed body has a slight shine to it from sweat from being store in that hot room for so long. its so dark i cant see but a few inches in front of me.

i know where i am so well as i inch my way forward while crawling on all 4s waiting to hear the command from one of the mistress. my hands find the door in front of my i reach up finding the knob and as soon as i do i hear from the other side of the door a woman commanding me to enter i am so excited i feel my clit throbbing agents the leather strap thats covering it tightly. i open the door crawling in the darkness of the next room the floor feels cold agents my knees and hands moving forward a few more feet when i am blinded by bright lights flashing on like huge spot lights and i am on stage.

seeing my out fit is nothing more then a series of leather straps one across my chest over my breast perfectly covering my nipples but nothing more as its pulled overly tight making it seem my breast should pop out any moment and a simple series going down my stomach and hips one riding itself over my cunt and down over my ass.

i hear the sounds of several woman past the blinding light. some mocking me others saying dirty things about what they would have me do. then i notice as my eyes adjust the mistress who had me enter is on stage and begins to auction me off. i hear the sounds of all the other woman bidding and trading other woman for me. the whole time the mistress saying how i am worth every penny telling stories of my foot fetish and squirting tendency. auction does not last long when i hear a winner is declared.

I see this tall 6 ft well built mistress walk on stage to claim me she is wearing a high pair of heels a lacy thong and a matching bra as she smile at me her green eyes burning with lust as she walks up to me putting on a tight collar around my neck as she stands up straight fixing her dirty blond hair holding tight on the leash she leads me off stage. i soon find my self in a small around room the floor is like a giant pillow as she tells me to sit and i listen she slides one of her feet from her heels and dangles her foot in front of my face and i can smell sweat from her foot as she tells me to wash it with my tongue.

i instantly obey not wanting to see what my new mistress would be willing to do for punishment. i run my tongue across her arch and around her heel then back across her arch lapping it several times i let my nose dig in to her toes as i do inhaling her smell deeply as i bring my tongue up to the under belly of her toes licking them softly as i start to take one of them at a time in to my mouth sucking on them. the whole time i am grinding my thighs together pushing that leather strap agents my clit as i am dripping down my own thighs.

the moans escaping my new mistress's mouth excite me even more. she slowly retracts her foot and then slides her other foot out of its heel and bends down undoing my straps i am now on my knees naked in front of her as she smiles even wider.

TO be continued

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