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I've sat in her office for most of the afternoon, venting my world.
"I know what you need for that stress" she said triumphantly from behind the desk.
"Sit" she continued. It was said in a positive, firm way.
A devilish grin played briefly across her face.
I sat on the low small sofa that faced her desk and was the only chair like place in her office.
She stood, and walked to the door, shutting it and twisting the lock.


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The Naughty Meter

Again I noticed how shapely she is.
Her boots stopped below the knee, her fitted skirt started just above the knee. Her sweater followed her curves going in for her hips and out over her full breasts.
I tried pushing the thoughts out of my mind; we were both happily married and had been friends for many years.

She turned from the door an took two steps back to the side of her desk.
She lent over her desk, legs straight, feet spread. The pose accentuating her curves.
The back of her skirt lifted by her position showed her shapely legs.
I tried to look out of the window, butt I was too drawn by the sight.
She reached down and opened a desk draw, I think it was the bottom draw, there was some rustling and she pulled out a white plastic bag.

She straightened and turned perching on the edge of the desk, facing me.
She placed the plastic bag on the desk on her right and carefully rolled the top down so it staid open.
Her booted feet were either side of mine, the spread of her feet, and her straight legs caused her skirt to ride up and bunch a little.
Her arms were straight and crossed her hands resting on her skirt, one on either thigh.

"You say stop whenever" she said as she as she slid her hands up her body taking the sweater up and off in one smooth motion. She flicked it towards the locked door.
Her breasts bounced slightly in the black lacy support of her bra. Her nipples were clearly pressing at the material.
She rested her hands on the edge of the desk, one either side of her.

"More?" she asked.
She took my silence as an acknowledgement and unzipped the full length side zip on her skirt, flicking it over to where her inside out sweater lay crumpled on the floor.
Her black panties were spread tight over her labia; they were a little more than a thong, butt not much.

"More?" she again asked.
I grunted an acknowledgement, she pushed herself upright, her feet still either side of mine so she was standing above my knees. The angle of the sofa such that my eyes were level with he belly button.

She crossed her arms across her chest, resting her index fingers on the inside of the shoulder straps of her bra, and slowly so tantalizingly slowly, traced the edge of the bra down to the front hook.
She paused looking down at me for an eternity, then just as quickly and smoothly as the pause was long dropped the bra on my crotch.
Deprived of their support her breasts sank and flattened slightly. Her vulvas were dark, her nipples erect.

I stained up at her face was about to reach up to touch her when she turned. Pivoting on her right foot. She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and slid them down shoving her butt back towards me.
The smell of female juices wafted past my nose.
She stepped out of her panties, still holding them in her left hand and looking over her shoulder flicked them back at me.
They landed on my chest, I glanced down at them as the smell of her sex enveloped me.

She walked, slowly, turning the long way back to her desk and perched in front of me.
Her legs were again straight and spread, her feet either side of mine.

For the first time I got to appreciate her full glory.
Her legs that tapered out of those below knee boots up to a small tuft of brown pubic hair that caped a set of full labia lips
Her hips were wide and her waist was thin. Her stomach was almost flat.
Her chest widened to her shoulders which were the same width as her hips. Her breasts were full, her nipples hard and erect.
Her face was beautifully proportioned with a wide smiling mouth with full lips, Her brown eyes shone out and her brown shoulder length hair was back in a pony-tail.

"More?" she again asked.
"Yes" I croaked, not daring to move incase I broke the spell.
"Good" came the reply.

She reached up with her right hand to her left nipple and pinched it between the her thumb and for finger shivering visible.
Her right hand traveled down to her pubic region.
Her palm rests above her pubic hair. She curls and un curls her fingers, stroking her pubic hair.
She straightens her figures and slides her palm down, covering her pubic hair.
The slowly she curls her index finger back till it rests it's full length on her lips.
She shuts her eyes, then with a short intake of breath and an "Mummm" her finger disappears inside.
After a short while I see her knuckles lifting off her pubic hair and she draws her finger over her clitoris.
I see her shudder as the tip of her finger finally leaves her lips.
She opens her eyes and with a broad smile puts her index finger in her mouth and closes her lips around it.
I see her swallow and she starts to draw her finger out. As it leaves her mouth she grins broadly.

