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  By: Sihlance

So I realized it had been several weeks since my hubby had even considered touching me but I wasn't upset. WHy? Because Cyber sex had become a part of my life not long after his string of rejections.

I didn't plan it. It just sort of happened. It was life as usual chatting on the board with some friends when HE showed up.Sure I knew he "chatted privately" with some of the girls and I had done a bit of teasing myself.I love knowing there is someone squirming just for me, watching my words and doing as I tell them. Even if it is only a virtual me they think of.


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I have never been so wet before. Just listening to him tell me what he wants to do to me had me squirming and panting hard.A day later when I saw HIS icon pop up on my screen my muscles clenched. He was on. Oh god I wanted him to chat with me. I was instantly wet. A smiley face jumped up on my screen. "HI" it said. Oh god I wanted more and I was so going to get it.

He was so attentive and we chatted about what we each liked. My chair tilts back far enough to "relax" as I type so I get comfy and spread my legs a bit. The air hit me and I knew I was slicked up now. It covered my lips and was smeared on one leg. He was stroking and nipping at me while I crawled over him and licked the sweat from his body. He let me play with him fore a while. I turned him over and squeezed his cheeks and lapped at his crease pushing deeper and deeper. I had him lift his hip[s a bit so I could slide beneath and stroke him while I licked him.

I could hear my juices moving around as I squirmed in my chair. I could also hear my neglectfull hubby downstairs snoreing after coming home late. I didnt care that I moaned as I reached down and ran my whole hand over my drenched pussy. Oh god I was wet. It was everywhere. Both legs were coated and it had dripped down over my ass as well. Oh Fu!$ I hadnt even come yet. I licked my fingers clean and repeated it again and again but Sucking my tangy cream from my fingers only made me wetter.

I was desperate now. I wanted him so bad to fill my mouth. I told him to lift his hips higher so I could crawl under. I told him to pump his thick head along the roof of my mouth and into my throat. I wanted to feel it demanding entrance in the tight space. It was then that I screamed out. My fingers were pumping my clit so fast and I was twitching and shaking from the force of it. He was grinding into my mouth when he came for me. I watched him suck our flavors off our fingers and shivered as he sucked my clean. ............hmmmmmm....... i wonder if next time his room mate could watch from the darkened doorway and then when his eyes are closed and head thrown back about to come for me he could rush forward and suck him down for me....... well.......that will have to be a story for another time.

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shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-09 18:33:28)    Flag as inappropiate
I understand.............i gotta old grouch for a hubby too
lime    (2007-11-25 18:13:16)    Flag as inappropiate
lime Ace wants to see you on web his and do the wild sex!

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