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When I was 19 my girlfriend Dianne and I would act out sex fantasies, and some of them were rape fantasies. It started one time when we were getting hot and she was wearing a pair of skimpy white lace panties. They were quite worn out, and when I was having trouble pulling them off her, she said to me, ''Oh just rip them off!'' When we heard the sound of her panties ripping, we both got so hot! We loved it! We fucked like horny animals.

Since then, we wanted to do that more. Dianne would find clothes of hers which she didn't really wear anymore and would wear them for me to rip off of her. On a few of them, I would score them by cutting a tiny hole in various places on her t-shirts and panties, for me to tear them up.

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The Naughty Meter

One Sunday when her parents were away for the day, we acted out a Rape scenario. I was the Carpet Measuring Guy, and Dianne was alone, her *husband* wasn't home. Dianne put on an old light blue t-shirt, and a pair of tiger-print spandex pants, and skimpy all-lace white panties. I went outside with a clipboard and knocked on the side door. She answered, and told me that her husband wasn't home. I said I only needed to take some accurate measurements for the new carpeting which was coming next week. She let me in.

I went through the house, pretending Dianne and I had never met 'till that day and didn't know each other. Man, it was such a turn on seeing her as just a stranger! She looked so awesome and sexy in those spandex pants, and I was VERY horny, checking her out knowing soon enough I would be feasting on her body, pretending she was another man's wife.

I measured the length of the living room with my tape measure, all while Dianne stood near me looking very hot and fuckable. We made small talk and I went about the business of measuring.

I got to the stairs, and said it was difficult to measue alone, and if she would mind helping me a bit by holding the other end. Well she posed and bent over on the ground with the tape measure, on her hands and knees sticking out her amazing ass at me. I could see the shape of her cunt as she stuck it right out, holding the tape measure. There were times I pretended to have to crawl by her and over her to get to another position to measure the carpet.

it felt so much like I didn't even know her! And that made checking her out so fucking arousing! Those tiger stripes on her ass and legs, and one time she faced me with her legs open, so I saw her crotch straight on. We played our roles, so it seemed that we were strangers, and Dianne didn't act like she was showing off her body purposely, just that she was helping me and it was all innocent what I saw. She would hold the tape measure to the wall but down between her legs on her hands and knees, so I could see right down her top (no bra).

We went on up the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms. The last room was Dianne's bedroom. That was where I was going to make my move on her. We hadn't scripted it beyond the basic premise so Dianne didn't know any of how I would attack her. I knew how and when I would rape her. I let it build, as if I was wanting to fuck this hot bitch more and more I was near her checking her out as she helped me on the floor.

I said I was done, and took up the clipboard like I was finalizing the order and the measurements we took. I asked her to sign the order, and she did, and when it was my turn to sign it, I said I needed a surface to write on, and asked her to let me use her back to rest it on.

Dianne turned around, and I feigned signing the phony order. But then I put the clipboard aside and GRABBED her from behind, clamping my one hand across her mouth and the other across her front, up by the shoulders.

She struggled and moaned thru my hand, protesting me grabbing her. I went menacing, saying, ''Now you just keep quiet and I won't hurt you.'' Dianne stayed tense, but said nothing. She just breathed hard thru my fingers as I kept my hand clamped over her mouth.

I ran my hand down across her breasts, feeling them through her top. OOOOOHhhhhhhhh god, I tell you it felt so fucking good, feeling Dianne's tits like I was a rapist feeling her up. I handled them roughly, LOVING the very roundiness and softness of Dianne's tits. I was hot, and humping her bum from behind. Then suddenly I grabbed a handful of the front of her t-shirt and PULLED, ripping her shirt right open and I saw Dianne 's bare breasts show thru her ripped top.