She turns to her right, looking down into the plastic bag that she lay on the desk beside her, "Now what shall I... Yes"
She reaches in and pulls out a white dildo, it has a large base, and a 7 inches long shaft which looks like a stack of ping pong balls.
If wiggles slightly as she pops the top ball in her mouth, grins, and then slides it down till the shaft is between her breasts.
She squeezes her breasts with her upper arms so just a thin line of white is visible, and she pulls the dildo down and up, once, twice. Her breasts ripple as the balls massage them.

"I can't wait, can you?" she says.
I shake my head.
She leans back a little and rest the tip of the dido on the entrance of her sex.

I see her shut her eyes, then with a short breath and an "Mummm" the first round of the dildo disappears into her.
She pauses a second then with another short breath and an "arrrrhh" the second round disappears into her.
She pauses again, then pulls the second ball out, and then pushes two in.
One out, two in.
One out, two in.
One out, two in.
One out, two in. The shaft of the dildo is all the way in, and she shudders.

My penis is aching, and I move my right hand to stroke it through my pants.

She opens her eyes and grins broadly at me "You touch it, and I'll stop. butt don't worry I'll take care of you."
I move my hand back to my side. I feel my penis ache.
She leans back a little more, and slides her left hand under the base of the dildo to rub her clitoris.
Her right hand starts pulling the dido out, she pauses momentarily at each round.
When only one round is in her she pushes it all back in. She is panting.
"Oh God Yes" she sais, breathing between each word.
She pulls the dildo almost all the way out, and then in, this time though there is no control, only the animal drive to fulfill herself.
Her breasts bounce in time to her thrust and rubs.
"Yes yes yes yessssssss".
She drops her head back and pants, pushing on the fully inserted dildo hard with her right hand.
Left hand in the air fingers clenching and releasing.
Her shoulders are shaking, her breasts are bouncing.

I can see her cum oozing and dripping off the dildo.

She looks back at me, blinks hard and says "God, I’m sorry that was so quick. You just..." she glances
"Lets deal with you, have you been a good boy? not touched yourself?". I shake my head and swallow. "You can do that for me some other time." she finishes.
"Get undressed then."
Her words break my spell and I undo my pants and push them down.
I can't get my pants and boxers over my shoes which I struggle to take off. Pushing my lower cloths to one side.
"All your cloths" she says, and I pull off my shirt.

"Hummm! fit like I though" she says biting her bottom lip, letting it roll out from between her teeth.

She pushers herself forward off the desk, and sits on my knees forcing my legs together. I can feel my legs pushing the dildo into her.
She leans forward, nearly kissing me.

"Damn I forgot" she says getting up. My body aches again. She turns and grabs her handbag, I can here her rummaging inside.
"There!" she says, straightening up.
I can't really see shat she is doing as she has her back to me, her hands are up at by her face.
She turns back wearing bright red lipstick.
She grasp the white back off the desk and tosses it so it lands at the leg of the sofa.

This time she spreads my legs gently then she bends forward, moving her lips tantalizing close to mine again.
butt she grasp my hips and pushes them. I follow her direction and slide my butt to the edge of the sofa.

Her breasts are hanging in front of my face.
I crane up my neck and bite her left nipple. "OH YES" she shudders.
When I let go she leans forward and bites right nipple leaving a lipstick mark around it. I shudder and whimper.
"Oh you like that too". She said and knelt down rummaging in the plastic bag.
She come out with two pairs of nipple clamps.
"I've never.." I start. butt she clips the clamps on. I moan as the pain spike to pleasure.
She positions her left breast 6 inches in front of my face, and clip on one of the second pair of clamps. I hear her moan.
She moves her right breast into the same position and clips the last clip on. It hardly compresses her nipple they are that erect.

She kneels down between my legs.
"Now to busin.. Oh my! You have a foreskin. and you are sooo big". I look at her, her eyes are sparkling.
She is caressing my scrotum with her finger nails, then she starts - gently - up and down my penis with the other hand.
I shut my eyes and swallow.
I allow my world to revolve around my genitalia.
Then I fell her hand take mine. "Feel how big you are, how turned on I've made you." She caresses my scrotum with my hand, then up my shaft. She puts my hand down.
"Now no more for now" she says as she resumes stroking with the tips of her fingers.

