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  By: Chiki_Girly

Based on a dream I had... Or it still a nightmare even if you wake up wet?

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My clit is throbbing as hard than I can ever remember. But this is the last thing on earth I should be doing. She could come back like any second for all I know. I'm so dirty, why am I doing this to her. She's my friend, and I feel like I'm violating her. I just can't help it. It should make me stop but it just turns me on more and more... I'm rubbing myself so fast but it's like an itch that I can't scratch... I'm so wet it's getting all over myself. I have to be careful not to make a mess...


My naked body is spread out across her sheets, still warm from the night she just spent in them. They smell like her... everything smells like her. She was in such a hurry to get to class she left her panties in the middle of the floor, tangled up in her little pj shorts this morning. I wasn't trying to do anything bad, they were just there, I couldn't help it...


I can smell her on them. And I don't mean just her perfume... It's beautiful, and it's driving me insane. They're wrapped around my hand, I'm gently rubbing them on my cheek, except when my other hand needs help... They're so delicate, a little red lacy thong... gawd even the girls who aren't sluts wear slutty underwear now... I should have more of this stuff.


God, I'm totally pathetic... "Do you really think she'd ever do that" I think... "Just dive down there and start licking another girls pussy.... YOUR dirty dyke pussy? Those same lips she smiles at you with? You sat through a fucking brazillian wax, too, that's really sad." ...but I am thinking about it... I know it's wrong in a million different ways but it's flashing through my head... this beautiful girl who sleeps five feet from me is eating me the fuck out. For a moment she's just losing it and just going all out... she's not trying to look cute or be girly OMG she's just lapping at my cunt with her tongue likes she's trying to paint a fence with it... My pussy is so wet and so smooth right now, in my mind it's like silk on silk....


My cunt... I just realized that slipped out... god what a dirty word. I shouldn't have thought it.... but I did, and it makes me hotter... so dirty I'm disgusting.... I start to shake... it's coming over me any sec... I'm sweaty everywhere... I close my eyes.... everything gets brighter. But something's wrong...


The room is bright because the door just swung open. She's standing right there.


She doesn't look pissed yet, course her eyes are still adjusting to the dark. Sure it's obvious I'm masturbating... hey that's embarrassing, but natural, right? Everyone has urges, we both know that...


But it's not a big thing to say something isn't right... I'm on HER bed... rubbing HER panties on my lips... The look on her face changes very quickly.... I've never really seen her get mad but right now she's beyond pissed off.


"What the fuck are you doing???" she yells at me. She like never swears, it scares the fuck out of me.


"Nothing..." I say. That was supposed to be my great explanation? I'm screwed...


"You dirty fucking bitch!!!" she yells... she throws her bag on the ground and comes up and grabs me by the hair. I remember now how mean all those 'nice' girls at school can be... I thought she was different, but I see how I was just stupid... I wanted to be one of them too bad to see...


"I'm so sorry... I was just messing around..." I whimper.. desperate...


"Don't fucking lie to me, you were getting off to me... you were getting off with my dirty underwear. That's SO sick. You're such a perverted fucking dyke slut!!!"


"Please, I'm SO not, just let me explain... please... it's completely not what you think..." I beg her... it's my last chance


She pulls my head up so she can say it right into my eyes: "Oh sure, bitch, I believe you..." then she fucking laughs at me. She drags me on the ground and pulls her skirt up. She shoves my face right in her crotch... into the pair of panties I watched her put on this morning...


"Don'tcha like it then slut? Don't like pussy?? Tell me, go ahead: ' I don't like pussy'..." She's looking right in my eyes. "Say it bitch!!"


I can't say anything though. I can barely breathe... it's just muffled. I know she feels the vibrations... the fabric's thin... I can feel everything.... OMG I can't help it... it's still exactly where I want to be... stilll... despite everything. My pussy throbs for a second.... I press my thighs together against my crotch... it's the thing she was looking for...


"I KNEW it!!!" She sneers "Well, I caught you didn't I? Thought you were pretty sneaky, didn't you bitch? Well you weren't you scrawny little slut." She then gives me a grin that's just evil. "Now... can you say payback time... bitch?"


She's not waiting for my answer though... as soon as says it she shoves me face first down into the shitty industrial dorm carpet and stuffs the pair of panties in my mouth. She pulls out a roll of clear plastic packing wrap and gags me with it. My hands are then fored behind my back and bound as well... followed by my feet.


"Come on bitch, lets go for a walk!" she says, pretending like I'm supposed to be all excited about it. I don't have a choice though. She yanks my hair again and I follow. Course, I can't even crawl though, because I'm all bound up. I have to inch along like a catapillar. I manage to sneak a peek up at her before she pulls her skirt back down, I can see my lipstick smudged all over the pink fabric covering her cute mound. Thank god she doesn't see me looking.


