Only a dream!!   added 8 years ago    

  By: trey

I was there typing an email when suddenly out of no where a girl walked into the room. When I looked at her she was on her knees between my legs. I continued typing my email and all the sudden I felt my cock full of saliva in a nice warmth mouth. Hmmm this is good, as my prick grew harder as she sucked and jerk my cock harder and faster. I closed my eyes as I typed my email a way. When she was satisfied with my cock in her mouth, she lifted her skirt up turned her back toward me. As she bend forward I felt her pussy cum dripping onto my cock. Hmm the smell of that pussy.


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While she was rubbing my prick back and forward with her pussy. I suddenly grabbed her long black hair with my left hand and used my right hand to hold her hip as I ramp her pussy hard. To her surprised she let out a loud moan, as I fuck her tight pinky cunt she moan louder and louder.

The smell of her cunt, the moan, the look of her butt and I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed her forward. I started to eat her cunt. Oh lord, the smell and taste of a pussy especially her. I rolled my tongue inside her cunt while I rubbed her clit. She was starting to moan and scream louder and louder. Then I just stopped and continue on with my email.

She turned around to faced me, she looked at me with these horny slut eyes. The kind of look that demanded an explanation. She decided to sit in front of the monitor and started rubbing herself. "don't you like my sweet warmth pussy?" I continued typing my email! "don't you like to fuck this cunt of mine?" then she started to finger herself. When the first finger went in, she let out a moan. The second finger went, the moaning got louder. She took out the fingers out of her cunt and put them in my mouth. "don't you like the taste of this sweet pussy?".

I spread her legs apart and eat her pussy. I went for her clit. I sucked her so hard that she let out a squirt. "How about my fingers now?" I slipped two fingers inside her pussy and sucking on her clit at the same time. She moans and screams. Than I pulled her on my lap and slide my cock inside her cunt for on last time.

I fucked her and fucked her. I pinched her two hard nipples and let out the biggest cum of my life.

My hand felt so warm, full of cum only to realized that fuck was just a dream.

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trey    (2007-11-01 20:25:29)    Flag as inappropiate
excused the bad grammar!!!

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