Then I feel it her breath hot on the heat of my head. Hovering..
Then she licks across the top of my head, I gasp.
I feel her lips surround me, her tongue behind them.
She sinks down onto my shaft. Sucking it into her mouth, using her lips to fuck me.
Her hand playing with my balls.
Then her hand starts caressing from my balls back and forwards to my anus.
Her other hand is around the base of my shaft, working with her lips and tongue and mouth to give me such pleasure.
Nothing else in the world exists.
And I am building..
And I fell by balls tightening,
And she doesn’t stop, just faster, faster faster and..
I'm coming and coming, and she still has me in her mouth and she is suck and and wow.

My breathing starts to slow down, and she lets go of me and my world expands again.
"MY!", she says, "I'm sorry I couldn't get you all in, butt you are just so big!"

She stands up in front of and stretches, lifting her arms above her head. Her breasts lift.
I notice the white dildo is still inside her. There is a trail of her juices that rund down her thigh and into her left boot.
There is a droplet of her juices hanging off the bottom of the dildo.

"You enjoyed that" I said. She grins with a bit of a giggle.

I stand. Forcing her back to her desk "My turn!" I say. I kneel quickly, not giving her a chance to respond.
I start at the top of her boot, and follow the trail of her juices up.
She flops back against the desk. I get her thighs on my shoulders.
"Your? God Yes!, you are! no one has.." She stammers breathing hard. I stop and look up at her from between her legs.
"No one?" I ask.
"Nope.." she responds.
I start by licking the juices of the dildo. They are tangy and spicy and oh so good.
I lick around the dildo, from the top I stretch my tongue in and flick the edge of her engorged clit.
"Ye ye ye" she is saying.
On the bottom side of the dildo my tongue crosses her anus.
"God ye" she is saying.
I slide two fingers from my left hand onto her clit and start running my right index finger around her anus, licking around the edge of the dildo.
I stop caressing her anus, and grasp the dildo, pulling gently. As the last ball comes out she shudders. I keep pulling, it pops out bone ball at a time.
As the last ball comes out a torrent of girl come flows out, forming a puddle on the edge of the desk.
I stick my tongue in it and lick her back to front.
I nibble on her clit, inserting three fingers of my left hand into her.
I resume caressing her anus with my right hand.
Her juices are really flowing
"God yer! God yer!" she is repeating.
I swap my tongue and my left fingers, and as I do so i start to feel her anus winking.
Then I have an idea, I grab the dildo and hold the head against her anus rubbing it around and around.
I'm tongue fucking her hard, and rubbing around and around her citreous.
Her anus starts to give, and the first ball pops in.
"Oh!!!! No!!" She cries. I stop everything. "No! No! No! don't stop more, God give me more."
I restart. Wiggling the end of the dildo around in her butt, tongue fucking her and rubbing her clit.
The dildo slides in one more ball.
"GOD YES MORE!" she is almost screaming. Then another and another ball slides in. I start pulling it out, and in and out.
And tongue fucking her and rubbing her clit.
And she is coming and coming and coming.

I stop and she lays there panting, sweaty, gorgeous.

"Oh!" She looks at me, "that was the best". She slides off the table and hugs me.

"Oh my" she says, "your ready again!..”
"I've got it!" she declares triumphantly after a moment. She leans over her bag. And pulls out a butt plug, and a vibrator.
And a bottle of lube. spreading some on the plug she balances it on the arm of the sofa. She places the vibrator on the middle of the sofa.
I am bemused as she climbs onto the sofa and lying across it on her back.
She hangs her head over the arm.
"Round here", she says, beckoning me.
My confused look must have given me away.
"You are going to fuck my mouth, this way I think I can take you all." Her eyes danced.
I wasn't sure. I had never been deep throated but I complied.

I stood in front of her, looking down, I could see the line of lipstick where whe had sucked me before.
She coughed slightly and took my hard cock in her mouth.
It was as good as last time.
She then grasped my hips and slowly started pulling me into her.
She easily slid past the lipstick mark and kept going slowly on, rocking my back and forwards but pulling me ever further into her mouth.

