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  By: Slayzee

We had begun simply enough, making small talk around the office, sharing the occasional glance. We had progressed to suggestive talk and the odd caress. One morning before the day really began, we had shared a kiss, a rather passionate kiss, but a stolen one nonetheless. We both knew this could not carry on to the level we wanted it to. Marriage still has the tendency to invoke large quantities of guilt when infidelity rears it’s head.

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Even so, we began to experience brief encounters in the store room at work. Usually early in the day or towards the end of it while there were no more than a small handful of employees present. One particularly quiet afternoon, we had been standing together outside enjoying a cigarette. You turned to me and said, “I think we should take things further. I know how passionate and adventurous you are and I really want to experience that. I need to feel what it is like to let go completely.”

I have to say, it took me quiet by surprise. What surprised me even more was the agreement that came out of my mouth just afterwards. Part of me was looking very forward to it and yet, another part of me was already racked with guilt over was I was about to do behind my wife’s back.

Two days later a sent you an e-mail. I had reserved a room at a roadside hotel about twenty minutes drive from your house. As fortune would have it, my wife had been invited to her companies annual conference to be held at a bush lodge in the Northern Province. This meant she would be away for at least three days and two nights. Plenty of time for us to put our plan into action.

I gave you the room number and the time when we should meet.

That weekend, I dropped my wife off at her head office and watched her board the party bus. We both knew that no work would be done during that weekend and that she would probably need a holiday to recover from the weekend. As I watched the bus pull out of the office parking lot, my mind raced ahead a few hours to the appointed meeting time. Thoughts rushed through my head; would you be there before me, what would you be wearing, would the evening be as enjoyable as I was hoping it would be. The more I thought about you, the more aroused I became.

The rest of the day dragged on unbearably. Hours went by like days.
Finally, it was time for me to leave. I had spent a long time in the bath, grooming myself, making sure I was clean shaven, my face as well as other parts. I wanted your hands to be able to glide over my body the same way mine were to glide over yours.

I got dressed and made my way to the car. As I put the key in the ignition, I noticed my hand was trembling. The excitement and anticipation had reached their peak.

I arrived at the hotel half an hour later. I went to the reception desk and retrieved the second room key. The first one had already been taken. You were already there.

The elevator took me to the fourth floor. I exited and turn left towards the room furthest along the corridor. Gingerly inserting the key into the lock, I turned the doorknob and pushed it open.

The curtains were drawn, the lights had been minimized. I closed the door behind me and walked in. Then I saw you.

You were lying on the bed clad in a black nightie with green and red oriental designs embroidered on the fabric. You were clutching a glass of champagne. Your right leg was seductively crossed over your left. You took a sip of the champagne, placed the glass on the nightstand and slid off the bed. You walked up to me and out your arms around my neck. Hoisting yourself onto your tiptoes, you brought your lips to mine.

This was a kiss like we had not yet shared. Our mouths immediately opened to receive our tongues. I ran my hands down your back and grasped your beautifully firm buttocks. I hoisted you up to me, your legs wrapped around my waist. I moved us towards the bed and sat down, our mouths still locked together. I fell back as we continued our kiss.

We kissed for an eternity, our tongues exploring every crevice of our mouths. We rolled over and you began removing my shirt. My lightweight tracksuit pants followed along with my underwear. In one short fluid movement, I whisked off your nightie and threw it on the floor.

Naked, we embraced again, crushing our bodies together. I was already hard and ready for fun. While you sat on my lap, I could feel your love juices dripping slowly onto my leg. We had both been imagining this moment for a long time.

I rolled you onto your back and gently opened your legs. Snaking my tongue down from your face, I found your breasts and took a nipple between my teeth. With my tongue, I rubbed your nipple against my teeth. Not so hard that it hurt, but hard enough to illicit a sigh of contentment from you. By the time I was finished, your nipples looked like they could impale.

I move my head ever further down your body. I found a small patch of what used to be pubic hair. I loved the fact that you had removed all the hair from around your pussy. I moved my tongue down and began licking you. Beginning at the top of your mons I licked down your outer lips, pausing at the bottom before moving back up. I moved down the middle of your love cave and sharply forced my tongue into you. It took you somewhat by surprise based on the sudden gasp I heard from you. I licked your inside for a while until I began to feel your thighs tremble. I pulled my head away and easily slid two fingers into you before resuming my tongues activities.

Finding what doctors have called the G-spot, I began rubbing it while simultaneously sucking on your engorged clitoris. Your hands grabbed the bedspread and twisted it into fist-sized balls. You reached forward to grab the back of my head, trying desperately to pull me further into you.

I sucked harder and licked faster, my face becoming covered in your juice. I didn’t mind. I loved how you tasted.

After a few minutes of building up, your orgasm suddenly arrived. You began to spasm, your legs gripped my head, threatening to never let go. You hoisted yourself up onto your elbows in order to get a better view of what I was doing to you. “C’mon baby, make me cum, make me squirt all over your face, get that tongue in there, I want to feel your tongue”

I managed to find a space for my tongue and began rubbing your clit with my forefinger. Your orgasm hit you like a train, causing your body to spasm even more. The emotion flooded over your face, tears welled up in your eyes, you stopped moaning and began crying out in ecstasy. Your pussy let loose a torrent of juice onto my waiting face and into my mouth. Honey had never tasted this sweet.

As your climax subsided, you reached for me and pulled my face to yours. With your juices still glistening on my skin, we kissed again, sharing your orgasmic liquid.

You moved your head down my body and roughly grabbed at my manhood. Grasping it with both hands, you forced it into your hungry mouth. All at once, you took half my length into your throat, covering me with your still wet juice and saliva. My cock swelled even more in your mouth. Your head moved up and down on me, your tongue licking providing even more wetness. Moving your hands over the shaft, you caressed that which would soon be inside you.

Stopping briefly, you raised yourself up and plunged down onto my waiting hardness, impaling yourself.

Up and down you went, backward and forward, trying to force more and more of me into you. You collapsed onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around you as we both rolled over.

I was on top of you now, driving my cock into you. Thrusting like a madman, your nails digging into my skin, I plunged myself deeper into you. Your passion and abandon brought me closer and closer to an orgasm of my own. “Cum for me baby, shoot your cum into me, I want to feel it inside me.”

Your encouragement sent me over the edge. I began to let loose my seed into your body. Your legs locked around my waist kept my cock inside you until all my juice had been spent.

I fell onto you and our mouths found each other once again.

Ah yes, the beauty of forbidden passion. Secretive and seductive. An experience shared between two people that will not soon be forgotten.

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