She was sooooo GOOOOD she moaned in protest, struggling against me as I, her rapist, held her tight and shook her to be quiet, as I put my hand into the front of her ripped top, hungrily grabbing and fondling Dianne's naked tits! Ooooh god they felt so cool and fleshy! I pressed my hard cock against her bum, grabbing at her tits, lifting and squeezing them in my hands. Then I reached down and felt my captive down below, my trembling hand cupping and grabbing her pussy and feeling it through her spandex pants, feeling her forbidden cunt while she struggled against me. Dianne was amazing at this, cuz she stuck her ass out in feigned protest and rubbed it back against me, round and round against my crotch.

Her every body part, evem the smell of her gorgeous blonde hair, was so excitng to me! I manhandled her, and kept on ripping her clothes.... I grabbed hold of the crotch of her spandex pants, right at the cunt, and RIPPED!! I fuckn ripped open her spandex right there, then tore at the front of her panties underneath, exposing her cunt. She moaned like I was violating her, but she sounded so hot and horny! I tell you, hearing her whimper like a hot little bitch actually getting raped it was such a turn on! My breathing trembled as I exposed her.

I put my hand down there, roughly feeling Dianne's cunt, and we were right into the fantasy, and touching her pussy like that felt so damn FORBIDDEN! I threw her onto the bed, and got on top of her, covering her body with my weight (I wasn't all that big, I was a long haired metalhead but Dianne was a petite little rocker girl with gorgeous long golden blonde hair -- I'll show you a picture if you ask nicely with a nice wordy email) I kept her in place face down on her own bed as I humped her sexy bum, letting her feel my erection against her.

I grabbed some spandex at her sexy ass and tore it open, exposing her bum cheeks. I tore at it again, till it was tattered and her little skimpy pantes showed. I grabbed at her panties, and ripped them open at the crotch, now she was completely exposed down there.

Her cunt was wet, and I kept my hand over her mouth, and at times spoke menacingly to her, telling her to shut up and let it happen and she would come away from this unhurt. She still struggled but she let me expose her, and touch her up, violating her. I took out my cock, it was raging hard. I rubbed it against her slit from behind... Dianne moaned in a crying way like she was begging me not to do it, but she knew it was going to happen...

I fuckn stuck it in her. I pushed my horny cock into her pussy, roughly entering her, fuckn shoving my cock into her. I was totally in the moment, fuckn RAPING this hot little blonde! She moaned as I gave it to her hard from behind, shoving my dirty cock into her hot pink cunt, taking sex from her, lying on her back, feeling her bare bum against me.

I didn't last long. I didn't even try. After about one minute of me just ramming my dick into this blonde bitch's forbidden cunt, it felt so fuckn good, I didn't hold back, I shot off my load into her, grabbing her tightly, trembling on her, stabbing my dirty cock into her fuckhole, depositig my seed into the bitch.

I lay on top of her, feeling it still, my cock tingling and sensitive, feeling her all slippery and gooey now with my come all slicked inside her.

I came out of my fantasy after a short time, and actually felt a bit embarrassed about treating her that way. Seeing Dianne with her clothes tattered and ripped apart, and her tits out and her pussy all cummy was still hot, but part of me felt guilty. But damn I was satisfied. We both lay together for awhile, catching our breath.

Dianne and I did other roleplays, but I love raping her best. And she always went with along with it willingly, finding new old clothes for me to rip off her.

We have been broken up for years now, but I always remember those hot things we did when we were 19, and I still masturbate to the memory of them. I still fantasize about raping Dianne.




[the accompanying pics are not of Dianne, they are of girls from the net that resemble her face and her hair and her sexy little ass. *S*]


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gives me some ideas!
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fantastic! i got to agree with woohoo, you captured the moment and the power. would have loved to watch you two in action.
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christina09 loved every bit of it, wow im lost for words
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no coment becouse i like that
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no coment becouse i like that
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i like that
1mark1    (2007-11-13 17:58:31)    Flag as inappropiate
really great thanks
woohoo    (2007-11-12 08:42:20)    Flag as inappropiate
you captured the moment - read it all the way with anticipation
gibb0    (2007-11-05 15:27:36)    Flag as inappropiate
wow fantastic

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