I started to see her throat bulge.
I shut my eyes and concentrated.
I knew I was all the way in, when I felt her lips reach my balls.
I shuddered, what an amazing feeling this woman was giving to me.

She let go of my hips and I start thrusting back and forward. Not to hard.

I hear a buzz start, she had switched on the vibrator. Then it was muted, and I knew she had buried it in her pussy.

Then I felt a lubed finger caressing my anus.

Round and round as I went in and out.
Round and round as I went in and out.
Round and round as I went in and out.

Then the finger goes, and I feel the butt plug pressing. I was surprised at how easily it popped in.

Now she is pressing the but plug as I am fucking her mouth, all the way in, most of the way out.
All the way in, most of the way out.

I remember the nipple clamps and I reach forward and lift the chain, lifting her nipples up.
With my right hand I squeeze the clap on her left nipple in time to my thrusts and her pushing of the butt plug.

All the way in, most of the way out.

I know I am picking up the pace, and she is following, and faster
and faster

And I am coming and coming, and I think she is coming too.

I regain some sense and I pull out.

My legs are wobbling, and I sit on the arm of the sofa beside her head.

The force of her coming has forced the vibrator out of the pussy, and there is a damp patch on the sofa.

"My God!" we both say together and giggle.

There is a long silence, I stroke here cheek.

She looks at the wall, then back at me.
"There's something I need to ask you", she says.
My hearth sinks. "Yes?"

"to make this complete and perfect I need.."
"What?" I encourage her.
"I need to fuck you"
"Fuck me?" I question.
"Yes I need to fuck you in the ass"
"Ok" respond. she is visible shocked at my acceptance.
"Yes, Though I have never had anal sex at all before"
"So you are a complete anal virgin?" I nod, I can tell this turns her on.
"Where do you want me?" I ask.
"Over the arm of the sofa here", she is galvanized into action, and leaps to her feet.
I place my ass where her mouth was a few minutes earlier. "Here?"
She pulls out a strap on from her white bag, and grabs the bottle of lube.
I see the white dido still in her ass.
"You can bugger me afterwards if you would like." she says in a joyful manner.
She precisions herself behind me and I can hear her doing up the straps.

I fell her drizzle lubricant around the but plug that she put in my anus earlier and she starts to rock it.
Soon it is quite loose and she pops is out, replacing it with the tip of the strapon dildo.
"Down a bit" she asks and I adjust my position. As I do so she slides deep into me.
I am caught by surprise and groan.
"Alright?" she asks nervously.
"Yep I say". The sensation isn't half bad and as she starts to move in and out it starts getting better.
Every now and then I feel her add more lubricant, and after a short while I start getting hard again.

I can hear her breathing getting heavier, as she is rocking in and out of me.
In and out of me
She loses control and is banging me for all she is worth. I ache to have her hands around penis, but I know I will get my turn soon.
And then she screams, and I know she is coming.
She pulls out and collapses on the floor "NOW!" she screams, "TAKE ME NOW!"
I get up and lift her over the arm of the sofa.
I grab the lubricant bottle out of her hand and squirt around the dildo in the ass.
Pulling it comes out easily, but every ball causes her anus and pussy to clench.
I lean over and grab the vibrator from where we had discarded it on the sofa and push it into her pussy.
I pull out the white dildo and replace it with my penis.
"YES! YES!" She growls.
I start moving in and out of her.
I can feel the vibrator tickling my penis, I cannot imagine what it is doing to her sensation.
"MORE, HARDE DEEPER!" she growls
And then she starts coming, but I am not nearly done, I feel her anus tighten as I thrust in, and is good so good.
I fuck on reveling in another new found sensation.
And with each thrust I feel her come again, soaking me with her liquid.

And I come and it is soo good and soo satisfying.

And she is lying there on the couch and shaking and panting. I hold her as the spasms of extacy roll across me.

Later we clean up and leave, going back to our boring stressful lives but for a while my stress was relieved

But about a month later, I get an email.
"I have a friend who needs to de-stress can you help?"

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