The taste of steam   added 8 years ago    

  By: Slayzee

The day had been hot, the night brought a coolness that we both longed for. The day had consisted of the kind of heat that causes energetic people to feel compelled to do nothing. We had sat in or around the pool throughout the afternoon, lazily sipping tall, iced cocktails trying desperately to keep cool.


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The sun began dipping behind the horizon, a breeze picked up and our burning skin welcomed the relief.
As darkness fell, I watched you slowly get up from your lounger and glide towards the pool. You grasped the knot in the front of your sarong and, with a gentle flick of your wrist, the garment floated to the floor. You eased one silky leg into the water, then the other. I watched you slip into the water, hardly a ripple broke the surface. You sunk beneath the surface, then emerged in the middle of the pool. Droplets rained off your face, over your shoulders and down passed your breasts. The water was cooler than expected and your nipples made their presence known through your bikini top.

I lifted myself up from my seat and made my way towards the water. Taking the steps in one fluid motion, I walked up to you and wrapped myself around you. Your legs found their way around my waist and you clasped your ankles in the small of my back, your arms locked around my neck. Your lips found mine, my mouth opened, my tongue pushed against your lips and you opened to me. We kissed for an age, our mouths were still warm from the sun.
Our kiss broke and I gazed towards the room just next to the pool. The dial was set to seventy five.

I placed my hand under your buttocks and began walking towards the pools steps. I lifted us out of the water and moved to the room. You looked behind you and knew where we were going and what we were going to do. You turned back to me and our mouths locked once more. I reached out to the door handle and we stepped inside.
Steam had engulfed the room, we felt a heat that was not only coming from the basket of rocks in the corner. I eased you down onto the bench, our tongues had not stopped playing. With our mouths glued together, I reached behind you and untied your bikini top. Peeling it off your already glistening skin, I cast it aside as I took hold of your breasts and massaged the sweat back into your skin. Your hands found the drawstring on my swim shorts and you expertly removed them. The shorts too, were cast aside.

I removed my mouth from yours and straightened up. My cock was at your eye level and you reveled in its sight. With both hands you grasped its shaft and brought your head towards the bulbous tip. Your lips parted as you slid the hardness into your waiting mouth. You sucked all the sweat off the skin and replaced it with saliva, saliva hotter than the sweat. I grasped the back of your head and ran my fingers through your hair. You pulled your mouth away and rubbed your hands up and down the stiff rod, the rod you would soon have deep inside you. I reached for you and you stood up. Our mouths met again.

I slid my hands down your body and grasped the straps of your g-string. I hooked my fingers through the strings and dropped to my knees, your thong followed me to the floor. I drank in the sight of your hairless pussy, watching small beads of sweat fall off your skin. I placed a hand behind your right knee and gently lifted your leg up onto the bench. I moved my head between your legs and began flicking my tongue against your wet heat.

Your lips parted with the tiniest effort. Your juices were free flowing and I drank all that I could. The heat generated by the steam in the sauna combined with the heat of your loins burnt my tongue, a pleasurable burn, a burn that we both enjoyed, a burn that signified that you were ready for more. I inserted my tongue into your wetness and licked up towards your waiting clit. I flicked my tongue at it, then, suddenly, without warning, sucked your clit into my mouth and sucked it hard. Your hand grabbed my head and a loud moan escaped your throat. You threw your head back, the moan unceasing. I eased a finger into you and massaged the inner walls of your pussy, my mouth and tongue worked on you and they were rewarded with a musky splash of cum. The liquid dribbled down my chin and over my hand. I pulled away from you and stood up. Your leg remained on the bench.

I eased my cock into you and began fucking you, slowly, very slowly. Sweat and cum mixed together to form and natural lubricant. This allowed me to fuck deep into you without any effort. You drew my mouth to yours and sucked your juice from my lips. You enjoyed the taste. The thought of you drinking your own juice stoked the fire in my loins and I began fucking you harder. Our pelvic bones ground together eliciting moans from both of us. Our eyes locked together as our bodies melted together.

We stopped.

I turned you around and bent you over the sauna bench. You dropped your arms onto the wood and stuck your ass into the air. I placed my hands on each of your cheeks and parted them. Staring back at me was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. I took my cock in my hand and guided it towards that forbidden place. Our skin made contact. Your bodies lubrication had dripped onto your ass, the heat had relaxed every muscle you body had and I slid into your ass. I didn’t want to hurt you so I took it slow. I didn’t need to. You wanted this and you made your desire known. You thrust your ass back into me and my cock buried itself inside you. I felt your hand reach back and begin rubbing your pussy.

You wanted to cum again and you wanted me inside your ass when you did. I began fucking you a little faster, a little harder. The faster I thrust, the quicker your hand moved over your clit. I felt your ass tighten and I knew your second orgasm was on its way. You sawed your hand over your clit and the climax hit. Your ass tightened even more and I felt the pressure in my balls build to a crescendo. I couldn’t hold on, I began shooting stream after stream of hot sticky cum into your ass as you rode out the remains of your orgasm.

I pulled my cock out of you, you turned around and our mouth locked together again once more. The coolness of that pool was calling to us.

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