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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, Other women, Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: roleplay daddy/uncle/girl play age
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Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

I remember playing some sick and twisted games with my dolls when I was a kid. There was all the fear and embarrassment around getting caught, particularly when another child was involved. But the interesting thing about the games is that there was always the theme of attributing realism to the dolls. Remember ruining your dolls, cutting their mouths open just because you wanted to feed them, and wanted it to seem real? Maybe real isn't quite the word. Maybe alive.

When I had floppy ragdolls, I used to draw genitals on them. I would play games about them being fucked and played with and eaten by monsters. I could hear the doll screaming in my mind. The doll was very weak and submissive with the feeling of her liking it but not liking it. When she could no longer hide that she was cumming, all would be lost and she would be enslaved to the monster forever.

These games were kind of like scenes that were ongoing, that would evolve and expand with new characters. The scenes I played out with my dolls got most intense when I was alone. But I always tried to get my friends to explore these ideas with me... and so I would very lightly, very cautiously touch upon my more intimate, private storylines during play with my friends.

Sometimes it would freak them out. Other times it would evolve into my friend and I playing with each other's bodies. We would take turns, one friend hiding under the desk/table while the other would put small toys and other things between the other's labia and ass cheeks. I think the hiding was a strategy for safety, so that if a parent opened the door, they couldn't quite tell what we were doing, and we could always tell them we were making a fort or something stupid like that.

The Scene:
Involves four characters.
A daddy/uncle
His son, a boi
A girl, the boi's cousin
A beautiful doll

An uncle, with his little boi, gives a beautiful doll to his little niece. The uncle leaves for a while, letting the cousins play with the doll. The two cousins really like the doll, and as they play with and admire her, they get more curious about her.

They take down her hair and undress her. They feel up her body and get more curious and excited, so they tie her up. The things they do to her progress from drawing/painting on her to torturing her to playing with her and fucking her. The boi and girl then start to play with each other, at which point uncle walks back in, to see them playing with each other, half undressed, with the doll tied up, naked and messy.

The uncle is furious, so the little boi does what he's always done, which is blame the girl. "It was her idea!"

The uncle spanks/beats his boi, and then sends him away with the doll, telling him to clean her up. So the boi and the doll go upstairs, which is a good opportunity for the person playing the role of the doll to get some aftercare. Meanwhile, downstairs, uncle has different plans for his naughty little niece. He beats her while scolding her for treating the doll in such a manner... little girls who defile their dolls will have the same thing happen to them. He undresses her and ties her onto the platform where the doll had been.

The boi comes back downstairs with the doll, who is only so "fixed," of course. The uncle commands him to participate in the girl's punishment. At first the boi feels bad, a little like good cop/bad cop. But just like what happened earlier, he proves himself corruptible. The doll stands/sits nearby and watches.

The girl gets tortured, humiliated and fucked. When the torture becomes sexual, it also becomes a power play that the uncle has with the boi... uncle gets his turn first, and only uncle gets to fuck little girl in the ass. After the punishment is over, the little girl apologizes to uncle. Uncle forgives her.

My role of choice would be the little girl.

It's a great scene for switches or subs who are curious about switching.

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