Seeing the other half get it good!   added 8 years ago    

  By: addz232

my other half is the same age as me and not the most adverturas person in the world. We would be out and driving after i had picked her up from a night out with her friends so she will be a bit drunk, i have aranged to meet a guy in a quirt county lane at night. she has no idear what is about to happen as we stop and the guy is waiting there. When i stop i tell her to wait in the car as i go speak to the guy, i tell her to come over and tell her whats gona happen. This guy is going to fuck u and do as he wants till hes had enough. I say this is what i want and she will love it so i say just to do what ever shes told by the guy.


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The guy takes a good look at her and tells her to take her to of so he can see her her big 38dd tits, so she dose as shes told and off it come will shes doing this the guy gets his big cock out and when her top is off tells her to suck it. The reason i chose this guy is because he has a massive cock so she is a little surprised when she see is but dose as shes told and takes it in her mouth.

After sucking his cock and ball for a wile he tells her to take the rest of her things of and bend over his car bonnet so he can see her ass. He gives ass a hard slap tells her to sit on the bonnet and open her legs so he can see ur pussy. She dose so opening her lips with her hands so he can see her juicy pussy. He sticks his tough deep in her i can see shes enjoying it as shes grinding agenst him.

He pulls away and stands up grabing his cock and slapping her pussy with it shes realy moaning now so i know shes having fun. After teasing her with it he thrusts deep in to her making her scream, hes realy fucking her had no let up pounding her deep i can tell shes loving it . He tell her to get off the car and bend over the bonnet as she dose so he slaps her ass hard but be for she can say anything he shoves his cock in her pussy again. The look on her face is magic pain and pleasure all in one she loves it but hes slapping her as hard but shes loves it to much to care. She lets out one big moan as she cums but he keeps on going, then pulls out and pushs her to her knees telling her to suck him.

As she puts his cock in her mouth he grabs her head and pushs his cock down her throt cumming as he dose so shes gaging on it but he wont let up till hes finished. As he pulls out she trys to spit it out but he hold her head and tells her to swallow it in the end she dose and he tell her thats it now and she can go . As she collects her clothes he slaps her ass one last time and gets in his car and drives away. She walks back to my car and gets in i ask her if she had fun and she says yes but she has a sore ass i tell her never mind as long as we had fun.

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