I'm out in the hall in moments. Every girl in my hallway has heard the yelling, and they all came out to watch the show. And it is a show... each time I lurch forward my sweaty butt sticks high up in the air and points my dripping wet pussy high up in the air. I never got a chance to put a single thing on or even wipe myself off.


"Everyone, Lisa wants everyone to know she's such a dirty, desperate, dyke slut she likes to finger herself girls dirty underwear. She also says that if you're wondering why she's crawling face first down the hall, it's so she can munch all the carpet she wants on her way." God... she's just going off on me... "It's pretty sick through, I think she's enjoying it way too much..."


The tall pre-med girl I hung out with last week just sneers at me. She points out how much smaller my tits are without a padded bra on and how they're not quite the same size. And of course EVERYONE says something about the pussy juices running down my legs.


"So that's how you're so thin! No red meat, just fish?" that fucking stupid girl down the hall yells. Course I don't even eat meat but who can resist a cheap shot right now.


In a moment I'm in the bathroom and dragged somehow to my feet. Shoved up against one of the posts of a shower stall, they all gang up and wrap me to the pole with the clear plastic roll. I'm like a transparent mummy from the shoulders down... I can't move anything else... Just squirm... I can see myself in the sink mirror. My hair looks kind of sexy in a weird way but my make up is everywhere. I'm blushing like a tomato, but my skin is very fair so I'm blushing EVERYWHERE...


And now oh god the heat really gets turned up. They take turns coming up to me...


The pretty redhead in my biology class nuzzles up to my ear... "Lisa, would you really eat me out? I really, really love it when someone makes little circles around my clit with their tongue" She wispers, breathing hard in my ear, "It drives me CRAZY... when I get so wet I don't even care who does it..." I feel the tenderest trace of a tongue on my earlobe I turn to face her, desperate for another touch, but she's already gone. I'm so horny I can barely stand it.


Next the premed. I always loved smart girls, so witty, but they know how to cut too... She's got a little pair of thin PJ shorts on and she's rubbing her crotch up against me, through the plastic. "Can you feel how warm it is? Can you? " she says it so matter of factly, like she has no idea I like it. "Just say 'yes' if you want me to keep going and I will..." She knows damn well I can't say shit, but I try... I am beyond feeling embarassed.


She just acts like I did nothing. "You don't like me? That's fine." She says, standing up. Then, coolly, she starts smacking me in the face as hard as she can with her left breast... like she's making a really important point as she speaks. "But I'm better.. *whack* then YOU'LL *whack* get...". Then to drive the point home, she pinches both my nipples while looking in my eyes as she says the last word: "...BITCH!!". Then she's gone too. I can't touch myself, I can't do anything but squirm and press my thighs together...


Finally SHE walks up to me. "Do you think I'm going to tease you like that too? Now that's funny. Not quite, slut.." She flicks her tongue seductively as she says the last word. Then she's puts her arm around that stupid slut down the hall, until she's got a hold of one of her big (probably fake) tits, she pulls her close.


"No bitch, I'm going to go back to OUR room, and I'm going to fuck this chick." She knows it hurts... "Wanna know why?" (Sigh.. do I have a choice...)


"Because straight girls can play with straight girls, but we just don't mess around with dirty... fucking... DYKES!"


She grabs her ass as they walk out. When the last one leaves, the lights go out


Then next morning they all let me down. She says they're all SO sorry, it's just that they had to teach me a lesson. They really do think I'm cool... I'm just not allowed to think that stuff about straight girls. They all give me a little friendly, totally non-sexual hug. Or so they think..


I tell them I'm the one that should be sorry, and that I really learned my lesson. "Thank you so much for going easy on me, guys" I say.


Good thing they don't know half the stuff I've thought. And they haven't taught me anything...

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steve4play    (2009-09-12 10:44:34)    Flag as inappropiate
steve4play wish i,d been there to whatch you squirm
Soohard08    (2009-02-22 12:27:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Ahhh i get so horny reading your story, i can amagin the feeling getting caught. And the feeling off being tied up for the nigt witouth the chance to finnich the orgasm.
jesus you must have suffered
Sweetli    (2009-01-30 10:45:32)    Flag as inappropiate
I could relate, I've been there too.
hello_you50    (2009-01-14 16:50:16)    Flag as inappropiate
very hott baaby mmm tell me more
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:54)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:45)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good mm =)
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:45)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good mm =)
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:36)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good mm =)
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:30)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good mm=)
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:27)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good mm=)
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:26)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good mm=)
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:25)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good mm=)
midnight80    (2008-12-04 03:20:15)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 very good =)
subigrl    (2008-06-01 05:55:02)    Flag as inappropiate
subigrl great i loved it! i wish i had a pair of your dirty panties right now. even some socks maybe
zzd122    (2008-01-26 09:39:39)    Flag as inappropiate
zzd122 11111111111111111111
fantaddict    (2007-11-02 08:12:06)    Flag as inappropiate
fantaddict gee it's made my dick hard reading this.. shit I hope it never happens that way. hehe. .. mmmm. now what?

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