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  By: Sihlance

My fantasy is probably fairly common but still I would love to be taken out to an elegent event with a private booth where my two dates could ...umm....distract me......... and each other enough to make others whisper and stare when we leave. I want to be special enough for them that they see only me and so that I can see only them.
THe lights would be out and the emergency lighting dimmed in the far corners of the big room. The sound of quietly shifting bodies sliding through the darkness.

A large warm body slides up behind me and pulls me out of my chair. The show is just starting and I do want to see it but my view is suddenly blocked by a second shadow. He slids the thin spaghetti straps of my dress off my shoulders and cradels his face in the side of my neck. As he starts sucking and biteing I feel the warm body against my back lean down and mimic my other mans actions on the opposite side of my throat. Oh god I feel trapped between them. t's darm and we are standing together beyond the hald privacy wall. THe booths tothe left and right can see us easily.


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TOgether they pull back and lean against the railing with their backs to the stage. I feel two sets of hands poush me to my knees and listen as two zippers open in the darkness. I gasp as I feel both men pull me forward and turn slightly to rub their lengths against my face. Both tips pressed together i try to reach for them but my wrists are grabbed, one by each man, and restrained. Licking my lips I try again to sample the beautiful meal in front of me and am rewarded with a taste of pre-cum. Together they mix on my lips and tongue. THere is too much to fit inside my mouth but i try.

My frustrated moans are interupted by two masculine amused laughs. THey lift me and move us to the private section of the balcony. In the booth next to us a man and woman were watching us. I catch a glimps of his hand under her skirt and notice her fingers are grasping her chair to keep from writhing under his exquisite touch. I smile at her as I move behind the curtain knowing what is to come for her.

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